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Baxter homechoice cycler manual

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The patient line length is greater than 12 feet 3. This can cause your Initial Drain to end early. Page 35 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Prompt 1. If you are unable to reach your dialysis center, nephrologist, or the Baxter Customer Service Line, and you or the patient are experiencing symptoms of IIPV, call immediately or go to the nearest Emergency Room. Page Supplies - Solutions Using wrong or damaged bags can result in inadequate therapy or contamination of the fluid lines.

Contamination of any portion of the fluid or fluid path can result in peritonitis. Page 38 Contamination of any portion of the fluid or fluid path can result in peritonitis. If a bag becomes disconnected during your therapy, follow the instructions in Notify your dialysis center.

Page 39 Discard the disposable set and all solution bags at the end of therapy. Possible contamination of the fluid or fluid pathways can result if disposables are reused. Page Supplies - Disposable Set Tubing indentations can be present on disposable sets due to the — flexible and supple nature of the tubing.

Slight tubing indentations are cosmetic and should have no impact on the functionality of the product. Page General Aerosol spray products — Flammable anesthetic agents — Nitrous oxide — Oxygen-enriched environment for example, oxygen tent — Operating this device in these environments can cause an explosion or fire. Baxter can not ensure that the systems function in a safe and satisfactory manner when the system is damaged. Page 43 Return the product to Baxter Technical Assistance for examination and repair if damage occurs.

Contact Technical Assistance at the number listed in 2. Page Cautions Doing so can result in fire, burns, electrocution, or other personal injury. For servicing, contact Technical Assistance at the number listed in 2.

Page 45 Baxter Technical Assistance at the number listed in 2. Return this product to your dialysis center or to Baxter by calling — Page Battery Precautions In case replacement of either battery is needed, contact technical assistance at the number listed in 2.

This guide is meant to be used with and after your training on the system. It does not provide instructions for the prescription or administration of peritoneal dialysis. Page 49 4. Page Description Section Description You should learn the names of the system components, where they are located, and how they function before beginning to use the procedures in this guide.

Page Introduction To Peritoneal Dialysis 2. The peritoneal cavity is filled with fresh dialysis solution. Solution enters through a catheter that has been surgically placed through the wall of the abdomen and into the peritoneal cavity.

APD exchanges are usually referred to as cycles. This process is repeated until the programmed Fill Volume has been delivered to your peritoneal cavity. Page Fluid Flow During Power Failure During these three situations, the system does not have control of the valves and fluid pathways.

Therefore, solution can move freely between pathways. This can result in an increased intraperitoneal volume IIPV situation. Page Homechoice Apd Systems Features In the event that there is a problem, an alarm sounds and a message appears on the screen.

Most situations can be corrected. If you can not correct the problem, call the phone number located in Section 2, User Assistance Information, for assistance.

Page Homechoice Apd Systems Description 5. Heater Pan 6. Page 59 Figure Display Screen 4. STOP Button 2. Control Panel 5. GO Button 6. Silver Heater Sensor Button 7. Handle shown in locked position 3. Bag Stops 4. Serial Number 8. Occluder behind Door Figure For instructions specific to the type of set you are using, refer to the package insert for your disposable set. Page Luer Disposable Set 1. Patient Line 4. Heater Line Red Clamp 2. Final Line Blue Clamp 5.

Drain Line 3. Supply Lines White Clamps 6. Luer Connectors Figure Page Spike Disposable Set 1. Spike Connectors Figure Page 69 CAPD. Perform manual exchanges if your cycler is lost or damaged in transit, or your supplies do not arrive on time.

Page Check-Out Description, on page for a description of the system and its components. Verify that a power cord was included in the box. If you see any damage on the cycler or the cord is missing, contact Baxter Technical Assistance.

See 2. The table should be large enough to hold the cycler and all of the solution bags. Make sure a three-prong grounded outlet is nearby. Page 73 Such equipment may cause the cycler to operate incorrectly.

However, if it is necessary to use the cycler close to other equipment, the cycler should be monitored to verify normal operation. Grounding Pin 2. Page Introduction Program.

