juniper networks and ipsec
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Juniper networks and ipsec

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With manual keys, administrators at both ends of a tunnel configure all the security parameters. This is a viable technique for small, static networks where the distribution, maintenance, and tracking of keys are not difficult. However, safely distributing manual-key configurations across great distances poses security issues. Aside from passing the keys face-to-face, you cannot be completely sure that the keys have not been compromised while in transit. Also, whenever you want to change the key, you are faced with the same security issues as when you initially distributed it.

When you need to create and manage numerous tunnels, you need a method that does not require you to configure every element manually. IPsec supports the automated generation and negotiation of keys and security associations using the Internet Key Exchange IKE protocol.

In this regard, the issue of secure key distribution is the same as that with manual keys. However, once distributed, an autokey, unlike a manual key, can automatically change its keys at predetermined intervals using the IKE protocol. Frequently changing keys greatly improves security, and automatically doing so greatly reduces key-management responsibilities. However, changing keys increases traffic overhead; therefore, changing keys too often can reduce data transmission efficiency.

A preshared key is a key for both encryption and decryption, which both participants must have before initiating communication. AutoKey IKE with certificates—When using certificates to authenticate the participants during an AutoKey IKE negotiation, each side generates a public-private key pair and acquires a certificate.

A Diffie-Hellman DH exchange allows participants to produce a shared secret value. The strength of the technique is that it allows participants to create the secret value over an unsecured medium without passing the secret value through the wire. The size of the prime modulus used in each group's calculation differs as shown in the below table. Diffie Hellman DH exchange operations can be performed either in software or in hardware. The following Table 1 lists different Diffie Hellman DH groups and specifies whether the operation performed for that group is in the hardware or in software.

Starting in Junos OS Release Because the modulus for each DH group is a different size, the participants must agree to use the same group. Authentication Header AH —A security protocol for authenticating the source of an IP packet and verifying the integrity of its content.

You can choose your security protocols—also called authentication and encryption algorithms —during Phase 2 proposal configuration. Tunnel sessions are updated with the negotiated protocol after negotiation is completed. ESP and AH tunnel sessions are displayed in the outputs for the show security flow session and show security flow cp-session operational mode commands.

The Authentication Header AH protocol provides a means to verify the authenticity and integrity of the content and origin of a packet. Message Digest 5 MD5 —An algorithm that produces a bit hash also called a digital signature or message digest from a message of arbitrary length and a byte key.

The resulting hash is used, like a fingerprint of the input, to verify content and source authenticity and integrity. Secure Hash Algorithm SHA —An algorithm that produces a bit hash from a message of arbitrary length and a byte key. It is generally regarded as more secure than MD5 because of the larger hashes it produces. Because the computational processing is done in the ASIC, the performance cost is negligible. The Encapsulating Security Payload ESP protocol provides a means to ensure privacy encryption and source authentication and content integrity authentication.

ESP in tunnel mode encapsulates the entire IP packet header and payload and then appends a new IP header to the now-encrypted packet. This new IP header contains the destination address needed to route the protected data through the network. With ESP, you can both encrypt and authenticate, encrypt only, or authenticate only. For encryption, you can choose one of the following encryption algorithms:. DES provides significant performance savings but is considered unacceptable for many classified or sensitive material transfers.

Even though it is possible to select NULL for encryption, it has been demonstrated that IPsec might be vulnerable to attack under such circumstances. Therefore, we suggest that you choose an encryption algorithm for maximum security. The following two different modes that determine how the traffic is exchanged in the VPN. This is most commonly used when hosts within separate private networks want to communicate over a public network.

Transport mode—Protect traffic by sending the packet directly between the two hosts that have established the IPsec tunnel. That is, when the communication endpoint and cryptographic endpoint are the same. The data portion of the IP packet is encrypted, but the IP header is not.

VPN gateways that provide encryption and decryption services for protected hosts cannot use transport mode for protected VPN communications. The IP addresses of the source or destination can be modified if the packet is intercepted. Configure IPsec tracing options. Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey? Maybe Later. Hierarchy Level [edit security]. Description Define IPsec configuration. Options anti-replay-window-size Anti-replay window size.

Range: 64 through bytes Default: 64 bytes internal Configure internal IPsec. Range: 2 through seconds Default: 10 seconds threshold number Number of consecutive unsuccessful pings before the peer is declared unreachable. Range: 1 through 65, pings Default: 10 pings. Required Privilege Level security—To view this statement in the configuration. Related Documentation IPsec Overview.

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To select a pair of interfaces and a next hop, include the next-hop-service statement at the [edit services service-set service-set-name ] hierarchy level and specify an inside interface and an outside interface. To do this, include the filter statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name unit unit-number family inet] hierarchy level. To do this, include the service-set service-set-name statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name unit unit-number family inet service input output ] hierarchy level.

To configure a next-hop-based service set on the AS and MultiServices PICs, include the service-domain statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name unit unit-number ] hierarchy level and specify one logical interface on the AS PIC as an inside interface and a second logical interface on the AS PIC as an outside interface.

Help us improve your experience. Let us know what you think. Do you have time for a two-minute survey? Maybe Later. Could your company benefit from training employees on in-demand skills? At Juniper, we strive to deliver network experiences that transform how people connect, work and live.

Our commitment is to advance real outcomes for network teams and every individual they serve. See how employees at top companies are mastering in-demand skills. The Juniper Networks Security Fundamentals specialization provides the student with the basic knowledge required to work with Juniper security devices running the Junos operating system Junos OS.

This course provides an overview of Junos security products and describes the key architectural components of Junos software. The main topics include the CLI user interface, configuration tasks typically related to initial device setup, interface configuration basics, secondary system configuration, and operational monitoring and maintenance basics for Junos security devices. Students will gain an understanding of configuring and monitoring Junos OS, as well as monitoring basic device operations on SRX Series devices.

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