detroit dd16 vs cummins x15
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Detroit dd16 vs cummins x15 centers for medicare and medicaid services quality improvement through incentives premier inc

Detroit dd16 vs cummins x15

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Engines sip less fuel at lower engine speeds rpm than higher speeds. Keeping engine rpms down will lower your fuel bill. The object is to keep average engine revs per mile low.

They look at the intended application, gross vehicle weight, anticipated cruising speed, gradeability, startability, and more. Starting with the transmission, we have direct drive and usually two overdrive options. Direct drive means the output shaft turns one full turn for every full turn of the input shaft. Direct is said to be the most efficient because torque flows through the fewest number of gear meshes, minimizing losses to friction.

There are two typical overdrive ratios ó 0. Some manufacturers offer a single ratio somewhere in the middle. In practical terms, overdrive means the output shaft respectfully turns 1. In other words, the transmission output shaft is turning faster than the engine crankshaft. Some say overdrive is less efficient than direct drive because additional gear meshes are required, but they concede frictional losses are small.

Actually dozens, depending on the intended application, from mountain-climbing off-road trucks to fuel-sipping highway trucks. The higher the ratio say, 4. The lower the ratio like 2. Engine manufacturers publish torque and horsepower charts for their engines. The chart below represents a Detroit DD15 engine, rated at hp and 1, lb-ft of torque. Torque and horsepower charts for other makes and models look a little different, but they convey the same information. Torque output dropped dramatically below that point and tapered off above that point, though not quite as sharply.

Electronic engine controls made possible flatter and broader torque plateaus, rather than humps. This increased drivability and allowed drivers to stay in top gear longer. It boasted an engine speed of 1, rpm at 65 mph using a D13 engine with horsepower and 1, lb-ft of torque, an I-Shift overdrive transmission with a 0.

When introduced, Volvo claimed a 1. The proprietary software allowed the engine and the transmission to communicate, which ensured the engine stayed as close as possible to the ideal engine speed range. Downspeeding ó or gear fast and run slow ó still works as a concept with manual transmissions.

If it goes too low, you might need to grab a lower gear, or maybe even two. As noted above, current-generation engines have wide peak-torque plateaus, with a rpm range in some cases. Older engines may have only rpm to play with. And the heavier you are, the more inadequate your engine will feel because the revs are going to fall off even faster. You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Buying an RV Search In. Sign in to follow this Followers 2.

Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted August 19, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. We run both at work, the Cummins hands down is more reliable. Current is the upgraded ISX with torque! I Like the Cummins. The transmission will be an Allison series which maxes out at lb-ft Glad I asked the question, this is helpful. Posted August 19, edited. Freightliner comes with adaptive cruise and brake assist. Cannot get that on the Pete. If I could go with a Peterbilt without the bunk, my decision would be easy.

Bill Yes Carl has hp with Allison Posted August 20, Both work with the same selection of chassis and I meant , not Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign In Now.

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Aug 15, 1. I have yet to talk to a mechanic about this so I figured until then I will start here. I have heard pros and cons about both but I myself have only had experience with the ISX It was in a T and had to be rebuilt at , miles because the valve guides went crap and began creating a ton of serious issues. My main concerns are pulling power Uphill and longevity.

What are your thoughts?? Oldironfan Thanks this. Wait, employers can't reach you! By checking this box and clicking the "Send me job offers" button below. I understand that my consent is not required to get job alerts. Aug 15, 2. Cranky Yankee , Aug 15, Aug 15, 3. How did it pull in the hills?? Aug 15, 4. Aug 15, 5. Yeah the Kenworth T I drive now has the Paccar which seems to do alright except for the fact that I wish it would pull hills a bit better.

This is mainly due to the company's choice to equip it with 2. Great for fuel conservation, sucky for trying to pull heavy uphill. Aug 16, 6. Aug 16, 7. Sometimes I wonder if people are aware that there are many different specs available on the same motor family. DD 15's were available with up to hp and ftlbs. Which ISX? There have only been at least 5 basic versions. CM, , , , and It was an option years ago but this is no longer the case.

All chassis builders have a good selection of their own branded semi truck engines, so once you choose your truck builder, then your engine choices become easier. Each truck manufacturer offers a small block and big block options in their own brand. Horse powers are similar as are TQ specs. Some manufacturers will offer special discounts on a driveline combo, for example, a particular engine model with a particular transmission and rear diff, especially if it is their own brand.

Truck makers are taking a page from the car industry and making it nearly impossible to get any sort of engine repair done anywhere but at the OEM facility.

So, as a new purchaser the network of dealers and the relationship you have with the dealer maybe become a more important factor when it comes to engine choice, than the brand of the truck. The type of work you are presently doing now as an owner operator job, will almost undoubtedly change. If you are pulling lbs or less type at your present job, then maybe horsepower is more than adequate for your application. However, should you have an opportunity for tridem or heavy haul, then you can upgrade your engine to a horsepower.

Remember that bigger displacement and higher horsepower will cost more every single time, no exceptions. Check out our tips for improving your fuel economy. If you are in a sector that requires minimal tare weight then weight becomes a very important factor in the engine and truck brand you need to buy. Sometimes if there is warranty remaining on the engine, it can add to the resale or trade value in the future. TIP ó Choose your truck manufacturer first. Most manufacturers offer Cummins as well as their own brand of engines.

They have 13, 15, and 16 liter engines in various horsepower, up to and TQ These are based on a Mercedes design from Europe. Everyone that I have spoken to who have these particular engines in their trucks are quite pleased with them. The 16 liter incorporates a secondary turbo that drives the gear set on the back of the engine to add horsepower to the engine by helping drive the gear train. They have 13 liter and a 16 liter, various horsepower and TQ hp TQ Volvo offers a 13 and a 16 L engine currently, the 13L being the most popular and in the vast majority of their trucks.

Up to horsepower, TQ is available and is doing a good job for them. There are many published reports of good fuel economy on these engines. The 16 liter has had some issues. Reports are that due to its lack of popularity and specialized components, some drivers have found themselves waiting for long periods for parts. Gone are the days of a Mack engine smoking out a highway, when the driver stands on the throttle.

Most centers have a Navistar dealer nearby as Navistar sell a good quantity of the smaller class units. Their dealer network is good. Everyone who has ever owned a semi, has a horror story to tell. Engine manufacturers are no different. Cat makes some very good engines. Their basic blocks heads were still as strong as ever. Some of the Acert motors were terrible as were the twin turbo units with the burner boxes on the frame.

These were some pretty embarrassing moments for Cat. The cams were a serious issue, where bad coatings on the lobes lead to soft metal to cam bearing issues. There was also the occasional one that would have a rod or crank failure. I had one of these Cummins ISX engines. To rectify the situation, I decided to shorten the old change interval.

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