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Domains in cognizant

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Rep your company with a domain that's globally recognized and memorable. Since , we've been focused on helping customers find the best domain name as the building block of their online presence. A domain name is just the beginning. We'll help you host, design, and manage your site. We'll even build it for you, if you'd like. A domain name is simply a human readable form of an IP address. In other words, it's the destination you type into a web browser ó such as www.

Similar to how you would scroll to a contact in your phone rather than manually dialing a phone number, domain names make it easier for us to navigate the online world and avoid having to memorize long IP addresses. Visit our blog to learn more about domain names. With Domain. Simply use the search bar at the top of this page to check domain availability, then follow the prompts in order to complete the domain registration process.

You can transfer either the domain registration or simply update the DNS at your current registrar to point to your Domain. We would recommend both hosting and maintaining the domain registration with us in order to ensure the optimum support experience. Learn more about transferring your domain to Domain. Domain privacy and security is as important to us as it is to you. Without domain privacy, your private and sensitive information which may include your name, home address, and contact numbers may be collected and displayed in ICANN's WHOIS database when you register your domain.

Domain privacy ensures that these details are hidden from the public view. Our Basic web hosting plan will host one domain, whereas our Deluxe and Ultra web hosting plans will host unlimited domains.

It's important to choose the plan that best fits your needs. All of our hosting plans allow for unlimited subdomains, and you can certainly upgrade at any time. In order to convey an air of professionalism with your online business, or even just make a good first impression, it is important to use an email address that matches your domain name.

Creating a professional and business email couldn't be easier with Domain. The exact cost of your new domain name will vary based on the registrar, the specific top-level domain TLD you've chosen, and the quality of the domain name. Some domains may be pricier due to their intrinsic benefits, like being short and memorable, or the use of very competitive keywords such as cars.

Browse our premium domains to jumpstart your website performance. Great question! To visit a website, two things need to be in place: a domain name, and a web server.

Your choice of web host will either enhance your chances of success, or be nothing more than a detriment. Your domain name is what people will type into a web browser to access your site. In fact, there are five different types of domains available to you. Top-level domains are at the top of the internet hierarchy of domain names. There are over thousands of different TLDs available. This sent the number of TLDs available soaring. A lot of TLDs are more like vanity extensions vs.

Next, on the list, we have country code top-level domains ccTLD. As the name suggests, these are technically tied to different countries. For example, the ccTLD. This is more of a definition than an actual type of domain. So, you could technically classify this type of domain as a TLD as well. The generic aspect of this domain extension refers to the types of use-cases that these domains are intended for. Second-level domains are below the TLDs highlighted above in terms of hierarchy.

Third level domains are below second-level domains in the domain name hierarchy. Subdomains can be used for a variety of purposes, but here are some of the most common:. Different domain name extensions cater to different types of websites.

See what other sites that are in your niche are using for their domain name extensions. If you have a crazy extension, they might not ever make it to your site. You can register this domain and also pick up all of the related extensions. Then, forward all of the different extensions to your primary domain.

Plus, you make it impossible for any competitors to swoop in and pick up your domain under a different extension.

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WebMar 6, †∑ Domain Name: Registry Domain ID: _DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Registrar WHOIS Server: . WebContact us at Quality Synthetic Lawn in Fawn Creek, Kansas will provide you with much more than a green turf and a means of conserving water. Installed . Why buy a domain with GoDaddy. GoDaddy is the world's largest domain registrar, and 21+ million customers trust us with 84+ million domains. Domains include free privacy protection forever.** 24/7 phone and chat support. Talk to a real person in your preferred language. Simple domain set up. You donít need any technical skills.