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Alcon symposium san antonio 2012 highmark mid ppo

Alcon symposium san antonio 2012

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Rothhardt, H. Bartelt, and O. Direct writing of Bragg grating structures in waveguide bundles. Mura, J. Lousteau, N. Boetti, G. Scarpignato, D. Negro, S- Abrate, and D. RIN transfer in random distributed feedback fiber lasers. Peccianti, M. Clerici, M. Shalaby, L. Caspani, A. Lotti, A. Couairon, D. Cooke, T. Ozaki, D. Faccio, and R. Technology Platforms for Photonic Integrated Circuits. Complex Nonlinear Opto-Fluidics. Engineerable waveguide arrays in a 7-core fiber via tapering.

Darren D. Third-harmonic generation in optical microfibers. Nonlinear Surface Plasmon Polaritons. Multiple transmission filters for enhanced energy in mode-locked fiber lasers. Interaction of dark vector polariton solitons. PM Raman fiber laser at nm. Effect of the modulation parameters on the evolution of a spectrally phase modulated pulse in a tapered fiber for supercontinuum generation.

Pedro L. Bertarini, Emiliano R. Photon and phonon coupling by electrostrictive forces in photonic crystal fiber. Pulse delaying using Raman-assisted parametric amplification in polarization-maintaining fibers. Existence regime of stable fiber-optic three-soliton molecules. High-repetition-rate ultrashort pulse generation in nonlinear fibers with exponentially decreasing dispersion.

Nonlinear propagation of incoherent waves in single-mode fibers: from wave turbulence theory to experiments.

Extreme value statistics in quasi-CW Raman fiber lasers. Superposed Bragg grating made with femtosecond radiation for multiparameter sensing. Dan Grobnic, Stephen J. Mihailov, Robert B. Walker, and Christopher W.

Chemical sensor using Mach-Zehnder interferometer based on a pair of largely tilted fiber gratings. Fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot structures under loading and their applications in switchable multi-wavelength lasers. Fiber-optic end probe with two-dimensional metallic slit arrays for sensing in the infrared region. Frequency dependence of the Brillouin spectrum of an aluminosilicate optical fiber on temperature and strain.

Similaritons in fiber Bragg gratings written in fiber amplifiers. Moselund, Carsten L. Thomsen, and Ole Bang. Nadav Gutman, Andrey A. Sukhorukov, Falk Eilenberger, and C. Martijn de Sterke. Demonstration of chalcogenide optical parametric oscillator. Spectral broadening of femtosecond pulses in polycrystalline anatase titanium dioxide waveguides. Photonic chip based tunable and dynamically reconfigurable microwave photonic filter using stimulated Brillouin scattering.

Collins, A. Clark, J. He, D. Choi, R. Williams, A. Judge, M. Steel, B. Luther-Davies, C. Xiong, and B. Tunable Picosecond Tm Fiber Laser. Costantino Corbari, Alexey V. Tiny Waves we should Never Ignore. Do solitons arise from modulational instability? Kibler, C. Michel, A. Kudlinski, B.

Barviau, G. Millot, and A. Partition of the instantaneous and delayed nonlinear responses in optical fibers. Richardson, J. Parmigiani, and P. High resolution time-to-space conversion of sub-picosecond pulses at 1.

Hendrickson, C. Weiler, R. Camacho, P. Rakich, A. Young, M. Shaw, T. Pittman, J. Franson, and B. David Clader, Scott M. Hendrickson, Ryan M. Camacho, and Bryan C. Dual-channel, single-photon upconversion detector at nm. Paulina S. Kuo, Jason S. Fejer, and Xiao Tang. Silicon-Chip Femtosecond Source. Levy, Mark A. Foster, Michal Lipson, and Alexander L. Environmentally stable, passively modelocked, all-normal dispersion fibre similariton laser.

