how to apply for caresource for 20yr old ptc ga
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How to apply for caresource for 20yr old ptc ga cognizant noida office address

How to apply for caresource for 20yr old ptc ga

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We serve:. Atlanta Detox Center is a free standing state licensed medical detox center that is dedicated to helping people who struggle with drug addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. We offer the latest in medical addiction treatment combined with clinical therapy to provide comprehensive detox services that treat the whole person. Atlanta Detox is made up of a highly experienced and dedicated team of doctors, nurses, therapists, and behavioral health technicians.

To better serve our clients, our medical detox services are covered by most health insurance plans. Our rates are very affordable for outpatient treatment. It is our goal to put our consumers first and the challenges they face are our first priority. We believe that no matter what anyone has experienced, their healing can come through mental, behavioral, and interpersonal change.

This is why the Healing Center for Change strives to provide therapeutic counseling and quality educational program services that bring healing through change one step at a time. It is our objective to make sure you feel your best and stay that way.

We provide counseling services to all consumers starting at the age of 12 years old and older regardless of race, gender, or religion. We do not provide substance abuse and drug detox treatment.

Riverwoods Behavioral Health System offers an adult intensive outpatient program IOP that accepts individuals age 18 and older who are battling symptoms of addictions and mental health concerns like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, and schizoaffective disorder. Our adult IOP can be an ideal option for people who are looking for a step-up level of care from traditional outpatient services or for those who do not need the supervision offered at higher levels of care.

The therapy options we offer in our intensive outpatient program include individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapies. These therapy sessions may cover topics like coping skills, relapse prevention, conflict resolution, healthy boundaries, and effective communication.

Patients in our adult IOP meet three to five days per week, giving them the opportunity to continue working or participating in other activities outside of treatment.

Counseling can be a meaningful way to address some of life's challenges you are facing or have been facing for a long time. With compassion and sensitivity, we can help you explore, understand, and find resolutions to a wide range of personal concerns and psychological issues.

In counseling you can also work with someone to come up with specific behavioral strategies and new ways of thinking by taking into consideration all that unique qualities that make you who you are including your beliefs, religious practices, culture and ethnicity, and traditional coping.

With a wide range of clinical interventions and treatment approaches, we develop goals that are most helpful and tailored for each individual client adult, teen, adolescent, or child , family, and couple based on their presenting concerns and needs. In a supportive and understanding environment, we can help you attain personal growth.

Together with each client, we work to enhance your strengths and achieve your personal goals. Located just outside of Atlanta in Norcross, Georgia, Lakeview Behavioral Health is a bed treatment center that is recognized as being a leader in providing comprehensive care for behavioral health concerns and chemical dependency issues.

Using a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, the compassionate staff at Lakeview is not just concerned about helping you during your stay with us, but in providing you with the tools you need to maintain life-long recovery. By employing a combination of evidence-based behavioral and experiential therapies, our treatment teams are devoted to helping our patients move past their challenges and start building a foundation for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

At Lakeview, we believe that it is never too late to turn your life around. Our clients play an active role in the planning, prioritization, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of the services offered.

Our commitment to quality and the involvement of the persons served span the entire time the client is involved with the organization. The service planning process is individualized and establishes goals and objectives based on needs identified through the assessment process.

The individual plan incorporates the unique visions, dreams, strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences of the persons served. Consistency is key to success. At The Center for Wellness and Recovery we take this seriously and continually stand apart from other treatment centers.

As a general psychotherapy practice located in the northeast corner of the greater Atlanta area, we specialize in the treatment of the family as a whole, including marital, couples, adolescent and childhood issues. Issues addressed in counseling may include: depression, anxiety, grief and addiction.

We also have a specialty in eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder for all populations. We utilize principles based in Christianity in the therapeutic process. Nutrition therapy services include weight management, medical nutrition therapy, and improving lifestyle behaviors.

She is pursuing her Ph. Well, it is not by chance that you stopped at my profile. The therapists at Insight Out Therapeutics believe that you should be treated to expedient and professional services that are custom tailored to YOUR needs. From Acute Stress Disorder to Transgender issues and every disorder in between, your treatment provider will ensure that they understand how your life is impacted by the issues that bring you to therapy.

In session, YOU are the expert on your life, and we will work together to bridge your expertise and ours to help you deal with life's challenges - no matter how daunting they may seem. Office is near:. Most of my clients are facing relational challenges due to areas that are out of balance in their lives. At the present time, I have about clients. I spend much time working with people with high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

I am also very effective with self-esteem issues. With additional counselors we can address substance abuse, weight management, child custody issues, divorce mediation, etc. Tony Johnson Psychologist, PhD. I emphasize practical, research-based, results-oriented methods, and I am described by my clients as warm, friendly, informal, and "easygoing". I am the Executive Director of B. I have over 20 years experience working with children and families.

House utilizes Cognitive Behavior Therapy Treatment. This is a problem focused approach designed to help people identify and change their dysfunctional beliefs, thoughts, and patterns of behavior that contribute to their problems. Individuals who receive outpatient mental health services that target goal directed interventions for diagnosable conditions make gains in symptom reduction, improved self management, and restored or enhanced daily functioning.

Right now is the best time to release emotions that you run away from. I am dedicated to assisting you with exploring your emotions and thoughts; with being happy with yourself and your life on a daily basis. She has been working with children, adolescents, families, and adults dealing with traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and anger control for the past 10 years. Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel unhealthy and stressed out?

My therapy focuses on positive psychology and how to help people find a healthy lifestyle. Using this model, I have developed a type of therapy that focuses on helping people achieve health in mind, body and soul. My hope is that by finding solutions and working out those solutions life will get better. We work with clients that are ready to put things into action. If you see life as a journey and recognize areas in your life that you want to grow in, we would love collaborate with you.

Clients that are committed to the process of therapy, usually benefit from processing, gaining insight, and developing goals that help you continue to navigate and change whatever is necessary. My greatest joy is to help those suffering from life's challenges. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, anger, grief, relational problems or difficult life changes; I meet clients where they are in a nonjudgmental way. He has been mentored extensively in Person-Centered and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies.

He specializes in Play Therapy for young children in the treatment of physical and sexual abuse and other trauma, as well as adolescent personality disorders, self-harm, and suicide. Are you ready to gain control over your life?

Are you tired of allowing situations to dictate how you operate your life day to day? If so, allow Be You Counseling Services to provide a safe place for you mentally, emotionally, and physically to express yourself unapologetically.

It is important to us to ensure your therapeutic experience is centered around helping you achieve your greatest self.

Let Be You's clinicians help you today! In her career, Kristian provides individual therapy to teens, and adults, as well as family and couples therapy.