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Centene atlanta office

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With Centene acquiring a West-Coast company for their "Medicare expertise" Health Net -- things just have not been the same. New management has come on-board across the company, and in my department in general, brought in more rigid rules and regulations. Almost as if they are trying to get rid of any legacy-Centene staff and replace with Health Net staff or new recruits. There have been layoffs across the company, and if not laid-off, as if write-ups are the new norm.

Though a growth-oriented company, they can stand to take a look at what is happening, and the good people they are losing. If they really value the people they have and want to promote from within, then they need to stop the bleeding of legacy-staff leaving.

Pros Pay; benefits; K and stock options. Immediate manager is excellent. Recently VP over pharmacy prior authorizations is a nurse with an associate degree is clueless regarding pharmacy operations. Admits he doesn't know about the department but initiated mandates that are ridiculous and unattainable unless you work 60 plus hours a week. VP is unwilling to accept input from the staff.

Expects you to work 24 hours daily to meet the production quotas he initiated. VP states there will be no additional compensation. Whether an employee is salaried or not, to expect this type of labor output is nothing short of modern day slavery. In addition to the hours worked, since he ended the work from home status, you now incur an average of a 20 hour commute weekly. Employee morale is at an all time low, with everyone seeking opportunities elsewhere. It is conveyed that if you do not meet these quotas and not work these hours you face disciplinary action.

It is thrown ion your face that you are highly compensated and it is expected. Apparently no one has told him that pharmacists are highly educated and skilled clinicians. Not slave labor. Pros Immediate manager, Benefits other than compensation. Cons Everything else. My day begins with reviewing the events of the day and monitoring any new workload items. What I have learned: I have learned member interaction presents me with opportunities for various member needs. Management: Currently management above me is understanding and accommodating.

The next level of management enforces the same mindset. Workplace culture: I feel the group I am in are open to one another encourage one another. We function well as a team. Hardest part of the job: Traffic to work and ballpark across the street.

To avoid this I travel an hour earlier to work. Most enjoyable part of the job: My interactions with the members and the friendships I have developed within the company and the satisfaction I receive in assisting the members. Pros Employee appreciation perks. Cons Traffic. Great company to work for if you can get hired in.

Its hard to get in, but once you do you can scale and move to new positions. The pay is really good, and the work is solid. Be ready to earn your money, because they will keep you busy with things to do. If you are blessed to have good leadership in your department, it will be a great time working for you. Layoffs are possible due to acquiring companies and Mergers of business.

This can happen at any time and could place you at risk of being laid off or demoted. The benefits are great here, and the CEO is solid. Just be a good worker, solid person, and team player. If you come in with the right mindset and attitude you can do well. Pros Pay is really good, Benefit are really good, Growth opportunities, solid company. Cons limited training resources, Stress form leadership, you will work hard each week.

Layoffs can happen due to company growth, so job security is not always promised. Centene Corporation is a great company to work for but there are some things that the company should consider. For example, recognizing talent within the organization before seeking external candiates to fill available career opportunities. There have been several instances where I have applied for a position and was never scheduled an interview. Especially, when the position falls within my area of expertise.

I have worked for this company for almost three years and still working within a call center environment and have proven capabilities and skills to move around within the company. However, I have learned the importance of call center operations while employed with Centene but looking to further my career within the healthcare or property and casualty insurance sector. Pros easy commute. Cons opportunities for advancement. Pros NONE. Centene is a great company to work for. They have many job opportunities always available.

A typical day at work is speaking with numerous members, informing them of the offerings that their health plan has available to them. Many health risk assessments were performed and always verifying that information in system was correct. Welcoming new members to health plan and updating information with current members. My co-workers are very good people, the environment is basically self work environment, positive, and hardworking. The hardest part of the job is the long 10hr shift, the most enjoyable part is knowing that you assisted the member and answered all questions to best of ability.

Pros Awesome company with many oppurnities, new positions are always becoming available. Cons long hours, working on weekends, the locations. First off, they lied about my job posiiton i was hired as a claims processer but i never processed one claim!

Management was horrible! Get new jobs by email. You could be the one who changes everything for our 26 million members. Centene is transforming the health of our communities, one person at a time. As a diversified, national organization, youll have access to competitive benefits including a fresh perspective on workplace Centene Corporation. Centene is a diversified, national organization offering competitive benefits including a fresh perspective on workplace flexibility.

As a diversified, national organization, Centene' s technology professionals have access to competitive benefits including a fresh perspective on workplace flexibility. You could be Bobby Dodd Institute. Find a job Popular jobs Job search by location.

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