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Baxter downton abbey el cuerpo humano anatomia

Baxter downton abbey

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Bates is already sufficiently aware of the situation, as is Carson himself. Bates says a sentence clearly referring to Mr. Phyllis confirms, with a smile on her face: she hopes that Mr. Molesley will make her the marriage proposal, because undoubtedly she wouldn't have married anyone else but him. After returning to Downton Abbey , Baxter meets Molesley, who had stayed in the estate to make a movie with well-known actors from the s, with whom, in the meantime, a little bit of everything had happened in the abbey.

There's an announcement: the Downton servants will appear in a dinner scene, dressed with nineteenth-century clothes and similar hairstyles. Baxter wants to warn Mr. Molesley, because she knows he will be delighted with the news. In the dining room, equipped with cameras and microphones and with the Crawley family behind the scenes, some time later, the servants begin to enter, luxuriantly.

Phyllis is still downstairs. Leaving a room happily, she meets Molesley, who remains enchanted seeing her. Molesley: Phyllis. I felt ashamed. The best I could offer was a poor life on a schoolmaster's salary.

Molesley: Smiles. But now you won't have to. I'm gonna write plays to be made into films! Molesley: For mister Barber now, but who knows what will happen if I'm any good at it. Uh, it's gonna be talking films from now on! The Crawleys and the servants are hearing everything perpexedly, because of a microphone of the direction set into the room where Baxter and Molesley are. For the first time, I can offer a decent, prosperous life.

For the both of us. So what do you say? Everybody's silent now, even upstairs. They're all waiting for an answer. Baxter: Are you not going to kneel?

Now upstairs everyone has the certain they're listening to a proper wedding proposal. Right then, um He kneels and takes Baxter's hand. Will you marry me, miss Baxter? I meant Everyone upstairs waits anxiously. Baxter: After a few seconds, with joyous voice. I jolly well will, mister Molesley! The two, now engaged, hear the applause upstairs and notice the microphone on the ceiling.

So the embarrassed couple returns upstairs, where the applause continues. Baxter goes to sit down, to the compliments of the crowd, in her place at the table. Now they are all there and the scene can be started. In one of the final scenes of the film, we see Baxter and Molesley walking together holding hands.

Downton Abbey Wiki Explore. Downton Abbey. Isobel Crawley Tom Branson Dr. Behind the Scenes. Explore Wikis Community Central. Don't have an account? Phyllis Baxter.

View source. History Talk 0. Early life. Early life Baxter has a history with Thomas Barrow , due to her being a friend of Thomas' sister. She also thinks Molesley lucky that he grew up in a village where everyone knows and respects him, suggesting that she may not have experienced those things herself. He insists to her that he doesn't know what's in her past and doesn't wish to, but she cannot let Thomas bully her or pull her into his schemes. She feels that is easier said than done, but he insists that it is sometimes better to take a risk than do the wrong thing.

She becomes encouraged not to be afraid of her past and what it includes, telling Molesley, when they and the other servants are at the seaside, that his strength has made her strong - much to his amazement. When Anna is arrested, then released on bail following Bates' false confession about killing Green, Baxter and Molesley spend time in York trying to prove Bates' innocence.

They eventually do, and on Christmas Eve, Bates and Anna are reunited. Baxter accompanies Molesley to the schoolhouse for moral support, but Molesley brings up something about Thomas, about him saying that he hoped that Molesley would make more of his life than he ever made of his.

Baxter immediately realizes that Thomas intends to take his own life. She then runs to the house, notifies Andrew , and fetches Mrs Carson. They then carry Thomas to his bed, and then they call Dr. Dr Clarkson to operate on him. Clarkson comments that Baxter arrived in the nick of time to save Thomas' life. Baxter: : Smiles excitedly You are not nervous? Molesley: Well How should a man feel when all his dreams have come true? Baxter: All your dreams?

Molesley: I-I know, but, you see, miss Baxter Oh, gosh. I try to respond as honestly as I can to the text and try to serve it as best as I can. Quite late, to be honest with you. To start off with, you have to remember how he became employed in that job. I was originally contracted to be in a few scenes throughout a few episodes in the first season.

Matthew was particularly uncomfortable with that. Molesley was a differently written character; he took himself very seriously for a while. I made the mistake early on by going on social media to read comments. What did you find yourself reading? He made moves on Anna when Mr. Bates was off doing something. People turned against him for that. He also tried to wiggle his way out of serving in the war. I assumed that would carry on. But after Matthew died, you saw the impact that had on Molesley.

Suddenly, there was no reason for him to be at Downton. Even Mr. I wonder if that was the beginning of his turn. I think it was two or three years ago, around the time of the first movie, when many people told me I was a fan favorite. Like, really? Yes, and it was for me. Molesley makes an enormous faux pas during that dinner scene. Maggie was very kind and complimentary to me on that day and said some very sweet things to me about my performance.

Still, did it surprise you that he enthusiastically stumbled into this career? You see it with Lady Edith upstairs, for instance, being told to get married and have kids and live a quiet life in the country. She was like, No, I want more than that. You get the sense of what his ambitions are.

I remember filming the scene when he was offered the job as a teacher in the series, and I found it profoundly moving.

Really profoundly moving. It was the Molesley generation that you began to see social change. You even see it with the struggles Thomas has and the life he wants to live. New horizons begin to be possible. You can recognize the struggles that these characters endured. Funny enough, I was in New York a couple of days ago, and I was having difficulty getting to my gate. I was very delayed.

And this woman came up to me, having recognized me for the role. The struggles that Molesley has had really struck a chord with me, and it helped me in my marriage. When she said that, it stopped me in my tracks. Can you tell me what it was like to shoot that?

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