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Accenture commercials changes at healthcare facility that drives progress

Accenture commercials

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The life sciences industry is realizing unprecedented success in bringing New Science to market, with annual launches and approvals of new medicines at all-time highs. Yet, the marketplace within which we are launching these medicines has changed significantly — from a disrupted customer model accelerated by COVID , to slowing pricing and margin growth due to economic constraints, the continuously evolving role of patients and the structure of healthcare systems, and the ongoing possibilities of policy and regulatory forces constantly being explored.

It will require a more modernized commercial model — one that is fit for today and the future. COVID has changed the ways customers learn about treatments and the support they need from life science companies.

Mounting public pressures to reform drug pricing and are posing greater transparency in the value chain risk to access and reimbursement. Private pressures such as competitive entrants are propelling the decline of net price. New customer expectations across industries, the rise in digital therapeutics and non-traditional entrants in healthcare have created new demands. COVID has disrupted the customer engagement model, but in more ways than just shifting to digital.

Of patient said that the services they used — such as remote monitoring and payment support — were valuable during the pandemic. The modern commercial model requires companies to commit to outcomes, design for impact, reach customers in new ways and digitally power operations. Life sciences companies can get there by:. Demonstrate outcomes through value-based models and access led transformation. Designing experiences around the changing needs of patients, caregivers, and HCPs across increasingly complex care pathways.

Optimizing market entry by empowering brand teams with therapeutic area expertise and executing flawlessly. Moving away from traditional marketing tactics to positioning assets to drive growth. Introducing new engagement approaches to better support HCPs and patients. Playing data offense and leaning into artificial intelligence AI to streamline operations. Strengthening core capabilities to promote and sustain commercial growth. There is significant value in pharma continuing to focus on patient-centricity initiatives across the value chain.

Read Why. Discover how our recognition and awards distinguish us as the right partner to help you define and implement the right commercial strategy for your business. Skip to main content Skip to footer. What Is Driving This Change? Changing relationships with customers. What is driving this change? Pharma faces the need to modernize the commercial model based on these four pressures:. Customer engagement dynamic COVID has changed the ways customers learn about treatments and the support they need from life science companies.

Regulatory and policy reform Mounting public pressures to reform drug pricing and are posing greater transparency in the value chain risk to access and reimbursement. Current employees, on the other hand, may be less confident working with the increase in data and analytics and the digital interfaces that new banking systems provide.

But upskilling these long-standing employees is crucial for banks to get the ROI they want from their investment in AI and other digital technology. Commercial Banking Top 10 Trends for Our annual commercial banking top trends report identifies the topics that are most likely to transform the industry in Our trends report also identifies relationship managers RMs as a key piece of the puzzle in pairing people with technology.

They are the face of the bank to many commercial customers. The latest customer relationship management CRM tools are providing RMs with a huge amount of valuable data, but they also need the tools to turn that data into customer advice that they have at their fingertips.

Rather than replacing the human connection between the bank and its customers, technology should supercharge that connection with added value. Banks that bring their data to life by putting these insights directly into their CRM tool and other applications that RMs use regularly will empower those RMs to do more cross-selling and offer more personalized service to clients. This type of data-driven support will also help banks attract the next generation of RMs by making them feel they are being set up for success in a modern, digital workplace.

A leading commercial bank in Asia aimed to expand its lending business for SMEs and increase cross-sales. It developed machine learning models to capture signals such as search criteria and business performance indicators from both internal and external data sources. It set up Accenture Applied Intelligence Platform infrastructure to power its data analysis. A pilot test generated more than 4 million leads for both existing customers and new prospects. Digital technology has a large role to play for commercial banks that want to form a strong connection with customers.

As these customers get more used to running their businesses using various apps and platforms, banks need to keep up and be in the same places their customers are. In many cases, banks are taking on the characteristics of a tech company to accomplish this.

The energetic approach to innovation and speed to market that tech is famous for can also create a new culture in commercial banks. Many banks will use embedded finance to get to those customer connection points. For example, embedding commercial banking services into e-commerce or app-based service models that currently cater to business owners will give them real-time access to funds—in addition to true value-added services such as cashflow lending and integration with expense management and accounting platforms—all in one place.

This kind of seamless integration will keep customers connected to the bank and fight the perception that using a traditional business account is not worthwhile. Goldman Sachs has released cloud-based software that allows business clients to embed banking services into their own products, opening a new front for ecosystem partnerships. Some of the key expectations include biometric identification and digital signatures as well as greater personalization, such as customized alerts and tailored insights.

Customers want to be able to accomplish their banking quickly with simple interactions using intuitive interfaces. More sophisticated portals also generate better data for banks, which gives them even better insights into customer needs and preferences. This, in turn, can help them improve processes, introduce new revenue streams and increase customer satisfaction.

When sophisticated technology is paired with engaged, skilled and empowered talent, it results in more satisfied customers and a more competitive bank. The banks that strike the right balance are going to reap the benefits.

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