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Work for life conduent

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I also found that while many times it would be stated that we could calculate what we would need to do to get a desired amount hourly through a program that would be provided, however that was not the case. When I asked about this, the response that I received gave me the impres Pros Monday-Friday schedule. Cons Everything else. While it does have its challenges and there are times you can become frustrated with your customer, it was a wonderful position.

Like with every job, it has its difficulties. When it went from standard hourly to ABC, my pay significantly increased. ABC pay is directly connected to your attendance and customer service. So long as you are not consistently absent, you use all your resources available to you, it is incredibly rewarding. Once you learn how ABC works, it is easy to determine your upcoming pay and if you have questions, you can ask your direct supervisor.

I never felt like I could not go to the management team with any questions I may have had. I am very straight forward and always went to them no matter the circumstance. I also loved how involved we are with the community.

There are always fundraisers etc. Of course, some changes took place because of COVID but it feels good to make a difference in your local community!

Seeing the faces of those who received your donations and knowing that you are helping local families in need is always awesome. If you have a doctors appointment etc. If you make the appointment ahead of time, it does not affect your pay. If you are committed to returning from your Pros work hours, benefits, ABC pay, matching k, open door policy. Cons There can be some irate customers but that is to be expected. Expect to take in calls per day. Usually back to back with very little time to think.

On one hand it can make the time go by faster but on the other hand it can be mentally exhausting especially with how irate most of the customers are. Expect to be cursed at, yelled at, and generally annoyed by the customers.

Personally I was able to handle it but not for the pay I was receiving which is why I left. If you work directly through Conduent and not a temp agency, the pay as of now is strictly based on performance but the standards are really high in my opinion. For example, if you make even just one minor mistake while giving information to a customer it will negatively affect your pay for pay periods which is a month to a month and a half and could amount to hundreds of dollars missed.

And with how much information you are expected to know, you will definitely make mistakes. Other factors for the pay include speed and attendance.

Attendance is pretty straightforward but the speed expectations are ridiculous to me. I was rated the lowest in the speed category but I felt that I was efficient. It seems the people that were the fastest were also the harshest and lacked empathy so if you are nice person that wants to do your best to listen to and address the customer concerns the best you can then you'll probably have a bad speed score like I did.

Overall I do not recommend, especially wi Call center work that is non-stop from morning to evening, consistent quality of calls. There is an enormous amount of information to learn to be able to do the job sufficiently well, and the training is protracted and mainly consists of reading and lectures, with almost no hands-on practice prior to getting on the floor post-training.

There is a very high turnover rate in the office which I suspect has a lot to do with how unprepared the training makes many people who get through the training. Once you get through the hurdles of training and getting comfortable with the day-to-day process the job is almost mindlessly easy and predictable.

Mandatory overtime and reduced breaks are implemented at a whim and often go indefinitely for 6, 8,12 months at a time. So you may be given a schedule of but you will rarely ever work that schedule.

Breaks are reduced from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. Attendance seems to be a big issue in the office, which is why the mandatory overtime and shortened breaks are justified by management, and calling out sick results in supervisors calling you at home throughout the day, harassing, asking you to come into work, sometimes implying in a cooly threatening way a risk to your employment or potential penalties if you do not.

This happens to everyone, not just those who abuse sick time, and is truly appalling from my perspective. Pros schedule, pay, benefits. Cons extremely micromanaged, harassed for being sick, indefinite mandatory overtime and shortened breaks.

Trainers are not educated on your pay rate and the questions can only be answered by direct supervisor. And they have verbatim scripts to ensure the new employee is more confused and encouraged to stay.

Better chance applying for a real state job. Not to mention 2 ppl were showing signs of covid virus and company is unable to adhere by 6ft social distancing, its a call center! No space between cubical. Pros Company allows you to make a fake phone name. First and last name everyone!! Cons Have to work more than average person to accumulate a decent check. There is never a boring moment. This is a fast paced environment where accuracy and speed are important.

Everyday is different, which make the job interesting and engaging. The training for different skills is pretty long, however it covers a lot of information.

If you are a person who goes through the motions and do not engage in training you may not gain much. This job requires motivation and you get what you put in.

For folks who are looking for a paycheck and do not want to apply any effort, this may not be the best environment. Positivity, and work efficient will not go unnoticed. The more you put into the job the further you will go. Our project has implemented new pay rates which are above the industry standard. There growth opportunities within our project allowing you to grow with the company.

With any customer service job the hardest and most rewarding part of the job are the customers. Pros competitive work games, catered lunches as rewards, pro-active coaching for self improvement. Cons short breaks. I've been with Conduent a little over a year just recently accepted a new job with another company.

You get in trouble for using sick time effects your pay. Not knowing how much you get paid a hour can be hard to deal with supervisor don't know they want you to look at the modules which doesn't really help out with knowing unless you were there at the beginning when they started their ABC pay.

