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Nuance tw5 073lr cognizant is us based company

Nuance tw5 073lr

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Jump to Latest. Z transform Member. Never had any energy left to finish a grill on any project. Each time my friends were amazed with the open sound, but the measurements were not as good as I wanted I keep getting more picky about the directivity.

Rinse and repeat. Woofer Directivity The various iterations left me with know how concerning cut-outs in the baffle to shape the directivity, constrained layer damping CLD to lower baffle vibration and shaping the rear of a U-frame to minimize resonance.

My wife was pressing for something smaller and with less wires! With my elbows recovered last Spring I tried again. Using these in the slot-loaded OB woofer concept that Nelson Pass had documented in conjunction with a small U-frame, a reasonably small OB concept emerged. The force-canceling of the slot set-up would minimize vibration from the woofers which was always unsettling in previous designs. I decided to get all of the parts CNC cut; finishing would be limited to just a spray coat of clear shellac.

Then it would be just assembly and wiring- able to be done in just a couple of weekends. The grill would be integrated into the design with fabric stretched over the baffle. Exploded View The results were so good, especially with respect to lowering the effort , I thought that others would be interested in how these went together. This allows the CNC to cut all from one side in one pass no need to turn over the pieces and register them for cuts on the backside , so the cutting cost is low.

The woofer slot assembly is glued into the baffle. See exploded view. Construction was indeed completed in a couple of weekends, measurement and tuning of the Hypex crossovers was perfected over a few more days. They looked so good in just clear shellac that I still have yet to install the grill fabric- LOL. The slot loaded woofer is made using eight NSAs for a total radiating area Sd of sq-cm, about the same area as a 20" woofer!

And you can switch inputs and control volume with an IR remote. The system is a complete stereo without the rack. My son uses his iPod as a source, I listen using my laptop as the source. MF-HF Directivity I will let the data speak for itself, but everyone who has heard them has been impressed with the rock solid imaging and tonal balance.

I was slightly disappointed with a "shoulder" in the directivity plot around 1. The true standout though, is the bass; the directivity is an almost perfect dipole as the outdoor measurements below show un-gated, 2m ground bounce. A double bass, cello or a kick drum sounds like it's in the room, really. The speakers don't get at all muddy if you want to listen to Slipknot which I don't.

Toms hit you in the chest. You can feel no bass vibration in the baffle, the woofer force-canceling really works. Mid frequency vibration in the baffle is very low, the damping layer works. Notice black line on the edge- it's the damping layer. What do you think it is? As for the construction- I am never going to cut another board again unless it's for a test baffle. Everything fit perfect and tooling holes made the alignment of the parts during gluing a breeze.

The damping layer was a bit of a challenge to trim, but still easy in the light of past projects. Done in two weekends - ready to tune. Looking forward to comments.

Last edited: am. Don't have a garage anymore. They are reviewed to have good vocals and outstanding bass. Added Tweeter to disperse high frequencies for the garage shelf placement. High power rating. That's why I bought them, I build speakers. I am an Electronic Laboratory Technician and understand What, Why, How a speaker driver will deliver and how to get a finished speaker that fills the air.

It has excellent high frequency response and does not diminish with age as copper will. Old copper wire has an oxidized surface which is a semi-conductor and causes rough, unpleasant sound. Only Silver content solder used. Listed as Seller Refurbished although very close to new condition, never mounted, it was played on the workbench to test after assembly - thus not new, but A-Okay Audyn has been trusted by European speaker builders since A whizzer cone extends high frequency response and dispersion.

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G6 audio Rebuild Pt.2

Dec 8,  · Hoping you guys can help me out a bit, seems like quite a knowledgeable community. I am wanted to start on a project of upgrading my front stage in my Mar 30,  · Ok, total noob here. Basically, I'm a guy who loves music (because who doesn't?) and DIY (because I like to figure stuff out, and enjoy the occasional. Dec 20,  · Without ever googling the TB WSI, I bought 8 of them with a weird fantasy line array idea in my head. And a couple of buyout Nuance TWLR tweeters in case .