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Conduent on my taxes

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For additional information and assistance, please visit your nearest Oklahoma Works office. For those transitioning between careers, OESC provides training, educational opportunities, skill-building, resume assistance, networking, and job referrals. All claimants must verify their identity to file for unemployment.

Identity verification helps to protect your information and prevent fraud. It must be completed every 90 days to continue filing for unemployment. Once you begin, you will have 15 minutes before your session times out. If you do not complete the process within the 15 minute window, your progress may be lost.

In rare cases when the information from an ID can't be validated, a secondary ID may be requested. At this time, only a passport is acceptable as a secondary ID online. No other forms of ID are valid for online verification. Oklahoma residents can visit an Oklahoma Works Office near them, and out-of-state residents can visit their nearest workforce or American Job Center office. When verifying in-person, you must provide two forms of identification, one primary and one secondary ID.

Below is a list of acceptable primary and secondary IDs for in-person verification, which are different than those accepted for online verification.

Unemployment benefits are paid to a debit card provided by the state's vendor, Conduent. The card will be issued to you at the time your first eligible week processes. It normally takes between days to receive the card.

Do not throw the debit card away. You have two 2 options to receive payments. To access payments through either option, you must activate the card by following the instructions sent with the card. To set up this recurring transfers, you must activate your card and then visit GoProgram.

If you have previously been issued a debit card for benefit payments within the past three 3 years, your payment will be issued to that debit card unless otherwise specified. If you no longer have your previously issued debit card, please contact Conduent at Your unemployment debit card will be mailed the day after your first eligible weekly certification has been filed.

Please allow days to receive the card. If it has been more than 14 days since you filed your first eligible weekly certification, and you have received confirmation from OESC that you are eligible for benefits and payments have been issued, please contact Conduent at to resolve your missing card. If no payments are showing as issued, there may be an issue with your claim, and you will need to call our Unemployment Service Center at to speak with a representative or contact your nearest Oklahoma Works office for assistance.

Cards can be expedited by Conduent, but there is a fee for the additional mailing costs. These will be deducted from the balance on the card. There is a limited number of debit cards Conduent can issue in a single day, so in rare cases claimants may be unable to expedite cards. To expedite a card please contact our Unemployment Service Center at , your nearest Oklahoma Works office , or Conduent at All unemployment benefits are issued to a pre-paid debit card provided by our card vendor Conduent.

If you would like these funds automatically transferred to your personal banking account, you can do so after receiving and activating your card. To set up recurring transfers, contact Conduent at or visit their website at goprogram. If your claim is valid and you file an eligible weekly certification, payments are typically issued the following day to your unemployment debit card.

Please keep in mind that weekends and holidays may delay deposits. Also, if you have set up recurring transfers to your personal banking account, an additional day may be required depending on your bank's processing time. Conduent is a third-party vendor for the State of Oklahoma. For all debit card related inquiries, such as delays, recurring transfers direct deposits , suspensions, or other activity, please contact them at or by visiting their website at goprogram. Your G reflects the total amount paid to you or on your behalf, which may include: regular unemployment compensation, federal unemployment benefits PUA, FPUC, and PEUC , child support deductions, any backpay or lump sum deposits made during the year, as well as any benefits used to offset an overpayment s during the tax year.

If you believe there are still incorrect funds showing, please contact us. You may need to provide all monthly Conduent statements for review. You can access a digital version of your G form on Unemployment. If you received a G form, and didn't file for unemployment benefits, you may have had a fraudulent unemployment claim filed in your name. Please contact us. Additionally, the Internal Revenue Service has provided resources to help you navigate this issue.

You will find detailed information on what steps you should take by accessing the following link: Employment Related Identity Theft Internal Revenue Service irs. Your first RESEA appointment and any follow up appointments are designed to provide employment assistance and a mix of services. These services include customized resume assistance, reemployment workshops, new career and wage exploration services, interview workshops, and job referrals to employers based on your experience and qualifications.

During your initial appointment, you will also complete a Reemployment Needs Inventory which helps to determine your readiness to return to work. It evaluates your job search activity, job search skills and confidence, and any barriers that may impact your chances of being hired. During this initial visit, RESEA staff will review your work history, collaborate with you to determine an employment goal, and discuss customized employment opportunities within the job market.

Failure to attend will result in your UI benefits being stopped. Please note, appointment availability varies day-to-day. Yes, attending your RESEA appointment counts as one of the two weekly required work search activities, which is required to receive weekly unemployment benefits. UI claimants may still receive unemployment benefits while working part-time hours. Part-time employment is considered as working less than 32 hours per week. If you work 32 hours or more per week, you are considered a full-time employee.

You will need to use the scheduling tool to reschedule your appointment, and then attend that appointment to reinstate your UI benefits. If you decline a job referral or do not apply for a job referral provided by a RESEA specialist, your claim will be under review and your benefits may be stopped.

It also added a new MEUC program. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance PUA was a federal unemployment benefit provided to US citizens not traditionally eligible for regular Unemployment Insurance UI such as self-employed, contract, and gig workers. Eligible individuals were notified by mail and provided instructions on how to apply for this benefit. If you believe you are eligible and did not receive a letter, the deadline to contact your nearest Oklahoma Works office or call us at for application is January 14, Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities upon request.

Skip to main content. Frequently Asked Questions Click on a category below to jump to a specific section. Claim Support. How do I update my contact information? There is an "issue" on my claim.

What does that mean? How do I stop or cancel my claim? What if I forget to file my weekly certification? What is a benefit year? Who has to document their work search efforts?

The only individuals exempt from work searches are those who: are on a temporary layoff with a definite return-to-work date within 8 weeks of the last date worked are a member of a certified labor or trade union with a business agent or hiring hall are in an approved training program such as training provided through the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. What counts as a work search effort? The interview may be in-person, over the phone, or any method determined by the employer.

Contacting an employer to determine if any job openings exist does not count. These services include job-search workshops or any customized job readiness workshop. These workshops do not have to be presented by a state agency and will count as one work search contact in the week the workshop is attended.

This activity counts as one work search contact at the time of registration. This will count as one work search contact for each examination taken, provided they were for different jobs or different agencies. Participate in an interview for a job. Participate in reemployment services.

Register with a placement service of any professional organization to which the claimant is a member. Register with a placement service of any school from which you graduated. Take examinations for work with governmental agencies. How do I document my work search efforts?

Work search documentation should include: date of contact company name, address, phone number job title or position applied for email, website link, and job reference number if job was applied to online person contacted if applicable method of contact results of contact View a sample documentation form and template. How long should I keep documentation of my work search efforts? New Claims. Who is eligible to file for unemployment? The company has been helping clients deliver human capital solutions for more than 35 years.

About Conduent Conduent delivers mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of businesses and governments ó creating exceptional outcomes for its clients and the millions of people who count on them. Through our dedicated people, processes, and technologies, Conduent solutions and services enhance customer experience, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve performance for most Fortune companies and more than government entities.

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WebConduent delivers business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions that ignite efficiency, savings, and revenue growth across industries. Itís why 80% of the Fortune and over government entities depend on us to drive exceptional outcomes for their organizations and the millions of people they serve. WebObject moved to here. WebABOUT CONDUENT. Digital, personalized and secure. Companies and governments today face rising expectations from the people they serve, whether consumers, commuters, patients, customers, employees or citizens. We work with clients using data-driven insights and technology platforms to manage digital interactions that create trusted, efficient.