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Amerigroup houston tx

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Schedule an in-person, phone, or video visit with a trusted Amerigroup primary care doctor today. Our doctors and providers spend time to listen and understand your health needs to develop a personalized care plan just for you. Schedule time with one of our providers to start getting the care YOU deserve. Doctors Texas Houston Amerigroup. Find a clinic or doctor near you Dismiss overlay. Search Type Clinics. Located Near.

Back to results. Filters Dismiss overlay. Search Filters Filter by:. List Map. Search Results List Results will update in place as filters are applied or removed. Spanish-speaking doctors Chinese Mandarin -speaking doctors. Female doctors in Houston Male doctors in Houston. Just keep in mind that the coverage can vary greatly depending on each policy.

Regardless, when people look for an Amerigroup psychiatrist, their plans might cover part or all of their medical expenses. The key is for them to find one who deals specifically with their mental disorder. Before people can search for an Amerigroup psychiatrist, they have to pick health policies that are right for them.

The key is to select ones that are comfortably affordable. People also have to consider getting policies that cover special and basic health needs. However, they have to remember their basic health care needs throughout the year too.

Finally, when it comes to finding an Amerigroup psychiatrist in Houston, people need to consider the network. Do they want plans that require them to stay in-network? For some, out-of-network psychiatrists are worth paying extra. With the right plan, though, the psychiatrists that they want could be in the network. Being part of this network of doctors allows us to help more people. Of course, we work with other insurance providers and are proud to be a Cigna psychiatrist in Houston as well.

To provide comprehensive care, we offer a wide range of services. In fact, we have traditional psychiatric services for all psychiatric disorders. Some of our services include:.

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Clients who seek a slightly less intensive level of care may choose our Intensive Oupatient Program IOP , which is offered days per week, for 3 hours per day. Just as in PHP, clients receive group therapy each day they attend treatment, with topics that range from DBT skills, healthy relationships, recovery skills, emotional, spiritual, and relational sobriety, and grief and loss. Choosing the right detox in Houston is one of the most important steps in achieving recovery from addiction.

Detox should not be a one-size-fits-all approach, and you want a facility that has a range of approaches to helping you create a new life for yourself. Magnolia City Detox offers detox services that can help you get free from harmful and addictive substance use. Our goal is to provide fast, effective alcohol and drug detox so you can get back to living your best life.

Using evidence-based approaches, our medical detox program is supervised by a team of licensed physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable about the needs of those seeking detoxification. We serve:. Transformations Treatment Center Treatment Center. We are a Florida Rehab dedicated to helping you or a loved one live the life they deserve.

We are a private substance abuse, and dual diagnosis treatment center. We are located on the beach and provide individualized treatment plans for our clients. Our staff is highly trained to treat addiction and dual diagnosis.

We also implement recovery enriching activities in our program such as, sunrise yoga, beach meditation, personal fitness, massages, chiropractor services and much more. Woodlake is a full continuum of care treatment facility, taking individuals from medical detox through transitional living. Woodlake is dedicated to providing quality and comprehensive treatment that is sure to have a positive impact on every client's life.

Our treatment programs are uniquely designed to meet the physical, mental, emotional, familial, and spiritual needs of each client. Beachway Therapy Center Treatment Center. At Beachway we understand that there may not be a second chance at recovery so we strive to be the last treatment program you will need. By providing a continuum of care, from PHP Partial Hospitalization Program to Outpatient services, we can offer a fully individualized treatment plan that meets the clinical and medical needs of each client.

Length of stay will vary for each client, most of our clients stay between 30 and 90 days, determined on an individualized basis. By providing an extremely low client to therapist ratio we can identify and address underlying, co-occuring disorders. Under such professional supervision clients can begin to recover in a safe, residential-like environment. As seen on the Dr. Phil Show. We provide a truly unique approach to the recovery experience. We incorporate evidence-based therapy, medical treatment, holistic modalities and 12 step philosophy to bring about positive results.

Our location in beautiful Orange County, California provides opportunities for fun as well as therapeutic activities. The beaches, a strong 12 step community, job opportunities, schools and shopping are all here for you.

We are here to support, encourage, and assist you, as you build a new life. Our treatment team has decades of combined experience in the field of addiction recovery. We have the best in our field to help us make the dream of such an amazing treatment center become a reality.

While all of our staff members are trained professionals, first and foremost we are compassionate, whole human beings looking to give what we can to help each and every individual that walks through our doors. Our detox and residential facility is located in Sugar Land, TX. See more therapy options for Houston. Online Therapy. The first step towards recovery usually requires clients to detox in Houston under medical supervision, and follow-up with a period of intensive therapy at the center.

