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Michael mounts amerigroup

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I work with individuals who are 15 years old and older. In-person and online sessions available. Now accepting clients-Extremely unique therapy using elements of EMDR, somatic and sensorimotor therapy to treat trauma, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. You will learn to quiet your mind and think positively. You will learn new healthy coping skills.

Life can feel hard, you feel stuck, no matter what you do. Maybe your child is having a lot of big emotions, taking over.

Having a difficult time expressing them to get needs met. Getting out the door to school or activities just does not seem to go as planned. Fears and worries are taking over, and your sweet child just isn't themselves.

You want your motto to be "A happy, healthy family" and yet it feels like it just doesn't quite get there. Thoughts of "How do I help this little person, be the best them and our family be the best us? Currently accepting new clients! Trauma comes in many forms. You might find yourself feeling detached from others or having difficulty with developing authentic connections with people.

Maybe you feel lost and uncertain about how to carry on.. Or maybe you're finding yourself lashing out at others with little or no reason. Somedays it can feel like nobody understands your pain or how broken you feel. Searching for help is a courageous first step to change. You may be feeling anxious or depressed. Are you looking for support in changing addictive behaviors from a non-judgmental approach? Perhaps you have experienced traumatic events that have left you feeling "stuck.

Many of my clients have experienced grief and loss and simply need support working through the stages of grief. I have also served children and families. Whatever your needs, there IS hope. When faced with overwhelming anxiety, depression or other mental health needs, it is hard to know where to turn at times. Talking to your family, friends or co-workers helps, sometimes, but you want to feel safe, free to say what's on your mind without feeling judged.

Perhaps you are or have been traumatized at some time in your life and you just can't seem to get the confidence to be your own person. Seeking a therapist can be scary, and feel like a huge task, but it does not have to be when you have the right person to guide you through the forest to achieve your best self.

I am currently accepting new clients. My passion is working with age range 3 years old to late adulthood in a mainly individual therapy setting. My understanding, person-centered approach provides an open, safe space for sharing. I also use a collaborative and integrative approach to best fit your mental health goals and needs. For children, I strongly believe that play therapy techniques are helpful because little ones truly thrive through play; I often incorporate you, the caregivers in part of the child's ongoing therapeutic journey to encourage outside-of-session growth.

As a therapist, I work to create a space where you are able to express your feelings and thoughts openly without worry of judgment. I view therapy as a partnership, where you are an expert on you, and my job is to support your values and life goals.

Being able to share honestly and openly with someone about what you are going through can be a deeply freeing process, that leads to symptom relief, greater self-awareness and a more meaningful life.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, it is my goal to help any and everyone who needs it. I am a multicultural therapist whose main goal is to assist my clients in being the best person they can be. When you come to Strength in Diversity therapy center you will feel welcomed and accepted no matter your creed, color, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

It is my hope that once you leave my therapy room you will feel rejuvenated, full of life, and ready to take on the world. Michelle's approach to psychotherapy is grounded in her belief that the potential for healing and change lies within us all. Her goal is to provide therapeutic approaches and tools that can easily be integrated into daily life. She believes that creating a life of joy, meaning and balance are possible with the proper support and practice. Waitlist for new clients.

I believe people deserve to live happier lives with renewed hope whether they are experiencing uncomfortable adjustments or have been enduring painful moments in life. By encouraging individuals, couples, and families to be experts in their own lives, we can create lasting positive change to increase quality of life.

Accepting new clients to the agency. You are here! I have a multispecialty practice. We provide evaluations, counseling, medication management, and applied behavioral analysis. My LPCs are highly skilled in multiple different areas and techniques. I and my LPAs I provide evaluations and counseling for children and adults, ages 2.

Are you feeling stuck and ready for a change? Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, conflict in your relationships or just overall feeling stressed, I am here to help. I walk alongside with my clients in a way where mercy meets wisdom. No matter whether they are emotional issues or relational issues, I will dedicate myself to listening to your challenges and struggles.

I have been through valleys of suffering and pits of darkness in my own life, and all my experiences had made who I am now. I will not hesitate to empower my client by envisioning myself to BE each of them, so that they will know they are not alone anymore, as they now have a fellow traveler in life.

You feel disconnected. You're afraid that you're future has left you behind. You look around and see other people doing great but, no matter how hard you try, nothing works. You're not sure when it started but, you're realizing that things are not going well in your life. You don't even recognize yourself anymore. When did your life take such a turn and drop you off here?

You want more from life. You deserve happiness and fulfillment, more than what life is offering you right now. But are you ready? I am here to help you discover yourself again and feel confident in making new choices.

I have been in the field of private practice since and since as a school counselor. As a military dependent, I understand our diverse society and the stressors and positive influences around us. I believe in empowering my clients using an eclectic approach. Waitlist for new clients. My ideal client wants change. Although they may be struggling, they are trying to hold on to hope.

There is hope. If you are struggling with depression and anxiety, trying to cope with past trauma or just navigating life's challenges, there is hope. I work from a cognitive behavioral model to understand the connection of our thoughts, feelings, and actions and how one may be stuck in a cycle with these thoughts and feelings dragging them down.

I am an active counselor, so I don't just sit back, we work together with you developing the skills you need to move forward with your life. I also provide EMDR services. To say "things aren't always easy" is often an understatement. Sometimes things are more than hard, and may have been piling up for a while. Whether you're battling depression, anxiety, grief, or changes in life, I'm here to help. I've worked with children, teens and adults in an inpatient psychiatric hospital, where they work to sort out their struggles.

I have seen the damage trauma can do to relationships, but have also seen the power in connecting with others. People generally come to therapy because there is some area of their life in which they are stuck and in pain. Because of my experience as an adoptive dad, foster and adoptive families are a focus of my practice. The formation of a working relationship between myself and my client - represents a cornerstone of treatment, both in the service of engaging my client to mobilize their energies and to help foster a sense of optimism about treatment.

I strive to see each client as an individual with sensitivity to each person's background and therapeutic needs. Is your child experiencing depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and personality changes? Do you hear your child complaining of feeling overwhelmed? Has your child experienced trauma? Eddie C. I provide quality, inspiring mental health and substance use disorder counseling that produces quality lifestyle changes in the way clients think, feel, believe, and behave.

At Olive Branch medical Services our goal is to provide evidence based healthcare to all our clients with excellence and eradicate health disparities as much as possible regardless of their economic status.

Erick Lenert Psychologist, PhD.

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WebView the profiles of people named Michael Mount. Join Facebook to connect with Michael Mount and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to. WebNov 9,  · Michael Mounts - Property Records Search | RealtyHop All Property Records / michael mounts Property Records Search: Michael Mounts View Buy/Sell Events by Individual, Organization, or Property Address 22 property records found Top 20 most relevant results are shown for free search. Sign up or log in to see more records. WebAt Amerigroup Washington, Inc., we are committed to addressing racism in our society through open discussions about trauma, injustice, and inequality. These conversations are critical to improving the wellbeing of all Americans and the communities in which we live and serve. Join us in talking about racism and its impact on health.