If u make a mistake that will affect your pay. Penndot doesn't always do their part and we get the raft of that. They rarely call the customer back when we have to send a message because there is more info that is needed. You get two 10min breaks and 30min lunch if you are a min late you will get an email. They don't tell you that you have to go by your phone time computer and time is about a min apart so that's what makes a lot of people late.

Pros Benefits. Cons ABC pay, understaff. Life Work also helps companies expand their knowledge through our dashboard of key performance indicators and cost transparency with a single view to aggregated career, health and wealth data, vendor performance information, and participation data with the ability to model.

It also provides the ability to utilize integrated workflow with professional development tools that interact with learning management systems, succession planning tools and compensation management to completely manage employees.

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When might grind be a better fit than work? When could labor be used to replace work? When is toil a more appropriate choice than work?

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Thousands of people are seriously injured at work every year. When does she leave for work? It's at least an hour's commute to work.

I like the convenience of living so near work. She had a crash on the way to work. I've been getting a lot of aggravation at work recently. We back up our computer files at work on a daily basis. B2 [ C ] something created as a result of effort , especially a painting , book , or piece of music :. The museum has many works by Picasso as well as other modern painters.

This novel is his best work to date. The museum's collection includes works of art from all around the world. The exhibition juxtaposes Picasso's early drawings with some of his later works. In a coda to the main exhibition are various works which were once attributed to Rembrandt. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: The visual arts in general.

She denies having had any cosmetic surgery , but I think she's definitely had some work done. Medical treatment: surgery. The bridegroom was wearing a morning suit , gloves , top hat - the works. Something, anything, nothing, and everything. Grammar Work noun.

Work as an uncountable noun. Work as a countable noun. Idioms all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Her idea for reorganizing the department will never work in practice. The tablets will start to work in a few minutes. Some people think I'm weird doing meditation , but it works for me and that's all that matters. Arguably, the monarchy worked well for many centuries. The argument that sanctions should be given more time to work is seductive but fatally flawed. In conclusion , I submit that the proposal will not work without some major changes.

The opposition claimed that the government's education policy was not working. My new diet seems to be working. I've lost weight already.

These tactics worked well in the last match. Performing a function. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Succeeding, achieving and fulfilling. A1 [ I or T ] to do a job , especially the job you do to earn money :. Where do you work? He works at the hospital. She worked as a cleaner at the hospital. Mike works for a computer company. I work in management training.

Have you any experience of working with children who have learning difficulties? It's not unusual for a junior doctor to work a 70 or sometimes an hour week. See also work to rule work-to-rule. The instructors worked us very hard on the survival course. Many of the animals were worked to death. He works for a company that makes software. She works three afternoons a week at the library. She has worked as an estate agent among other things. I worked as an artist's model when I was a student.

I'm working late this evening. A2 [ I or T ] If a machine or device works, it operates , especially correctly and without failure , and if you work it, you make it operate :.

Our phone isn't working. You need a team of about twelve people to work a furnace this size. I can't get the radio to work. You're welcome to it - I can never get it to work properly.

Dust particles must have got into the motor , which is why it isn't working properly. How do you work this machine?

It's a common-or-garden washing machine with just the basic functions , but it works perfectly well. The machine works according to the principle of electromagnetic conduction. Machines - Functioning. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Performing a function. He started as a technician and worked his way up through the company to become managing director. Vibration tends to make nuts and screws work them selves loose. The screws had worked loose over time.

Sidney ruthlessly worked his way up from the position of junior clerk to chairman of the company. She is now a senior executive having worked her way up through the company. The splinter had worked its way under his skin. It will take all weekend to work through this pile of marking. She plans to work her way to the top. Succeeding, achieving and fulfilling. I don't know how she worked it , but she retired at Can we work things out so that there's always someone here to answer the phone during office hours?

Planning, expecting and arranging. Working iron requires higher temperatures than bronze. Gently work the butter into the flour until there are no lumps left. Patterns and shapes. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Industrial processing.

Creating and producing. Idioms work a treat. Girls and boys study woodwork and metalwork at this school. Types of employment. Time was working against us. Jimmie has a lot working in his favor. She carefully works the clay. Idioms work like a dog. I had to leave work early. Does it take long to commute to work? The museum is showing works by 20th-century artists. Idioms at work. He works as a computer technician. My brother works for a large American corporation. How many people work at your company?

We were working on the presentation all night. The two countries worked together on developing the technology. Multinationals will have to work with governments to achieve the best balance between openness and security.

I'm not very confident on the phone , but I'm prepared to work at it. The plan seemed to work well. The current system isn't working, so we'll need to look at an alternative.

My computer isn't working. I can't get this printer to work. He doesn't even know how to work a photocopier. His sales were better when he was working the London area. The terms they're offering don't work for us. His poor command of English worked against him in the interview. Her previous sales experience worked in her favour. These men have been working the mines all their lives. He works his trainees really hard. I'm going to try and work it so I can spend the weekend in New York after the conference.

We're here to thank those who work the land to feed us. People who know how to work the system can significantly reduce their tax bill. I'll try to work things out with our suppliers.

She joined the company as a sales rep but worked her way up to managing director.