Residential inpatient treatment in Houston consists of hour care at a live-in facility. Full treatment services, including medical and behavioral therapy, are provided all at one location. Outpatient treatment programs in Houston provide flexibility to those who are unable to take time away from their regular lives, work or school.

Cho brings 26 years of extensive clinical research experience in studies of cognition, brain physiology and neurostimulation for psychiatric disorders. Cho received his M. He also completed his psychiatry residency at the University of Pittsburgh, and further graduate training in Psychology at Princeton University. Cho brings this extensive research and clinical expertise together with his warm, compassionate approach to improving the lives of patients with state-of-the-art treatments.

Recognizing that health is wealth, it is imperative that your mentally ill health is taken seriously because the disease of the mind is the disease of the body. As a mentally ill, you do not have to be stigmatized. You have equal opportunity and the right to access the mental health care that you need.

The world we live in is full of challenges that contribute to mental illness, and we consider those when providing your care. Karen Hughes Psychiatrist, DO. At One Behavioral, we treat a variety of patients that include all age ranges and all socioeconomic ranges. Between our six locations, our psychiatrists, counselors and psychologists aim to provide our patients to compassionate and judgement free care they need through advanced technology and treatment.

Texas Psychiatry Group Psychiatrist. At our mental health clinic, we pride ourselves on our collaborative care approach, which aims to work alongside your primary care physician as well as other treating physicians in order to provide you a personalized and effective treatment plan. In addition, Texas Psychiatry Group offers flexible appointment times as well as online telepsychiatry visits so you can have comfortable and easy access to the care you need.

Furthermore, our clinic even offers appointments within 24 hours, so why wait? If you or your loved one is suffering with depression, anxiety, or any other mental health illness. Ignacio Valdes Psychiatrist, MD. Mental health conditions can cause barriers to achievement, decreased job performance, relationship problems, prolonged suffering, loss of job, loss of marriage, or worse. With effective treatment increased life achievement, better relationships and decreased suffering can occur.

Houston, TX Riz Ahmad Psychiatrist, MD. Congratulations on starting your mental health journey. You have made the admirable decision to address your challenges, but you may have already found a whole new set of obstacles in store. Limited in-network, affordable, or competent mental health providers, initial appointment wait times of up to two months, confusing insurance policies, never ending paperwork, a looming fear of being judged, rushed, or dismissed; limited treatment options, unreliable follow-up care, missed refills, and perhaps even front office staff unequipped to handle the complexities of your situation just to name a few.

Mental and emotional difficulties are real and can greatly limit our functioning. At Holistic health and psychiatry, we believe in a multidimensional approach in managing mental health.

Our practitioners collaborate to offer therapeutic interventions including medication management and various therapy approaches to assist individuals with mental health difficulties. I am a board certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner focusing on mental health disorders for all ages and populations.

The goal of my practice is to create a collaborative treatment plan with the patient and myself in order to improve mental health conditions with the assistance of evidence based practice pharmacological intervention. Currently , accepting new patients for medication management appointments only.

No longer taking appointments for therapy sessions. My ideal client is someone who is looking for a team to partner with in order to identify their path to wellness and, with the help of our team, put forth the effort necessary to follow that path and achieve wellness. Boris Rubashkin was born and educated in St.

Petersburg, Russia. He graduated and took his psychiatric residency in He immigrated to the United States in and spent five years working in a mental health field in Minnesota. With his desire to escape from the cold weather, he moved to a warmer climate of Houston, Texas. In , he went into private practice. In , he also became a consulting psychiatrist to Long Term Care Facilities. Additionally, he cofounded Behavioral Health Consultants, a multi-specialty outpatient psychiatric office.

Maher Chehab is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with education and training in treating clients with mental health conditions across the lifespan. While providing outpatient services he had to address the community's mental health needs and earned his post-graduate Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner degree from Washburn University. We are accepting patients. At Castle Healthcare Services Inc, we treat a variety of patients that include all age ranges and all socioeconomic ranges.

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WebAmerigroup. En Espanol. How can I change my health plan? STAR, STAR Kids and STAR Plus members: The Texas Medicaid program allows you to change your or your childs health plan. You can learn more by calling the Texas STAR Program Helpline at . Amerigroup is a trusted health insurance partner that offers Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Learn more about our plan options at today. Pain Management Specialist, Interventional Pain Management Doctor, Addiction Specialist, Anesthesiologist, Palliative Care Physician 23 years experience. Pain Management. South Main Street, Suite #B3, Houston, TX .