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Kaiser permanente credit rating

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Banner Health has an "AA-" rating and stable outlook with Fitch. The Phoenix-based health system's core hospital delivery system and growth of its insurance division combine to make it a successful highly integrated delivery system, Fitch said. The credit rating agency said it expects Banner to maintain operating EBITDA margins of about 8 percent on an annual basis, reflecting the growing revenues from the system's insurance division and large employed physician base.

Clearwater, Fla. The hospital system has excellent liquidity and operating metrics, which are supported by its leading market position in a four-county area, Fitch said. The credit rating agency expects strong revenue growth and cost management to sustain BayCare's operating performance. CentraCare has an "AA-" rating and stable outlook with Fitch. The St. Cloud, Minn. The credit rating agency said it expects CentraCare's operating platform to remain strong.

Greensboro, N. The health system has a leading market share and a favorable payer mix, Fitch said. The health system's broad operating platform and strategic capital investments should enable it to return to stronger operating results, the credit rating agency said. Franciscan Alliance has an "AA" rating and stable outlook with Fitch.

The Mishawaka, Ind. The health system benefits from a good payer mix, the credit rating agency said. The La Crosse, Wis. Falls Church, Va. The health system has a consistently strong operating cash flow margin and ample balance sheet resources, Moody's said.

Inova's financial excellence will remain undergirded by its favorable regulatory and economic environment, the credit rating agency said.

Vineland, N. The health system has strong operating performance, a leading market position in a stable service area and a growing residency program, Fitch said. The credit rating agency expects the system's growing outpatient footprint and an increase in patient volumes to support its operating stability. Oakland, Calif. The health system has a strong financial profile, and the system's operating platform is "arguably the most emulated model" for nonprofit healthcare delivery in the U.

By revenue base, Kaiser is the largest nonprofit health system in the U. The Boston-based health system has an excellent clinical reputation, good financial performance and strong balance sheet metrics, Moody's said.

The credit rating agency said it expects Mass General Brigham to maintain a strong market position and stable financial performance. Rochester, Minn. The credit rating agency said Mayo Clinic's strong market position and patient demand will drive favorable financial results.

The health system "will continue to leverage its excellent reputation and patient demand to continue generating favorable operating performance while maintaining strong balance sheet ratios," Moody's said. Our Customer Service Team can help! Or visit our FAQ s. Search all our Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities from one place. About This Report. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals Kaiser Permanente. Public Finance, Structured Finance. United States. Enter the keyword s you would like to search for within this report:.

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Kaiser's 'AA-' rating is driven by a very strong financial profile, in the context of the system's midrange revenue defensibility and strong operating risk profile assessments. Kaiser has very strong absolute levels of net adjusted debt cash and investments in excess of debt and debt equivalents.

Its operating platform is arguably the most emulated model of not-for-profit healthcare delivery as the most fully integrated health system in the U. The rating is further supported by Kaiser's market lead in California and other key service areas. Specifically, Fitch assesses Kaiser's operational profile as strong despite operating EBITDA margins that would be considered midrange or weaker for a hospital provider without a commensurately successful health plan component.

It is common for hospital providers with large provider-owned health plans to have more modest operating EBITDA margins. Furthermore, the long-term rating also incorporates KFHP's financial obligations, whereby policyholders' claims are senior to bondholders', as operational expenses take precedence. By revenue base, Kaiser is by far the largest not-for-profit health system in the U.

The system's market penetration is deep in California, and its reach is broad with operations in eight states. The system has more members than any commercial health plan in California and is considerably larger than any other hospital operator in the state. Kaiser operates as the most fully integrated healthcare delivery system in the country, with a unique and progressive business model in which population health management and keeping total cost of care low are paramount.

Due to the degree of integration, members are seen almost exclusively at Kaiser-owned or affiliated facilities, by physicians affiliated with the Permanente Medical Groups PMG. Similarly, Kaiser-owned hospitals rarely contract with non-Kaiser health plans.

For these reasons, Kaiser's incentives are different than "traditional" fee-for-service hospital systems, and therefore volume and payor mix data are not tracked comparably. Nevertheless, competition is present for both hospital operations and commercial health insurance. Likewise, Kaiser has more health plan members in California than its competitors, which primarily include Anthem Blue Cross of California and Blue Shield of California.

Nationally, Kaiser competes for membership with United, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, as well as a number of regional providers. Kaiser operates in multiple and diverse markets, and Fitch considers the overall service area characteristics to be generally stable in the long-term, despite ongoing economic uncertainty. Demographic indicators in other key markets are broadly favorable, including in Colorado, Maryland, Washington State, and Georgia.

Kaiser's operating risk profile is strong despite modest operating EBITDA margins, as is common for healthcare providers with large health plans. Kaiser is consistently profitable, even in the face of pressures presented over the last two years such as the coronavirus and economic uncertainty.

In fiscal , the system's operating margin was modest at 0. Operating pressures mounted in as the health plans took on more expenses as members sought services that had been deferred in the early months of the pandemic. With a Dec. Despite operating pressures in , membership levels held, as total members increased to Membership is diversified among Medicare and Medicaid HMOs, small group, large group, and individual markets.

Kaiser's long track-record of profitability indicates a much higher than normal level of cost flexibility, and the system's operating model paces the market in terms of degree of integration. Fitch believes that despite current operating headwinds, Kaiser is enhanced by its health plans and the system should generate profitable operating results in the long-run and the operating EBITDA margin should rebuild to levels generally consistent with the historical trend over time.

Kaiser recorded an operating loss of 0. Kaiser Permanente says it offers a unique care model in which connected teams of experts collaborate across departments and specialties.

The company says this promotes speedier diagnosis, treatment and recovery. It offers health maintenance organization and exclusive provider organization plans on the health insurance marketplace. NCQA grades health insurance plans up to five stars. One Kaiser plan received five stars and four plans earned four-and-a-half stars. Health Insurance Complaints Against Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permenente has a lower complaint ratio than many other health insurance companies, based on consumer complaints to state insurance departments collected by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Kaiser Permenente has a 0. Ratios lower than 1. Many different factors determine the cost of a health insurance plan , including the type of plan, the metal tier, your age, how many people are covered and where you live. Methodology We analyzed more than health insurance plans to determine the best health insurance companies.

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In most cases, you need a referral to see a specialist. Extra Benefits from Kaiser Permanente Kaiser Permanente offers several types of perks with its health insurance plans. They include: Reduced rates on acupuncture, massage therapy and chiropractic care Reduced rates on gym memberships and digital workout videos Healthy lifestyle programs, such as online programs to help policyholders lose weight, quit smoking and reduce stress One-on-one phone consultations with a wellness coach Free access to the Calm app, which helps policyholder to use use meditation and mindfulness to build mental resilience, reduce stress and improve sleep Free access to the MyStrength app, which helps policyholders set mental health goals, track progress, and get support managing depression, anxiety and more.

Not all benefits are available in all markets. Following are some examples of how much you might pay for a Kaiser Permanente plan: Average costs for Kaiser Permanente Bronze plan.

Based on unsubsidized ACA plans. Average costs for Kaiser Permanente Silver plan. Average costs for Kaiser Permanente Gold plan. Average costs for ACA marketplace plan by company. More than 1. Health insurance cost examples are from the federal health insurance marketplace.

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