During your initial training, your dialysis nurse or physician showed you a small electronic data card that fits into your system. Page 77 Figure PRO Card Port 1. Power Entry 4. Power Cord 2. J1 — Service Port 5. J2 — Modem Port Figure It is designed to be carried to and from your dialysis center visits.

Contact your dialysis center to confirm your Fill Volume if it exceeds the volume listed. See Section 11, Operating Instructions — Shown below are the basic steps for entering data in the entry prompts. The setting shown for each entry is zero 0 until you enter your data.

See Basic steps for entering data on page Only those prompts selected by your dialysis nurse appear on your NOTE: cycler. Page Remove Your Pro Card 8. When you visit your doctor or dialysis center, you are usually asked to bring the PRO Card with you. Page Display Messages — OR — 1. If you can not correct the problem, press continue. No therapy information is recorded to the PRO Card. You must report this to your dialysis center. Press to continue. Information for your next treatment is recorded.

However, the oldest treatment record is deleted to make room for the latest treatment. Call Baxter Technical Assistance. Press to proceed with your treatment. Future treatment information can be lost if the problem is not corrected. Page Install The Modem Option 8. Page 90 4. Plug the double connector into the wall jack. Plug the telephone line and modem line into the double connector.

Plug the modem power adapter into the wall outlet. Page Test The Modem Installation A transfer of therapy information is initiated by the dialysis center. Follow the steps below to test your modem connection. Insert the PRO Card into the new cycler and turn on the power. Page 93 8. Your dialysis center is responsible for knowing and entering your therapy settings. Page Manual Programming 9. You can also review or change your settings during your therapy by Make changes, if needed, by following Steps 4—6.

Page This setting only appears for Tidal therapies. Page Make Adjustments menu is shown. See This time is fixed and begins with Initial Drain. Page Fills or it can be different. This setting only appears if you use Last Fill. Operating Instructions — Change Program 9. The calculated values are shown on the display screen when you press after you have completed reviewing your therapy settings. This setting only appears for a Hi-Dose therapy.

Page Total time for the nighttime portion of the therapy. This time begins with Initial Drain. Page Tidal, the Total UF reverts to the default setting of zero 0. NOTES continued on next page. Page Tidal Calculated Settings 9. The calculated values are shown on the Prescription settings can not be adjusted during a Tidal therapy. Page Drain of the daytime exchange. Page Tidal, the Night UF reverts to the default setting of zero 0.

Additional care should be taken to monitor for IIPV symptoms for those patients not able to communicate essential information to their caregiver during treatment. This time is fixed and starts with the Initial Drain. Page Therapy Setting Value, on page Page Total time for the nighttime portion of therapy.

NOTES continued on following page. This reduces over- or under- fills due to under- or over- estimating the Total UF for the Tidal therapy. The calculated values are shown on the display These settings are not part of your prescription.

They do not have to be reviewed or changed every treatment. Page 9. Continue to review or change settings by repeating Steps 4 through 8. Press to exit Make Adjustments. Refer to Table on page for the recommended settings based on a percentage of the Last Fill Volume.

Baxter recommends that this setting not be used since there is no Minimum Drain Volume requirement. Page Last Manual Drain Operating Instructions — Make Adjustments Page Follow the labeling instructions supplied with the dialysis solution for storage and preparation.

Failure to follow the solution labeling instructions can lead to insufficient therapy or adverse clinical reaction. This can result in overheated solution delivered into your peritoneal cavity. In addition, place the cassette on top of heater bag to help warm it. See Section 8, Operating Instructions — The software version that appears on your NOTE: system may differ from this example.

Page Steps to load the disposable set 1. Prepare the disposable set. Open the packaging and remove the disposable set. Close all clamps. Page Mode. If you do not open the door within that time, press STOP again to retract the occluder for an additional 2 minutes 30 seconds for Low Fill Mode.

