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Centivo cigna

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The Centivo plan offers a simple copay structure and no deductibles, ensuring that providers have less worries about collections and administrative work. Our value-based benefit design encourages patients to coordinate their care through their Primary Care Team.

By partnering with us you will have direct interaction with employers and access to their data. Furthermore, the Centivo Partnership Plan offers providers increased accountability for patient outcomes and costs. So you can focus on your patients, not their health plan.

Get started. The Centivo Partnership Plan. Connecting every family with a dedicated Primary Care Team How? A proprietary primary care network focused on quality, access, and cost of care. Comprehensive and coordinated primary care is proven to improve quality and reduce costs. Learn More. A dynamic benefit design that rewards members for taking the right actions.

Shared incentives increase engagement and success. Selection algorithms are based on: Patterns of high vs. Incentives drive desired behavior We offer our members the flexibility to choose how they get care.

Your Commitment. We work with providers who go above and beyond. Why Centivo. Rewards for the right things. Increased compensation. Less bad debt and tedious admin work. Informed patients who share your financial incentives. Our mission is to bring affordable, high-quality healthcare to the millions of Americans who struggle to pay their healthcare bills. Employers want to do right by their employees but are struggling to provide good benefits in the face of escalating healthcare costs, are overloaded by technology and systems and need more cost transparency and predictability.

Centivo is here to help. We educate members on their plan with customized open enrollment communications and provide important plan updates with year-round communications.

We have pre-built local networks and custom ACO-like models as well as national network options. We handle all the administration and offer efficient claims processing, advanced cost controls, hands-on member service, employer analytics, and integrated stop loss. Centivo members enjoy having a dedicated partner in their Primary Care Team and access to high-quality, affordable care.

We're here to change the status quo. No deductibles. Predictable copays. It makes Centivo. Get started. Sign up for our next minute live demo! Register now.

We exist for American workers and their employers - who are the backbone of our economy. A health plan built specifically for self-funded employers.