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Ninas nuances

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Nuance, a company that plays a part in some of the most well-known speech-recognition services on the market, has unveiled its own intra-app service, called Nina. With Nina's help , iOS and Android developers can bring speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice biometrics to their individual applications. Nina works much in the same way as Siri, allowing users to provide voice commands that the technology then follows.

And with the open software development kit, Nuance says that it can be integrated quickly into existing apps. Nuance has played an integral role in Siri's development.

Nuance provided technology to Siri before it was acquired by Apple, and according to CTO Vladimir Sejnoha in an interview with Techpinions last year , the company licenses "technology to [Apple] for a number of products. In order to differentiate their applications from others, developers will have the ability to customize their Nina integration with different voices. Nuance said today in a statement that it has inked a deal with USAA, the financial services provider for U.

USAA plans to kick off with a pilot program in August and launch Nina to all members early next year. Danish award-winning trend analyst Nina Bruun's monthly color collage calms with dreamy soft tones.

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Siri, for iOS, is already famous for allowing Apple device users to speak commands into their phone. Nuance, the company whose voice recognition software actually powers Siri, also seems to be positioning itself as something of a competitor to her or perhaps, more accurately, as a teammate. Nuance is introducing a virtual personal assistant of its own that can live within any app, particularly corporate mobile apps.

Here, take a look. But what makes Nina most useful, in my opinion, is the way that she seems to have access to multiple apps at once.

She can check your banking statement, pay your Comcast bill, and tell you the deductible on your mortgage all from within a single app? AllThingsD went hands-on but appears to have only sampled a demonstration banking app.

Currently USAA, the financial services company, is on board to use Nina, and there are hopes that plenty of other industries—travel, insurance, retail—will soon follow suit. My suspicion, though, is that it would still be faster for me to perform these operations on a laptop—unless Nina does indeed acquire the ability to toggle rapidly between apps and have a birds-eye view of all your finances at once.

What if someone swipes your phone and tells Nina to transfer all your funds to their bank account? Nuance is one step ahead of you. Their technology has advanced far enough to be able to identify the unique properties of your voice, per Gizmodo. When the folks at AllThingsD passed the banking app around the room, only the person who had initiated the app was able to give commands.

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Make Sunsets is already attempting to earn revenue for geoengineering, a move likely to provoke widespread criticism. Nuance Communications, Inc. Nuance is headquartered in Burlington, MA.

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Forum Articles Books Training Consulting. Nuance Nina Nina is the virtual assistant offering from Nuance Communications. Nuance currently offers two, channel-specific Nina products on a common platform of natural language technology, design time tools, and runtime services: NINA WEB.

Nuance Nuance Communications, Inc. Nina Web and Nina Mobile now have a common technology for analysis and matching, have common design time tools, and have a common platform for deployment runtimes. Nuance improved the NLU to answer more types of questions more accurately—typically more than 55 percent deflection out of the box. NES lets analysts and administrators build and manage the grammars used by NLU for analysis and matching. Nina Mobile also uses NES. PCI compliance means that Nina virtual assistants can perform ecommerce tasks for customers.

Nuance added packaged integrations with external chat applications. Nuance added support for additional languages in the NLU, bringing the total number of supported languages to Nina now packages three types of UIs: embedded, pop-in, and beam. Nuance has developed a new analytics platform for Nina, its Unified Data and Analytics. Nina Mobile supports the new capabilities. Nina Web will support them in a future version.

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