an example of nuance
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An example of nuance cognizant interview process through amcat

An example of nuance

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Word use is dominating while composing or talking since word use assists us with articulating with implications and structures that are fitting for the unique circumstance and design of a sentence. Understanding words and how to utilize them will enormously work on your capacity to be a viable author. The following are three interesting points while concluding what words to use in your composition:. A diary writing is a type of writing in which a person records an account of their day.

We keep track of important and significant days, as well as our personal feelings. As a result, it is a personal document. Diary writing can be based on anything. It can be based on an experience, a […]. They name any person, place, thing, or an idea. Common nouns are capitalized only when they come at the beginning of a sentence. Otherwise they are not capitalized. Common Nouns A quick recap Examples of common nouns People: include men, women, children, police officers, criminals, butchers, bakers, neighbours, friends, and foes as well as judges, […].

What is a contraction? A contraction is one word made up of two words. We do this to make things short and trim. The first word usually stays the same. Shall […]. A word that shows the connection between a thing or a pronoun and different words in a sentence is called a preposition. They occur before a noun or a pronoun. For example: There is a kitten in the basket. Some common prepositions in English are in, on, at, up, down, under, over, above, below, across, […].

Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! See Definitions and Examples ». Log In. Did you know? Nuance : So Subtle You Might Miss It Although nuance is defined as "a subtle distinction or variation," the adjective subtle is frequently seen modifying the noun: Ms.

Example Sentences. Between the lines of lexicographical nuance and quotation, Johnson was paying old debts and seeking out wisdom about himself and his adopted city, as well as compiling perhaps the greatest commonplace book in the history of mankind.

True eccentricity was a tone—a shade—a nuance —and the finer the tone, the truer the eccentricity. Recent Examples on the Web In each of his roles, he's brought nuance , dry humor, and an exhilarating unpredictability. Word History. First Known Use. Time Traveler. See more words from the same year. Articles Related to nuance.

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In other words, a "nuance" is a very subtle quality. So, regardless of what this difference is in, it'll be so small that it may even be difficult to notice. Of course, there are always people who are particularly keen when it comes to noticing or being aware of these differences.

These people are simply better equipped to express these things. It's also important to note what nuance doesn't mean. Here are some of the antonyms for this word:. The word "nuance" actually comes from a French word that means "shade of color. They can be traced back to Latin where the word "nubes" meant "a cloud. This thought should help you gain an even better understanding of the word "nuance.

Sometimes we'll spend so much time looking at something intently that eventually, the item's minute details start to jump out at us.

It doesn't matter if we find ourselves staring at a beautiful piece of artwork here or simply staring at the same old view out the window. When you take time to look at something in this fashion you're looking at it more analytically. By doing so you're actually giving yourself a great gift: the gift of being able to see something in a brand new light.

Even if this item seems to be quite mundane to you in the beginning, when you find these "nuances" you'll find that the item will become all that much more interesting. Now that you're better able to see how this happens, it's important to understand that this is what's meant by "nuances.

This aspect is very subtle — so subtle that it'll require you to use careful discernment or analysis in order for you to be able to see it. Another example of a "nuance" is the squirrel whom you always see in your backyard. While he probably looks like every other squirrel you've seen in your life when you look at the "nuances" in its fur's pattern you'll be able to recognize that this is indeed the squirrel who belongs in your backyard.

Here what you're actually saying is that the subtle distinctions in his fur's markings a. The slightest difference in a feature or a characteristic, even if you don't need to be able to see this difference in order to understand its nature, is considered a "nuance. However, if you don't pause for just long enough to make these critical observations you'll find yourself missing out on the principal aspects of each of these painters' artwork and style. Unintentional as it may be, you'll also miss out on the many differences that set these painters apart from one another.

Another example of a "nuance" may occur when you find yourself stopping to marvel at a typeface. While you may be interested in its curvature and the shape of its different letters you may not be able to notice enough of these things for you to be able to distinguish between this typeface and one that's similar to it. Nevertheless, you'll still be able to read and understand what the author means regardless of what typeface the author chooses to use.

So, while you may notice the finer facets of this typeface and why the author chose to use it, this would be considered a "nuance" because these things aren't enough for you to notice them as distinguishing characteristics.

This is where the old adage rings true, with "nuances" the devil truly is in the details. For instance, here you might have two singers who sing a song with the exact same words, tune, and tempo but one singer may add "nuance" by adding some extra depth to the song. This is something they could do by slightly hesitating before singing a critical part of the song or singing some words louder or softer than others.

When this happens you could say that the performance had been "nuanced. It's important to remember that the key element in something being "nuanced" is that there's been a subtle difference. This is something that you'd have to carefully observe in order to even notice it.

You also need to remember that it's possible that a "nuance" may only be fully appreciated or even understood if someone is either experienced or knowledgeable in the thing that's being "nuanced. You'll be able to see this throughout the entertainment because truly great actors are the ones who bring "nuance" to the lines that they speak. An example of this occurred in Ian McKellen's rendition of Macbeth. Here in his final soliloquy "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" McKellen brings nuance to his line.

Rewrite the following paragraph and change all of the passive sentences to active ones:. Women and girls of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are harassed by peers, teachers, and employers. Change all the passive sentences to active ones. Men sexually harass millions of girls and women in school, in the workplace, and on the street.

Peers, teachers, and employers are harassing women and girls of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Using the Right Language What happens when the media presents headlines like those in the picture below? Many of these articles may be critiquing the six-week abortion ban; however, the problem is that these articles are using frameworks and language that are perpetuating a misconception.

These articles may be presenting compelling information in criticism of the six-week abortion ban. I had no idea. The language must be re-framed in order to increase advocacy and focus on solutions. If the survivor knows that you or society blames survivors for abuse, they will not feel safe or comfortable coming forward and talking to you.

By engaging in victim-blaming attitudes, society allows the abuser to perpetrate relationship abuse or sexual assault while avoiding accountability for those actions. It has nothing to do with courage. This nuance issue comes up, not just in the media, but throughout nonprofit and grantmaking materials or websites. Moving forward, it is important to frame that differently in RFPs, on websites, in any materials to Board or committee members, and across grantmaking systems.

If it is healing for people to tell their stories, we should create space for that and support people through that process. There should be no pressure. They are not the ones who are responsible for stopping that man from doing it to somebody else. Avoiding Passive Voice Reducing passive voice will reduce victim-blaming, and reducing victim-blaming will change rape culture. The below picture outlines an exercise by Julia Penelope. Each new line shows variations of the original statement; the statements decrease in efficacy as they move down the image.

The entire focus is now on the identity of the survivor, which leads to the wrong conclusion and influences the resulting solutions. Many new sources and media outlets are writing about major issues, such as relationship abuse, sexual violence, and racial injustice, with good intentions. This can inadvertently contribute to victim-blaming.

What prevention solutions are attached to the first statement? What prevention solutions are attached to the second statement?

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WebAn example of nuance is the difference between light lime green and lime green. What does it mean to have nuances?: having nuances: having or characterized by subtle and . WebAnywho, an example of nuanced is a nuanced glance, when a person looks at a painting and understands the fine-point details about what makes it great. Most people simply . WebFor example, a victim-blaming phrase that has become prevalent is “she finally had the courage to come forward.” The women who did not come forward do not lack courage. .