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Cummins nt855

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Though there isn't much of it, the interior of the Power Wagon remains completely stock. It still has its original steering wheel and uses actual gauges on its metal dashboard. However, the team at P2 Fabrication did do one major upgrade with this Power Wagon, and that's to extend its wheelbase by 16 inches.

They had to push back the rear wheels to make more room in the second row, as getting in and out was difficult in the truck's stock configuration. For this, the team had to cut and then re-fabricate the rear quarter panel of the Dodge. Extending the wheelbase made more space inside the second row and significantly reduced the rear overhang.

That made this truck look more proportionate than before. However, with this Dodge being more than 80 years old, it still had a few wooden frame components that had to be replaced with pieces made from metal.

In his short drive with Frankie in the Dodge Power Wagon, Davis mentions that it offers a pretty high seating position. He was a little nervous getting into the truck that only had lap belts, probably because of his gruesome Mercury Comet crash. But he still went on for a ride as he trusted the workmanship of the folks at P2 Fabrications.

As Davis points out, thanks to the truck's massive inch tires, and an amazing suspension setup, it practically glides over all the bumps and potholes on the road.

It is very comfortable to ride in and is not overly shifty or bouncy on the street, as it is pretty stable and drives like a tank. There is a ton of torque on offer, thanks to the turbocharged Cummins diesel, and has plenty of grunt to easily reach speeds of 75 MPH. Ukraine first lady headlines first big day at Davos meeting. Ukrainian civilians vanish and languish in Russian-run jails. Replay Video. Skip Ad. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

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WebThis Cummins Diesel Swapped Dodge Power Wagon Is The Ultimate Beach Buggy. As restomods go, you'd have to agree that this Dodge Power Wagon hiding a turbocharged liter Cummins diesel. WebCummins offers a wide variety of software, mobile applications, and digital hardware to help you get the most out of your Cummins-powered equipment. If you currently use one of these digital products and/or services, this page provides access to . WebThis message will be removed once all maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience as we enhance our website!