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I dallied with little home clubs wherein we discussed poetry and art and the nuances of grammar. View in context. But Lord Dawlish was too shattered by surprise to be capable of observing nuances. Consummation of the Spin-off, however, remains subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, including, without limitation, final approval by Nuance 's board of directors; the effectiveness of the Registration Statement on Form 10 relating to the Spin-off; and, the approved listing of Cerence's common stock on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.

Earnings Outlook For Nuance Communications. Nuance was also impressed with Redington's systems, people and integrity. By developing a voice interface in partnership with Nuance , we've created a new conversational interface that is intelligent and intuitive. Dragon Professional Group, version 15, helps organizations unlock the efficiency and cost benefits that are inherent in Nuance document productivity solutions.

The notes will be convertible, subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, into cash up to the principal amount of such notes and, with respect to any excess conversion value, into cash or shares of Nuance common stock or a combination thereof, at Nuance 's election. Nuance prices USD m offering of 1. The notes will be fully and unconditionally guaranteed on a senior, unsecured basis by Nuance 's domestic subsidiaries that guarantee its senior credit facility.

Nuance prices USDm senior notes offering. The behavioural details that dominated in the earlier production are now abandoned in favour of psychological states and their nuances. Both essays bristle with ethnographic detail, and are notable for their analysis of the nuances of social formation in a protean frontier-zone.

Probably unknown to the arrangers, adjustments in subtle nuances bowing, articulation, timbre appropriate for string writing were made by the veteran string musicians.

Extreme vocal virtuosity, expression, and attention to nuances of vocal timbre, for example, are traits prized by both operatic and rock singers. Not every verbal nuance reflects mood or aspect - we haven't even gotten to the voices yet.

The distinguishing nuance consists in the fact that the third element intentionally produces the conflict in order to gain a dominating position. The focus upon gendered cultural flows, rather than static socio-economic positions, gives nuances to the contributions that deal with political, economic and social issues.

It is a view based, in the first place, on a misleading oversimplification of the nuances and complexities of different political ideologies of the time. Paradoxically, then, although the difference between invalidation and nonvalidation may seem but a nuance , it matters greatly. There was no room in his production for the nuance of postwar modernism. The writer argues that there is a need among learners for a heightened critical awareness of web-source nuances.

The latter have usually been defined as merely 'political', but recent research has made it possible to nuance that definition. She is alive to its nuances and is able to set it in a broad intellectual context. These categories were given to the interviewer to bring nuance to answers that could otherwise have been missed by them.

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Translations of nuance in Chinese Traditional. See more. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of nuance? Browse NTA. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes.

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Alcon rebates for air optix Image credits. Lie Editor Emily Brewster clarifies the difference. Send us feedback. Choose a dictionary. English—Dutch Dutch—English. Each company established for the performance of this comedy gave a fresh nuance to the combinations which the show permitted.
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Nuance : So Subtle You Might Miss It Although nuance is defined as "a subtle distinction or variation," the adjective subtle is frequently seen modifying the noun: Ms. Example Sentences. Between the lines of lexicographical nuance and quotation, Johnson was paying old debts and seeking out wisdom about himself and his adopted city, as well as compiling perhaps the greatest commonplace book in the history of mankind.

True eccentricity was a tone—a shade—a nuance —and the finer the tone, the truer the eccentricity. Recent Examples on the Web In each of his roles, he's brought nuance , dry humor, and an exhilarating unpredictability. Word History. First Known Use. Time Traveler. See more words from the same year.

Articles Related to nuance. We hope we don't get in trouble for telling. Trending: Nuance Backlash against comments made by a State Department spokeswoman Get Word of the Day delivered to your inbox! Sign Up. Dictionary Entries Near nuance. Cite this Entry. Copy Citation. Post the Definition of nuance to Facebook Facebook.

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Need even more definitions? Word of the Day. Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Surgeon Firefighter Judge Acrobat. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Can you make 12 words with 7 letters? One L or two? First Known Use. Time Traveler. See more words from the same year. Dictionary Entries Near nuanced. Cite this Entry. Copy Citation.

Post the Definition of nuanced to Facebook Facebook. Share the Definition of nuanced on Twitter Twitter. Love words? Need even more definitions? Word of the Day. Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Can you make 12 words with 7 letters? One L or two? When Were Words First Used? Look up any year to find out. Ask the Editors Literally How to use a word that literally drives some pe

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It can be tempting to defer the nuance s of this challenge for another day in favor of hacking a people strategy that meets the most basic needs of hiring quickly. Voice, on the other hand, allows users to utilize all the nuance s and complexities of inflection and tone, letting them convey additional meaning and subtext that eliminates ambiguity and enables deeper connections with the audience.

Given the high volume of brand advertising consumers are subjected to each day in ad supported experiences, contextual nuance works. Their output, which is highlighted in an eye-opening new pop-up collection at the MoMA Design Store, serves as a corrective to the long-misunderstood nuance s of female anatomy and psyche.

He has none of the subtlety and nuance of black conservative academics such as Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. What these trips show is that there is a bit of nuance to life in North Korea. You can agree or disagree with our perspective, but at least acknowledge that vital nuance. I do not envy him this ministry of reconciliation, which is fraught with complexity and nuance.

Mistakes happen, nuance is often lost, and everything is seen through a prism of who is winning and who is losing. I grinned, watching every play of emotion on his face, and carefully weighing every nuance in his tone of voice. One feels that in the three centuries since Monna Lisa love has taken on a new and subtler nuance. He lived in London until his death, without once leaving England; and that gives to his pictures a distinct nuance.

Mentioned in? References in classic literature? I dallied with little home clubs wherein we discussed poetry and art and the nuances of grammar. View in context. But Lord Dawlish was too shattered by surprise to be capable of observing nuances. While this doesn't present a problem for dictation software that can be coached before being used, it does lead to difficulties when accessing multiple voice portals that may not be able to distinguish the nuances of speech among thousands of individuals.

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noun nuances A slight or delicate variation in tone, color, meaning, etc.; shade of difference. Webster's New World Similar definitions Expression or appreciation of subtle shades of . Definitions of nuance noun a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude “without understanding the finer nuances you can't enjoy the humor” synonyms: nicety, refinement, . The meaning of NUANCED is having nuances: having or characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects, or distinctions (as in character or tone). How to use .