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Highmark commercial 2018

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News 12th Dec Using personal finance management tools to plan your finances Apps that study your financial behaviour and help you make smarter financial decisions can keep All the news. That is why, beginning Jan. This unique service is intended to encourage and support cancer patients as they progress from diagnosis, through treatment, and beyond. By nature of an exclusive arrangement between Highmark and CanSurround, Highmark and its affiliated health plans will be the only health plans in the Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia service areas to offer CanSurround.

CanSurround is a unique online network that envelops cancer patients with a wealth of emotional support and encouragement as they confront the disease. Nurses who are knowledgeable in oncology and digital health developed CanSurround based on their experience and research.

Patients and caregivers helped to co-design the site, which provides a missing link between medical treatment and recovery. By joining CanSurround, participants gain access to a variety of helpful online tools and resources geared toward nurturing them through their uncertain and stressful journey.

These resources include:. These support tools are tailored to each patient's specific cancer diagnosis. They provide a more personalized and engaging experience as patients cope, wait on test results, ask questions, and navigate the different stages of the care process.

CanSurround also enables patients to create an online Support Circle of family and friends so they can communicate, share news about their triumphs and challenges, and find encouragement. An informational flier for members is being developed that will explain how CanSurround works and will include instructions for cancer patients on how to join this exclusive online community.

According to research by Campos 1 , psychosocial care plays a significant role in the patient care process. Their research claims that such care and support like that provided by CanSurround reduces emotional distress, anxiety, and depression, and improves health-related quality of life Fuller, ; shows reduced disease recurrence and death Andersen, ; and shows improved functional status and immunity Andersen,

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January For the purpose of this policy infertility is defined as a condition (an interruption, cessation, or disorder of body functions, systems, or organs) of the reproductive tract which . Following is the Fourth Quarter update to the Highmark Drug Formularies and pharmaceutical management procedures. The formularies and pharmaceutical management . CRIF high mark is one of the leading credit information companies providing credit scores and credit reports in India on individuals and companies. CRIF high mark report supports millions of lending decisions every month.