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Juniper networks device python

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To retrieve just the headers, you can send a simple HEAD request. Similarly, you can supply custom headers by including the headers argument and a dictionary of HTTP headers. The following request executes the get-interface-information RPC with the terse option for the given interface and returns the response in text format:. The data parameter references the RPCs to execute, which are defined in a multiline string for readability.

You can also create a generic op script for which the user supplies the necessary variables and the script constructs and executes the request. The script prompts for the connection password and connects to the host and port provided through the host argument. The script then uses the requests module to send a GET request executing the RPC that was provided through the command-line arguments.

Starting in Junos OS Release In earlier releases, the devices prefixes a single hyphen - to all argument names.

When you execute the script, it executes the RPC with the specified options on the remote device and prints the response to standard output. The following op script retrieves the [edit system] hierarchy from the candidate configuration using a POST request:. The following sample op script connects to the remote device and configures an address on the given interface.

The lock, load, commit, and unlock operations are defined separately for readability, but the RPCs are concatenated in the request. When you execute the op script, it returns the RPC results for the lock, load, commit, and unlock operations. On some devices, the response output separates the individual RPC replies with boundary lines that include -- followed by a boundary string and a Content-Type header.

Other devices might include just the Content-Type header. The HTTP basic authentication mechanism sends user credentials as a Baseencoded clear-text string. You can include the verify and cert arguments in the request to control the SSL verification options. For detailed information about these options, see the Requests documentation. When you use Python 2. By default, requests are executed using the default routing instance. Certain devices also support specifying the routing instance and executing a script in the Unix-level shell.

In addition to specifying the routing instance in the script, certain devices support specifying the routing instance and executing a script from the Unix-level shell. The following Python script simply executes the get-software-information RPC on a remote device and prints the response:. To use setfib to execute the script using a non-default routing instance on a device running Junos OS with Enhanced Automation:. The routing table index is referenced in the command output.

If you take a look at the service provider vertical, it would make sense that automating network equipment is on the top of their list of requirements. Before the dawn of cloud-scale data centers, service providers were the ones with the most network equipment.

A typical enterprise network might have a few redundant internet connections at the corporate headquarter with a few hub-and-spoke remote sites connected back to the HQ using the service provider's private MPLS network. To a service provider, they are the ones who need to build, provision, manage, and troubleshoot the connections and the underlying networks.

They make their money by selling the bandwidth along with value-added managed services. It would make sense for the service providers to invest in automation to use the least amount of engineering hours to keep the network humming along. In their use case, network automation is the key to their competitive advantage. The difference between a service provider's network needs compared to a cloud data center is that, traditionally, service providers aggregate more services into a single device.

A good example would be Multiprotocol Label Switching MPLS that almost all major service providers provide but rarely adapt in the enterprise or data center networks. Juniper has identified this need and excelled at fulfilling the service provider requirements of automating.

Juniper networks contributed heavily to both of the RFC standards. In fact, Juniper was the sole author for RFC On the Juniper device, you can always take a look at the configuration either in a flat file or in XML format. The flat file comes in handy when you need to specify a one-liner command to make configuration changes:. Starting with ncclient 0.

Start with some new imports for constructing new XML elements and the connection manager object:. Under the build configuration section, create a new element of system with subelements of host-namre and domain-name.

If you were wondering about the hierarchy structure, you can see from the XML display that the node structure with system is the parent of host-name and domain-name:. After the configuration is built, the script will push the configuration and commit the configuration changes.

These are the normal best practice steps lock, configure, unlock, commit for Juniper configuration changes:. This file can be executed by itself, or it can be imported to be used by other Python scripts.

Juniper also provides a Python library to be used with their devices called PyEZ. PyEZ is a high-level Python implementation that integrates better with your existing Python code. Juniper maintains a comprehensive Junos PyEZ developer guide on their technical library. If you are interested in using PyEZ, it ishighly recommended that you at least take a glance through the various topics in the guide. The installation instructions for each of the operating systems can be found on the Installing Junos PyEZ page.

Here are the installation instructions for Ubuntu For user authentication, you can either use password authentication or an SSH key pair. Creating the local user is straightforward:.

Treat the private key like a password that you never share. The public key can be freely distributed. From the Juniper device, you can create the user and associate the public key by downloading the public key from the Python 3 web server:. Now, if you try to ssh with the private key from the management station, the user will be automatically authenticated:.

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To specify a checksum for a local script, configure the checksum statement under the [file filename ] statement in the hierarchy for your specific type of script. To specify a checksum for a remote op script, include the key argument when you execute the script using the op url command. Starting in Junos OS Release For example:. Non-interactive Python scripts, such as event and SNMP scripts, by default, execute under the privileges of the user and group nobody.

To execute event or SNMP scripts using the access privileges of a specific user, you must configure the python-script-user username statement at the [edit event-options event-script file filename ] hierarchy level for event scripts or the [edit system scripts snmp file filename ] hierarchy level for SNMP scripts, and specify a user configured at the [edit system login] hierarchy level.

In Junos OS Release Furthermore, Python automation scripts can be executed with the access privileges of authorized users. Table 1 outlines the requirements for executing unsigned Python automation scripts in the different Veriexec-enabled versions of Junos OS. Root user or a user in the Junos OS super-user login class. Python 3 is supported in Junos OS Release Script must be enabled in the configuration under the hierarchy appropriate to that script type.

All Python automation scripts execute with the access privileges of the user and group nobody. Python commit and op scripts execute with the access privileges of the user who invokes the script. Python event and SNMP scripts execute with the access privileges of the user configured in the python-script-user statement.

If the python-script-user statement is not configured, the script executes with the access privileges of the user and group nobody. Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey? Maybe Later. Microframework for Python that enables you to automate devices running Junos OS. For more information, see Junos PyEZ. Network address manipulation library that enables processing of Layer 2 and Layer 3 network addresses.

Serves as a client class that enables applications to connect to a Message Queue Telemetry Transport MQTT broker to publish messages and to subscribe to topics and receive published messages. This module supports all major ciphers and hash methods for both client and server modes.

Provides APIs for finding and managing Python package and version dependencies and accessing bundled files and resources. Library for retrieving information on running processes and system utilization CPU, memory, disks, and processes.

Junos OS adds support for pyang in Python 3 and removes support for pyang in Python 2. Parser for the C language written in pure Python. The module can be integrated into applications that need to parse C source code. Provides an alternative approach to creating and executing simple grammars. Module in the pySerial package that encapsulates the access for serial ports. Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey?

Maybe Later. Y Y Y Y attrs Python package that enables you to write classes without writing all the boilerplate code. Y Y Y Y constantly Library that provides symbolic constant support. Y Y Y Y concurrent. Python 3 includes this package as part of the standard library. Y Y Y Y enum enum34 package, which provides support for enumerations. Python 3 includes this module as part of the standard library. Note: paramiko version 2. Junos OS Release Module upgrades for Python 2. Module additions for Python 3.

Junos OS Evolved Release PTX Series Routers. Python expression of finite-state machines. Library for password hashing and storage. Universal character encoding detector for Python 2 and 3.

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Configuring Multiple Junos Devices Using Junos PyEZ and Templates

Welcome to Juniper Networks Automation Using Python and PyEZ 2m NETCONF 5m Junos RPCs 6m Junos XML API Programming Language 12m Python Basics 10m Python . 56 rows · Overview of Python Modules on Devices Running Junos OS. The Python interpreter is included as part of the Junos operating system (Junos OS). Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved include many Python modules that can be used in Python applications including . 7 rows · Devices running Junos OS that support Python automation scriptsinclude the following modules.