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Highmark health options medicaid highmark blue shield billing

Highmark health options medicaid

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Our professionals have many years of experience working with mental health co-occurring, and dual diagnosis clients. If you have been putting your treatment on hold, now is the time.

Our patients are our priority and we are ready to help. She is empathic in her treatment approach and a good listener. I specialize in medication management and psychopharmacology. I am a Delaware native with more than 19 years experience in Psychiatric Nursing. I have worked with forensics, geriatrics, substance abuse, and the chronically mentally ill populations in inpatient and outpatient settings in Delaware and Pennsylvania. Creative Medical Consulting, is passionately committed to providing personalized services that embrace a holistic approach to wellness.

At Creative Medical Consulting, we promote comprehensive care which focuses on social, emotional, physical, medical and behavioral wellbeing. We all want to achieve self actualization. We are accepting new patients for medication management.

Insight Health and Wellness LLC prioritize mental health needs and mindfulness practices where the individual is at the forefront of each appointment. Our mission is to create trust and a personal relationship between the individual and provider for a more calming and communicative experience.

Making the decision to enter counseling is not always an easy one. It is one that takes a lot of courage. Journeys creates a holistic environment to treat both the mind and the soul. Our clinicians have experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families. You will always feel welcome and accepted. Together we will find the treatment plan that fits you.

Our therapists and Nurse Practitioner works with mental health, co-occurring, and dual diagnosis clients. Norman Broudy M. D and Associates Psychiatrist, MD. See more therapy options for Delaware. Treatment Centers. About Psychiatrists, meds and Psychiatric Nurses. A Psychiatrist in Delaware is a qualified medical doctor who specializes in treating mental health issues and diagnosable disorders. Delaware Psychiatrists differ from other mental health professionals in that they may prescribe medication as well as practice psychotherapy in treatment.

Sometimes, Psychiatrists form part of a clinical team in which they will diagnose and prescribe, while psychologists or therapists provide the client's psychotherapy. As part of a clinical assessment, Psychiatrists may conduct physical examinations, take blood tests, and order and interpret lab tests and brain image scans, such as CT scans, CAT Scans, and MRIs.

The field of psychiatry in Delaware has many sub-specialties, including pediatric psychiatry. Those who work with the elderly are called geriatric psychiatrists. Other related sub-specialties include cognition psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychosomatic, forensic, reproductive medicine specialties, psychopharmacology , psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging, and clinical neurophysiology.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners in Delaware, or mental health nurse practitioners, generally have an MS degree in nursing MSN and a number of years of training to become certified. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are able to assess and diagnose mental health conditions and prescribe medication. Delaware Psychiatric nurse practitioners also have training that enables them to include psychotherapy with treatment.

How to find the right Psychiatrist? If you're finding it difficult to find the right psychiatrist in Delaware, don't worry--you're not alone.

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Highmark Delaware PPO Fee Schedule The file contains the following information in this order: Procedure Code, Modifier, Fee, and Site of Service Indicator. * * Site of Service (SOS) Indicator should be interpreted in this way: A single procedure code/modifier combination without an SOS indicator (blank) represents a fee without SOS variation. Highmark Health Options is a Medicaid managed care plan offered through the Delaware Diamond State Health Plan. Managed care means: We work with your primary care physician (PCP) to manage all your health care needs. You go to health care providers in our network. Your PCP is very important in managing your care. Get the Most from Your Benefits. Dec 15, †∑ Provider Change Form - In this form you will be able to change your Practitioner Name, Tax ID, Tax ID Name, DBA Name and NPI. Request to Terminate a Contracted Network. Only use this form to terminate the following Highmark networks: All Commercial Networks, All Medicare Networks or All Medicaid Networks. This form may not be used to terminate.