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Highly nuanced

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Even being sat implies non-being, which is duality. So Vedanta uses words until their meaning removes ignorance. The consciousness that existed before the cosmos appeared as the same consciousness because of which things are experienced and known now. The conceptual non-eternal jiva has a mind and body which are matter and this mind-body personality thinks it is bound, trapped in samsara changed by what happens from birth.

It is the default condition of the jiva. Hence it becomes a seeker because bondage is not natural. Freedom, however, is natural. Consciousness does not need to seek because it is always satisfied. Through Vedanta, a qualified jiva gains Self-knowledge, overcomes Self-ignorance and recognises the Consciousness which is always and already present and revealed.

AS itself. Hence, jiva is seemingly bound and is seemingly freed. So, if the whole universe and all individuals are only seeming, then there is only brahman , ordinary consciousness. It is only from this viewpoint that everything other than me seems real. The enigma of Vedanta advaita is not an enigma because two objects are necessary to produce an enigma is that Vedanta provisionally accepts duailty only to remove it at the right time.

This is what Gaudapada points to in the Mandukya Upanishad. I, existence shining as consciousness, always present and always alone am completely satisfied. If this is true what is everything else? It is only name and form Which too are only me.

I appear as the substate and masquerade as all names and forms but I am always present and unappeared and unappreciated. What a trickster I am. Enjoy my magic. I am one reality without a second standing alone forever. Listen to my teaching and seek me. Read more. A Highly Nuanced Satsang December 30, This satsang is a conversation with a friend who teaches Vedanta Dear ….

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This satsang is a conversation with a friend who teaches Vedanta. adjective. nu· anced ?nu-?an (t)st. ?nyu-; nu-?an (t)st, nyu having nuances: having or characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects, or distinctions (as in . Results In this study, the authors define three distinct UPR subclasses that are induced in the liver of zebrafish larvae exposed to three commonly used stressors, tunicamycin, thapsigargin and .