Page Make sure the end of the patient line is correctly positioned in the organizer as shown. Page Attach The Drain Option 2. Open all clamps in the drain lines. Page Connect The Solution Bags Follow aseptic technique taught by your dialysis center when handling lines and solution bags to reduce the possibility of infection.

Always put on a face mask and wash and dry or disinfect your hands thoroughly. Page 2. If you are using a patient extension line, connect it to the patient line. Remove the line with the RED clamp. You have connected enough bags of the right size to deliver your prescribed volume.

Page Prime The Disposable Set If you have already connected yourself and find the clamp is still closed, start a Manual Drain before you open the clamp. The Manual Drain procedure is located in Page Increases the recirculation volume which can result in reduced therapy effectiveness. Impacts priming which can result in air infusion. Page 6. Before you wash your hands and connect yourself: Make sure fluid is present near the connector at the end of the patient line.

Make sure the patient line clamp is open. Improper priming in these conditions can also contribute to negative UF alarms later in the therapy. Page IIPV is suspected. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 until the patient line is primed.

Prepare the room for treatment as instructed by your dialysis center. Put on a face mask and wash and dry or disinfect your hands thoroughly. Open the transfer set. Press to start your treatment. Page Page Initial Drain Possible contamination of the fluid or fluid pathways can result if disposables are reused. If your patient line is greater than 12 feet 3.

Current Time PM Current time. Press to view each option. Press to select an option. ENTER 3. Press to return to the previous menu. Press to continue your therapy. Page 20 most recent alarms. The software version on your system may differ from this example.

The number of Hi-Dose exchanges is pre-programmed and fixed. System setup and start of therapy takes place at the time of the first Hi-Dose exchange. Put on a face mask and disinfect your hands thoroughly.

Page 8. Attach the new FlexiCap disconnect cap to the patient line connector in the organizer. Tighten the FlexiCap disconnect cap until fully secured. You may now leave the system. Page Reconnect And Continue Treatment or disinfect your hands thoroughly. Put on a face mask and wash and dry hands thoroughly. Remove the FlexiCap disconnect cap from the patient line connector.

Discard the used MiniCap disconnect cap and FlexiCap disconnect cap. Page STOP Close patient clamp on disposable set.

Page Disconnect Yourself or disinfect your hands thoroughly. Steps to disconnect yourself 1. Open and remove new MiniCap disconnect cap from the package. Tighten the MiniCap until fully secured. Touching any unsterile surface before completing your disconnect increases your risk of infection.

Additional care should be taken to monitor for IIPV symptoms those patients not able to communicate essential information to their caregiver during treatment. Remove and discard the disposable set and solution bags. Follow your local guidelines for disposal of dialysis waste materials. Press to exit STOP cycle-by-cycle information. Page Introduction Your dialysis nurse will tell you how often you should take a sample. Drain Line 2. Effluent Sampling Site 3. Both groups were similar in age, race, gender, and presence of diabetes mellitus, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, and gastrointestinal disease.

There was no difference in the overall rate of peritonitis between the two groups of patients [1 episode in The rates of Staphylococcus aureus peritonitis [1 episode in The rate of gram-negative peritonitis was higher among patients maintained on the Baxter HomeChoice Cycler, but this difference was not statistically significant [1 episode in We conclude that individual rates of peritonitis were different for patients maintained on either manual or continuous CPD therapy, while the overall rate of peritonitis was found to be similar for both groups of patients.

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Setting up Baxter's Home ChoicePro Cycler for Peritoneal Dialysis

The Homechoice Claria APD System with the Sharesource Connectivity Platform is the simple choice that keeps you connected to your APD patients. Now you can offer your patients the . WebThe Homechoice Claria APD System with the Sharesource Connectivity Platform is the simple choice that keeps you connected to your APD patients. Now you can offer your . Baxter’s HomeChoice and HomeChoice PRO APD Systems are not designed, sold, or intended for use except as indicated. See Section 4, Indications for Use. Baxter’s HomeChoice and HomeChoice PRO APD Systems are not intended to be a substitute for monitoring the patient’s overall condition by trained and qualified personnel.