Claude Aguergaray, Neil G. Broderick, Jocelyn S. Chen, and Vladimir Kruglov. Chong, H. Liu, B. Nie, B. Bale, S. Wabnitz, W. Renninger, M. Dantus, and F. Dissipative rogue waves out of fiber lasers. Crescent Waves in Optical Cavities. Perry, Joel M. Hales, Seth Marder, and Manfred Eich. Joel M. Jen, Seth R. Marder, Michal Lipson, Alexander L.

Gaeta, and Joseph W. Dual-Arm Z-scan for measuring nonlinearities of solutes in solution. Manuel R. Ferdinandus, Matthew Reichert, Trenton R. Ensley, Dmitry A. Fishman, Scott Webster, David J. Towards mode-locked fiber laser using topological insulators. Holtom, Lingjie Kong, William J. Sunney Xie, and Frank W. Integrated liquid-core optical fiber for nonlinear liquid photonics. Kieu, Y. Merzlyak, L. Schneebeli, J. Hales, J.

Perry, R. Norwood, and N. Supercontinuum generation with picosecond ultraviolet pulses in a solid-core photonic crystal fiber. Sylvestre, M. Lee, A. Ragueh, B. Stiller, G. Fanjoux, B. Barviau, A. Mussot, and A. Shabahang, G. Tao, M. Piracha, D. Nguyen, P. Delfyett, and A. Alexander S. Solntsev, Andrey A. Sukhorukov, Dragomir N.

Neshev, and Yuri S. All-optical fiber-based devices for ultrafast amplitude jitter magnification. Sukhorukov, Dragomir Neshev, and Yuri S. Pulse shaping assisted investigation of interacting dispersion-managed solitons. Adler synchronization of spatial laser solitons pinned by defects. Noblet, P. Paulau, C. McIntyre, W. Firth, P. Colet, G. Oppo, and T. Spatio-temporal collapse of ultrashort pulses in multimode optical fibers. All-fiber transform-limited spectral compression by self-phase modulation of amplitude-shaped pulses.

Beam steering using spatial OPA in Kerr media: a space-time analogy of parametric slow-light. Mohammed F. Travers, Nicolas Y. Joly, Philip St. Russell, and Fabio Biancalana.

Mehta, N. Healy, T. Day, P. Sazio, J. Badding, and A. Nonlinear control of the trajectory and spectrum of Airy beams. Nonlinearity-induced suppression of Landau—Zener tunneling. Kovacs and inverse Kovacs effect in the optical scale-free regime. Sub Wavelength onlinear Accelerating Beams. Parametric Cavity Polariton Solitons. Observation of spontaneous parametric down-conversion in quadratic nonlinear waveguide arrays.

Neshev, Andrey A. Sukhorukov, Thomas Pertsch, and Yuri S. Kalinowski, P. Roedig, Y. Sheng, M. Ayoub, J. Imbrock, C. Denz, and W. Nonlinear propagation below cut-off in line-defect waveguides. Enhancement of a nanocavity lifetime through slow light propagation. Grinberg, K. Bencheikh, M. Brunstein, A. Yacomotti, Y. Dumeige, and J. Pasquazi, M. Peccianti, L. Caspani, L. Razzari, M. Ferrera, D. Duchesne, M. Clerici, B.

Chu, David J. Longitudinal power distribution in a random DFB fiber laser. Dmitry V. Churkin, Atalla E. El-Taher, Ilya D. Podivilov, Sergey A. Babin, and Sergei K.

A novel extraction algorithm for spectral phase interferometry. Solntsev, R. Keil, A. Nolte, A. Szameit, A. Sukhorukov, and Yu. Incoherent Soliton Turbulence. Multi-shocks generation and collapsing instabilities induced by competing nonlinearities. Dispersive shock waves in quadratic media. Analytic theory of fiber-optic Raman polarizers. Victor V. Radiative decay of bright solitons in nonlocal nonlinear media with random noise. Light with no spatial scale: diffraction cancellation, anti-diffraction, scale-free instability and subwavelength beam propagation in dipolar glasses.

