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Accenture case interview

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Cigna small business health insurance Accenture has several sample cases, summarized in the Accenture Case Acccenture Workbook. Finally, according to past candidates, Accenture frequently asks profitability and market sizing questions during the interview process. Accenture interviews are pretty challenging compared to regular interviews at large corporates. Make sure you follow any feedback they offer on your approach and listen closely for any hints about where to go next. How to answer: This is a great opportunity to highlight an accomplishment intervjew is not related your professional work experience.
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Cvs health main office Choose something that is impressive and interesting. What is its competitive advantage? Will it increase or will it decrease? What locations have this storage or room to deploy rented equipment for vaccine storage? We recommend that you do not just memorize these frameworks and use them in your interviews. How can more funding be secured, if necessary? That problem, together with the surrounding business click to see more given by the interviewer, is called a case.
Accenture case interview This is understandable, for consulting problems are big in scale and difficulty. Accenture uses the same type of case interviews as BCG and Bain, so you can use that programme to prepare. As a health antibiotic ointment rule of thumb, your interviewers will be more and more senior as you progress through the different rounds. After getting some practice on read more own, you should find someone who can do a mock interview with you. You will be suggesting what areas to explore, what analyses to do, and what next steps should be. Bring in ideas that you learned from your prior work experience : One way to demonstrate creativity is to take ideas or solutions in one industry and accenture case interview them to another. The most common mistake candidates make with creativity questions and the Potentia Https:// is to brainstorm ideas in an unstructured way.
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Alcon eye drops for itchy eyes Last Updated January, Choose something that is impressive and interesting. How can we best provide information on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine? Give an example of a time when you faced xase or a disagreement. This is an opportunity for the recruiting team to test your numeracy, logic, and decision-making skills and to identify areas of natural strength.
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Understanding the business problem and objective is imperative to successfully solving the case. Answering or addressing the wrong business problem is the quickest way to fail a case interview. Therefore, ask clarifying questions to better understand the business situation and issue. Afterwards, make sure that you confirm or verify the objective of the case with the interviewer. This ensures that you will start the case on the right track. You can do this by creating an issue tree or framework.

A framework is a tool that helps you structure and break down complex problems into simpler, smaller components. Think of a framework as brainstorming different ideas and organizing them neatly into different categories. Accenture provides a few examples of frameworks that you can use to get you started thinking about how to solve different types of cases. We recommend that you do not just memorize these frameworks and use them in your interviews. Instead, use these frameworks as background knowledge to help you make your own frameworks that are tailored to the specific case that you are solving for.

To learn how to create outstanding frameworks, review our comprehensive case interview framework guide. After decomposing the problem, you should list out potential hypotheses that answer or address the business problem. A hypothesis is an educated guess on the answer based on the data and information that you have so far.

A hypothesis helps guide your analysis and keeps you on track. It ensures that you are spending your time answering the right questions and conducting the right analyses. This is an iterative process. Your hypothesis should be constantly changing and becoming more refined as you progress through the case. Once you have developed meaningful support for your hypothesis, you will move onto the final step. It is also good to include potential next steps that you would take if you had more time or data.

Afterwards, the interviewer may tell you what actually happened with the case or project that they worked on. Remember, you are not assessed on your answer, but the overall process. For this type of case, very little information will be provided to you on the case background. For this type of case, a significant amount of details on the case background will be provided to you, some of them unnecessary.

This type of case asks a market sizing or estimation question. Very little information will be provided, but a clear question will be asked. It requires a structured, logical thought process and competency in working with numbers and making calculations. Accenture provides the following six tips for acing your case interviews. Structure your ideas and thinking before you start talking. If needed, talk through the problem out loud so that the interviewer can follow your thought process.

There may be times when the case will take a different direction than anticipated. You may also need to completely change your approach or hypothesis. It is important that you are open-minded and adaptable throughout the case. To make your communication even more clear and easy to follow, use visual aids to your advantage.

When presenting your framework, turn your paper around so that it faces the interviewer. When outlining a process, use a whiteboard if there is one available. You will not have the time to answer every single question in a case interview. Therefore, take an inventory of all of the information that you have and focus on diving deeper into the areas that will have the greatest impact.

