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Nuance shop login

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This app may collect these data types Personal info, Audio and 3 others. Data is encrypted in transit. You can request that data be deleted. Voice recognition is good but not as powerful as the professional, medical version. Biggest complaint is that microphone times out too soon as a power saving "feature.

It's annoying to stop and gather your thoughts only to have to turn the microphone on again. Thank you for your review. We always appreciate feedback from our users, as it helps us make future product improvements.

Suffering from a fatal flaw for me: All sentences in quotes are not auto-capitalized, even if they should be grammatically. There's no way to have a sentence dictated in quotes start with a capitalized word - either by option or automatically.

My dictation contains a ton of quotations for reporting. In DA, I need to go back and correct and cap each and every one of the dozens of quotations I use in a document.

A big waste of time. This is a feature that Development could easily fix. Too bad. Hi Jim, thank you for your review. Please note that Dragon Anywhere capitalizes the first word within quotes when following a period or new paragraph. You can also say "Cap [word]" to capitalize a word if desired. For further questions, please contact Dragon Anywhere Technical Support free for subscribers at Doesn't seem to allow dictation directly into other applications, and there is no "dictation pad" function as in desktop version.

I use these features frequently on dragon desktop. Also, for mobile would be nice to be able to "start dictation" with voice command. The microphone turns off without warning after some period of time and requires tapping on the screen - not always convenient for a mobile app. As in the desktop version - the quality and accuracy of dictation is extraordinary.

The user interface Thank you for your review, and we are glad to hear your feedback regarding our speech recognition accuracy. We always appreciate input from our users, as it helps us make future product improvements.

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For instance, here you might have two singers who sing a song with the exact same words, tune, and tempo but one singer may add "nuance" by adding some extra depth to the song. This is something they could do by slightly hesitating before singing a critical part of the song or singing some words louder or softer than others. When this happens you could say that the performance had been "nuanced.

It's important to remember that the key element in something being "nuanced" is that there's been a subtle difference. This is something that you'd have to carefully observe in order to even notice it. You also need to remember that it's possible that a "nuance" may only be fully appreciated or even understood if someone is either experienced or knowledgeable in the thing that's being "nuanced.

You'll be able to see this throughout the entertainment because truly great actors are the ones who bring "nuance" to the lines that they speak. An example of this occurred in Ian McKellen's rendition of Macbeth.

Here in his final soliloquy "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" McKellen brings nuance to his line. This is something that has helped to make his speech more memorable. Hopefully, it's also something that'll give further "nuance" to your understanding of this word. Now you may find yourself thinking that the word "nuance" is just another way of saying "subtle. Not only is "nuance" a noun and "subtle" an adjective both there are some other differences here as well.

When you use the word "subtle" you're trying to say that something is barely noticeable. For instance, if you say that it was a "subtle jab" what you're saying is that it's a jab that might have gone overlooked. However, with the word "nuance" you're referring to something that's more complex. For instance, a "nuanced argument" is a "complex argument.

This is an example of how your choice of words is important in the English language. In this case it's important to understand that the word "nuance" is not a synonym for the word "subtle. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the word "nuance. When you use the word "nuance" you're referring to a very small difference. This could be in regards to something's meaning, expression, or sound. In this regard, while the phrase "subtle nuance" is commonly used it's actually quite repetitive in nature because you're actually saying that something is a "subtle, subtle difference.

He's one part content manager, one part writing ninja organizer, and two parts leader of top content creators. You don't even want to know what he calls pancakes. Some of the other words that you can use instead of "nuance" include: Nicety Refinement Shade Subtlety Approving Significance Signification It's also important to note what nuance doesn't mean. Here are some of the antonyms for this word: Colorlessness Brighten Stay Imperfection Inconsequence The Etymology of the Word "Nuance" The word "nuance" actually comes from a French word that means "shade of color.

Usage of the Word "Nuance" Sometimes we'll spend so much time looking at something intently that eventually, the item's minute details start to jump out at us. Examples of "Nuances" in Entertainment "Nuances" don't only occur in things like artwork and writing, you'll also find them in the entertainment industry as well.

The Difference Between Two Words: "Subtle" and "Nuance" Now you may find yourself thinking that the word "nuance" is just another way of saying "subtle.

We're being slowed down by the detective's attention to linguistic nuances. As a linguist, he was able to notice every nuance in her voice.

I don't want to miss any of this man's nuances. When you look closely you'll notice every nuance in the color of the leaves. He seems to enjoy analyzing every small nuance in our conversations. We can communicate almost every subtle nuance of emotion through our eyes. We consider all qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex including pregnancy , sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, military and veteran status, disability, genetics, or any other category protected by federal law pdf.

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The meaning of NUANCED is having nuances: having or characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects, or distinctions (as in character or tone). How to use nuanced in a sentence. The meaning of NUANCE is a subtle distinction or variation. How to use nuance in a sentence. Did you know? Nuance: So Subtle You Might Miss It. My Nuance Register products, access exclusive customer perks and more. Sign into your Nuance ID to view all of your product information, plus access community support forums, .