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Nuanced thought

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My artwork explores the common ground between psychological models of thought and emotion ex. Tao te ching, The Yoga Sutras and ancient philosophies ex. The anthropomorphic lens : we assign conceptual attributes to the natural world based on human cultural conditioning.

The Merry-go-round. The opposite of nuanced thinking can be said to be rigid 'either-or' thinking. Emotional dysregulation the painful conflict one creates internally via either-or thinking , if left unchecked, is passed on. Internal conflict can be externalized in seemingly small ways such as yelling at a complete stranger because one is harried and late for work, or larger, tragic ways such as generational trauma passed on without resolution from one generation to another.

To stop the wheel, one has to get off the wheel. It is futile to try stop the wheel while spinning away on it. The Plant. This artwork its a GIF initially explores the concept of 'inside' vs 'outside' as polar opposites. Then it highlights the balanced middle ground where the plant from the 'inside' fuses with the box which is 'outside'. The saying 'It takes a village to raise a child' ought to be amended to 'it takes a hive of many minds to raise a child'.

This artwork is meant to represent the 'hive mind' of cultural 'data'. It shows thought-data within boxes floating in the void across time from one generation to the next. The 'gibberish' text on both sides of the image represents the linearity of time and the transmission of 'data' within this linearity. The expression of language is a mix of the nuanced and the extreme.

The hive mind of any culture contains both and transmits itself across generations. The Word-Cloud. The artwork shows 3 people standing above ground talking in a group and generating a spoken word-cloud. However, the nuances in their words stay unspoken, hidden underground, silent and unperceived. Unlike their collective word-cloud that is 'audible' and hence perceivable.

The horizontal lines that enter and exit the word-cloud depict the linear flow of time. The Snake. I very literally inserted binary-logic gates into this piece, based on my computer science classes as a kid. The spine of the snake has triangles on it with a line connecting them. They represent NOT logic gates. If you input 1 into it, you get 0. And if you input 0, you get 1. The snake represents a lack of nuance. It waits hidden in the grass which represents the Mind bristling with thoughts and can rise up sneakily to strike if one is not vigilant of what lurks in the grass.

The Squares identical shapes, nuanced gradients. This artwork is about the mental moulds we place ourselves in with the unconscious way we think. We place shutters over most of our perception when we do that as the eyelids show. We create a box of linguistic 'moulds' and encase ourselves within it.

We bury the majority of the nuances in our thoughts inside ourselves while only looking outward. Most of the internal content stays unspoken.

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WebMerriam-Webster defines "nuance" as (1) a subtle distinction or variation; (2) a subtle quality; (3) sensibility to, awareness of, or ability to express delicate shadings (as of . Webnu∑ anced ?nu-?an (t)st. ?nyu-; nu-?an (t)st, nyu having nuances: having or characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects, or distinctions (as in . WebApr 5, †∑ nuanced thoughts (14) LATEST POST. A DREAM WORLD. It is precisely five weeks, two days since I last posted on my blog, and I donít have an exact reason .