Do optical event horizons really exist? The physics of nonlinear reflection at a soliton boundary. Longitudinal and periodic modulation of the dispersion of an optical fiber : a new degree of freedom in nonlinear optics. Modulational instability and solitons in nonlocal media with competing nonlinearities. Kibler, J. Fatome, C.

Finot, G. Millot, G. Genty, N. Akhmediev, B. Wetzel, F. Dias, and J. Rogue wave clusters with atom-like structures. Dissipative rogue wave generation from a mode-locked fiber laser experiment.

Korsakov, A. Chazov, L. Zhukova, N. Terlyga, D. Vrublevsky, V. Korsakov, and V. Sorokina, Evgeni Sorokin, and Vladimir Kalashnikov. Study of the linewidth dependence of the double peaked Brillouin spectrum on temperature and strain in an aluminosilicate fiber. Nonlinear Properties of Silicon Optical Fibers. Peacock, P. Mehta, T. Day, J. Sparks, P. Badding, and N. NP covers temporal and spatiotemporal effects, nonlinear pulse propagation in fiber, computational analysis, design and modeling of dissipative and conservative systems, dissipative solitons, rogue waves and ultra-short pulse modelling, poling, spatial and periodic nonlinear effects, active and dissipative effects, all-optical devices and applications, and novel nonlinear materials and structures.

Allow All Cookies. All Years. Current Year. Search this Conference. Browse by: Paper Video Gallery. Boltasseva JM1A. Miller JM1A. Dual mode mode-locked laser based on an integrated nonlinear microring resonator M.

Morandotti JM5A. Richardson JM5A. Matsko, A. Savchenkov, and L. Maleki JM5A. Demonstration of polarization pulling in a fiber-optical parametric amplifier B.

Sylvestre JM5A. Leo JM5A. Twofold enhancement of the gain bandwidth in two pumps fiber optical parametric chirped pulse amplifiers Arnaud Mussot, Alexandre Kudlinski, and Emmanuel Hugonnot JM5A. Sedov, A. Alodjants, S. Arakelian, Y. Lin, and R. Lee JM5A. Fedotov, S. Kobtsev, A. Rozhin, S. Turitsyn, and C. Mou JM5A.

Ivanenko JM5A. Dianov JM5A. Complex soliton dynamics in lattices with longitudinal modulation P. Papagiannis, Y. Kominis, K. Hizanidis, and S.

Droulias JM5A. Noblet, T. Ackemann, N. Radwell, and R. Van Stryland JM5A. Four-wave mixing instabilities in telecom fibers J. Millot, A. Armaroli, and S. Trillo JM5A. Nathan Kutz JM5A. El-Taher, S. Sergeyev, E. Turitsyna, P. Harper, and S. Turitsyn JM5A. Formation and propagation of shock waves in nonlocal media L.

Santamaria Amato, N. Ghofraniha, V. Folli, and C. Conti JM5A. Suppression of the frequency drifts in polarization modulational instability spectra by means of a photon reservoir M. Tchofo Dinda, and C. Ngabireng JM5A. Cavity Polariton Breathers O. Egorov and F. Lederer JM5A. Power and spectral optimization of random distributed feedback fiber lasers Dmitry V. Churkin, Ilya D. Vatnik, and Sergey A. Babin JM5A. Gain-controlled soliton routing in dissipative optical lattices Y.

Kominis, S. Most of these tours were specially designed for amateur astronomers. Observing in the evening is usually available whether you bring your own telescope or use someone else's telescope. You can observe all night if you want, but you will probably sleep through the morning papers sessions! We also try to schedule our ALCons where there will be activities for the non-astronomers in the family.

There are frequently tours scheduled to attractions for the non-astronomer. With the ALCon staring on Wednesday, there is plenty of time to visit nearby places of interest before coming to the convention, or you can just relax and enjoy the local accomodations. Skip to main content. With the ALCon staring on Wednesday, there is plenty of time to visit nearby places of interest before coming to the convention, or you can just relax and enjoy the local accomodations We hope to see you at our next ALCon!

It will be fun and informative! JULY , We have some superb speakers lined up to tell you about astronomy and many related topics.

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