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Fuel injection pump. The injector nozzle and nozzle installed on the cylinder head are fixed by and embedded in the injector nozzle holder. As soon as a user with a screen-reader enters your site, they immediately receive a prompt to enter the Screen-Reader Profile so they can browse and operate your oil pump cummins effectively. Our oil pumps made of industry leading materials and processes. Stop Animations. We aim to make your shopping experience as easy as possible with features such as:. We firmly believe that the technology solutions locations should be available and accessible to anyone and are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the broadest possible audience, regardless of ability.

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Cummins rebuilt engine

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Why you need it: In situations where many of the external components are still viable, a remanufactured long block can be an attractive alternative. Built to the same standards as remanufactured engines, the long block option allows reuse of external components such as the turbo, lift pump, wiring harness, fuel pump and fuel lines. What is it: A short block includes the engine block, crank, rods, main, and thrust bearings.

Why you need it: In the event that an engine block shows extensive wear or significant damage, a short block is a great option. This option allows for the maximum reuse of parts including the cylinder head. View the comparison table. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Remanufactured Cummins Turbo Diesel. Power - hp - kW.

Click Here to Contact Sales. Applications Repower Pickup Truck. Overview: Remanufactured Cummins 6. Short Block What is it: A short block includes the engine block, crank, rods, main, and thrust bearings. For a detailed list of part numbers and a comparison of Long Block and Short Block products: View the comparison table.

This sets Cummins Repower engines apart from the illegally imported junkyard engines where the service parts also need to be imported as well. Any authorized Cummins distributor has the capability to service Cummins Repower engines using the same tools and resources that are used to service all other commercial Cummins products. This sets Cummins Repower engines apart from the illegal junkyard engines conversions where there is no OEM support model in place.

Cummins utilizes the vast Specialty Equipment Market Association SEMA network in order to provide relevant information to third parties who plan to bring ancillary product to market. Tools such as the SEMA Garage and Tech Transfer program are being used be the prime path to sharing approved information to qualified suppliers.

The current R2. Like any other engine manufactured by Cummins, it has gone through stringent real-world and test cell testing and is continually being improved if we identify a quality issue to ensure that the engine lives up to the Cummins brand promise of dependability.

Test vehicles equipped with R2. Some websites online who make a business of pedaling used and illegal junkyard imported engines for swaps have made false claims against our products in order to protect their business model but our product and customer support speak for itself. In addition to the clear benefit of the product being new and factory built versus something that has sat in a wrecked vehicle in a junkyard out in the elements, buying a Cummins Repower crate engine gives you the peace of mind that a company like Cummins is actively standing behind your product.

Cummins tests, tunes, validates every offering and even after the purchase offers updates and improvements to calibrations as they become available. We have an active customer service and support model as well as genuine parts availability which is unmatched by any junkyard.

The installation guide discusses general aspects of the installation into a suitable vehicle, ancillary system considerations, and also specifications and dimensions for the majority of components. Repower Installation Guide. Base Warranty Owner is responsible for all labor expenses related to service under this Warranty. This Warranty is made to all owners in the chain of distribution and coverage continues to all subsequent owners until expiration of the period of coverage.

Complete detailed warranty information is included with the engine documentation. Warranty service with respect to the engines and loose components will not be available in the states of Texas and West Virginia. Installation of this part in a vehicle or application for which it is not intended may violate U. Our team of Enthusiasts have put together a package that provides you everything you need to start your engine with the exception of a battery, cooling package, and of course, diesel fuel to get your new Cummins running as quickly as possible.

Below is what is included in your crate engine kit:. It is recommended that all major vehicle modifications are performed by professionals. Please read all emissions information for the desired part number prior to purchase as Federal emissions laws apply.

An engine's performance in a vehicle is heavily dependent upon the rest of the driveline configuration. Please use this simple interactive gear ratio calculator as a tool to help plan your build for optimum performance, fuel economy, or the perfect balance to suit your needs.

We look forward to answering your questions or assisting with the purchase of your Repower engine. A Cummins Care team member will respond within 48 hours. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Breadcrumb Home Engines R2.

Cummins Repower R2. Stay up to date with R2. First Name. Last Name. Outlying Islands U. I agree to receive Cummins Inc's exclusive offers, updates and promotions regarding Cummins Inc. You can withdraw your consent at any time. For more details see our privacy policy or contact us. Power - hp. Torque - lb-ft. Important supply message. Select an Application Repower.

What is the R2. PN includes: R2. How do I know if this swap is legal in my state? I had a part fail out of the box or within the parts warranty window. How do I get warranty? Where can I buy parts for my engine? Where can I get my engine serviced? What partners is Cummins working with for things like adapters, charge air coolers, and engine mounts? What kind of transmissions can I use with the R2.

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Up to 85 percent of an engine can be remanufactured, and Cummins engines are built to be remanufactured multiple times.

Cummins ReCon parts and engines have gone through disassembly, inspection, cleaning, calibration and testing to ensure they meet the same specifications as new Cummins parts or engines.

Contact your local Cummins distributor or authorized dealer for more information on Cummins ReCon products, or submit a request for a quote at the link below. Request a quote. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Breadcrumb Home Parts Recon. Cummins ReCon engines and parts. What is Cummins ReCon? Why buy ReCon? Lower cost A lower cost option to buying new. Our engines have oversized SBI valve seats installed with at least 0.

Most companies will re-grind and install used again. Our production engines are typically matched with near identical weight piston and connecting rod assemblies giving our customers a smoother running and quieter engine. The front covers on the Cummins engines use a paper gasket that is known to fall inside of the front gear case causing a significant oil loss and expensive repair. By utilizing a high quality silicone we are able to prevent this from occurring.

Our Rottler equipment allows us to remanufacture the Cummins engine to tighter than OEM specifications resulting in a longer lasting more efficient engine assembly. Instead of just testing old springs and reusing like most remanufacturers DFC installs brand new SBI valve springs that are still tested for proper spring pressure on every cylinder head we remanufacture.

Common industry practice is to check guide clearance and if within specification, not replace. DFC considers this practice unacceptable and installs new cast SBI guides in every cylinder head we remanufacture. In addition to not just following the OEM procedures for tightening sequence our assembly technicians record the achieved torque load through use of digital torque wrenches ensuring no fastener will come loose over time.

Toggle navigation. Cummins 5. Short Block Assembly Includes: Front cover with seal Rear cover with main seal Oil pan All internal components Complete gasket kit for installation Important installation instructions.

All engines come standard with Total Seal gapless piston rings. All engines come standard with a Cometic MLS multi-layer steel head gasket. Machined with some of the most advanced Rottler machining equipment in North America. Improved gasket sealing methods in common leakage areas. All NEW pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, seals, valves, springs, hardened seats, stem seals and cast guides standard in every engine.

Increased piston cooling reducing piston failures from faulty injectors. Comes standard with 5 yr , km , mi parts and labor warranty. DFC Diesel.

Competitor 1. Upgraded piston cooling preventing piston erosion Competitor 2.

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Cummins Remanufacturing: A Story Retold

Shop for Remanufactured Cummins Engines. Select Reman Exchange offers a full line of remanufactured Cummins diesel engines. Each engine is backed by a competitive . Cummins ISX Engines For Sale The Cummins ISX is a 15 litre Inline (straight) 6 diesel engine manufactured by Cummins for applications such as heavy-duty trucks and motor coaches. . An Engine Rebuild is a manufacturing process which includes complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and replacing of major components of an engine. It Provides: A cost effective .