Remember that case interviewers are meant to be collaborative. You should listen closely to what the interviewer has to say. They may provide you with hints to help you out. They may also give you feedback on your approach or structure to help steer you in the right direction. A case interview is an opportunity to showcase your personality and experiences.

If you have unique insights based on your previous work experiences, make sure that you bring it up. This can help separate your answer from other candidates. In addition to case interviews, you will likely be asked a few behavioral or fit interview questions. There are ten questions that are most commonly asked. You could mention that you loved the people that you have met from Accenture so far. You can speak to how Accenture provides strategy and implementation, so you can see the impact of your work.

You could mention the fast career growth opportunity, the opportunity to develop soft and hard skills, or the level of impact that you can make by working with large companies on their most challenging issues.

How to answer: Provide a concise summary of your work experience, starting with the most recent. Focus on emphasizing your most impressive and unique accomplishments. At the end, tie your experiences to why you are interested in consulting. How to answer: Choose your most impressive, unique, or memorable accomplishment.

Structure your answer by providing information on the situation, the task, the actions you took, and the results of your work. How to answer: This is a great opportunity to highlight an accomplishment that is not related to your professional work experience.

Perhaps there is a non-profit that you volunteer at, a side project or business that you work on, or a hobby that you have won awards or recognition for. Choose something that is impressive and interesting. How to answer: If possible, choose a time when you directly managed a person or a team.

For this question and the following questions, make sure that you structure your answer. This is known as the STAR method and is commonly used to answer behavioral or fit interview questions. How to answer: When answering this question, focus on emphasizing the steps you took to resolve the conflict or disagreement.

Speak to the interpersonal skills you had to use in order to mediate the situation. Interviewers want to know that you are a great mediator and that you can handle conflict in a constructive way. Focus on emphasizing the steps that you took to persuade that person and what impact and results this had. Interviewers want to know that you are a great communicator and a good people person. How to answer: Choose a time when you failed to meet a deadline or did not meet expectations.

Focus on emphasizing what you learned from the experience and how you used that experience to deliver even better results in the next opportunity that you got. How to answer: This is a great opportunity to get to know the interviewer on a more personal level. Ask them questions about their experience in consulting or their career.

Express genuine interest in what they have to show and ask follow-up questions. The more you can get the interviewer talking about themself, the more likely they will have a positive impression of you. Land your Dream Consulting Job. Try the course for free today. Accenture Potentia Interview The Potentia interview is a 1-hour interview given to candidates that are applying for a role in Accenture Strategy. Topics are diverse and may not be work-related.

Tips for the Accenture Potentia Interview: Use a framework or structure for your answer : Remember that you are being assessed on how you structure and organize your answer.

Therefore, instead of listing random ideas that come to mind, develop a framework to structure your ideas. Brainstorm as many ideas as you can : Use your framework to help you brainstorm effectively. The entire recruitment process at Accenture consists of three rounds:. Next, the interviewer assesses you by focusing on your thinking pattern, analytical ability, and problem-solving skills.

Your client is a leading producer of silicon-based circuit chips. Unfortunately, they have witnessed a constantly declining market share over the past three years. You have been hired to help them understand the factors behind this occurrence and what they could do to reverse this market trend. The client is a leading water bottle manufacturing company that wants to sell earthen bottles.

They wish to enquire whether the market is big, could they earn substantial profits and how they could stand out from the competition. Some additional details given are as follows:. As a candidate, you must ask the following kinds of questions after considering the chief issue in this case that is to find out the market size and business profitability:.

Assuming that Manhattan has 8 million people, you can estimate the market size by segmenting the population. You can safely assume drivers are called 3 times a week in total. Following are some of the essential tips given to professionals preparing for Accenture case interviews:. Accenture not only looks for typical qualities in its consulting applicants like problem-solving skills, ambitious attitude, and leadership skills but also emphasizes soft skills such as poise, confidence, handling pressure, seamless communication, listening skills, business enthusiasm, decisiveness, and efficient time management.

Thus, it is of prime importance to do in-depth research about Accenture and its previous projects.