what is juniper networks secure application manager
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What is juniper networks secure application manager 12 valve cummins throttle cable replacement

What is juniper networks secure application manager

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Network and Security Manager Software. Add to Cart. Network and Security Manager Overview: Network and Security Manager provides unparalleled capability for device and security policy configuration, comprehensive monitoring, reporting tools, and tools for investigating potential security threats in your network. Administrators can use this network performance management system to create a centralized set of corporate network and IT security policies across regional servers and apply them across the entire network.

Includes full functionality with hardened OS optimized for network security and network performance management. Device templates enable administrators to define and maintain commonly used configurations in one place. Centralized configuration interface reduces overall configuration time for large or small network deployments.

Templates enforce a common configuration per corporate policy and minimize configuration errors. Policy management Provides an intuitive, rule-based approach for all device families being managed, with complete view of rule behaviors and options and powerful filtering capabilities. Allows network objects and services to be dragged and dropped directly into the policy rules from within the Policy or Object Manager window. Centralized policy interface allows policy to be shared across one or more devices with built-in intelligence to update correct rule sets based on device type allowing users to quickly and easily deploy policies across the entire network.

VPN management An interface enables administrators to define topologies with just a few clicks. The system automatically creates the required VPN configuration, with an option to fine-tune configuration if required. Simple, accelerated VPN configuration and deployment. Log and report management High-performance log storage mechanism allows collection and monitoring of detailed historical information on key criteria such as network traffic and security events.

Integrated log management and reporting provides visibility by quickly identifying areas of investigation and improves control through direct access of policy management. Reduces overall configuration time for large or small network deployments. Software image management Allows management of different versions of device software from a central location to perform software upgrades on one or more devices.

Reduces overall maintenance tasks for large or small networks. Ability to view overall status from one centralized location. User-activity management Object locking allows multiple administrators to safely modify different policies or devices concurrently. Job Manager provides centralized status for all device updates, whether in progress or complete. Audit logs provide a record of configuration changes, supporting central oversight of business policy compliance.

Allows multiple administrators to login simultaneously and tracks every action taken thus ensuring business continuity. An automatic, scheduled process updates the Network and Security Manager attack object database and new attack object database can be automatically pushed to security devices. Coverage for the latest attacks without the need to spend time on threat analysis. Coverage for new protocols and contexts without service interruption. Time is saved through automation. Disaster recovery and high availability System provides several methods of disaster recovery: Local backup: Automatically backs up Network and Security Manager database for up to the past 7 days.

High availability: High availability configuration of Network and Security Manager servers provides automatic database synchronization between the primary and secondary servers with automatic failover to secondary. Robust management system offers nonstop operation. Schema updates Schema driven application that allows users to support updates and new devices quickly.

Near Zero day support for new device features without reloading or upgrading NSM. Version control Global policy version control for NSM security policies. Users can keep track of all the changes made to their security policies with the ability to compare between versions and even roll back to previous working versions if needed. Template promotion Promote existing device configuration to a master template for quick global consistent distribution of configuration.

Allows users to import existing configuration and promote a section or the entire configuration to a master template so that it can share it among all similar devices. Centralized Policy Management Network and Security Manager introduces a global policy feature that allows security administrators to create one master policy that can be applied to all regional management servers. Topology-Based Management Network and Security Manager introduces a topology manager module that allows network administrators to visualize a layer 2 view of the network.

Visibility and Reporting Network and Security Manager includes a high-performance log storage mechanism that allows an IT department to collect and monitor detailed historical information on key criteria such as network traffic and security events. Logs that are stored within Network and Security Manager can be analyzed in the following ways: Log Viewer allows logs to be viewed in real time. User-defined filters allow an administrator to perform rapid analysis of security status and events.

Security Explorer presents an interactive graphical view of the relationships between hosts, networks, services, and attacks. Report Manager provides Top-N predefined reports and allows an administrator to generate, view, and export reports summarizing logs and alarms originating from the managed Juniper devices. Profiler Manager for IDP Series sensors and integrated security devices helps administrators view baseline network activity and quickly identifies new hosts and applications.

Other tools include a dashboard and Log Investigator. User-Specific Application Visibility NSM provides a common interface that enables a network administrator to correlate which users are using what applications and display this data in Profiler Manager. Network Deployment: Network and Security Manager provides comprehensive device management with centralized security policy management, provisioning, logging and reporting.

Centralized interface to quickly and easily deploy one or more devices provides a similar, intuitive interface across all device types and versions, along with complete support for all device features. Juniper Networks Secure Application Manager. Open Park Cloud-based web platform for delivery of fitness and wellness services This fitness provider developed a web platform to provide remote classes and engage students, teachers and staff, while also adding more visibility and control into how their fitness programs are being used.

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Mar 17, Re: Secure Application Manager Fails to Connect If you can contact the engineers that configure the Juniper appliance (MAG or SA) they can get the serial number . C:\Program Files\Juniper Networks\Secure Application Manager\quodsoftware.com Questions & Answers (0) Questions & Answers related to Juniper Networks Secure Application Manager. Dec 10, Juniper Networks is a USA-based company that develops and markets routers, switches, network security products, and network management software. At the core of .