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Juniper network router

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My Account. Log out. US EN. Try Now. Recommended for you. And people are taking notice. See more Products. Why Juniper? The Feed. Research Topics. What is a router? What Problems Do Routers Solve? Wireless and wired access routers support these networks to enable compute devices to connect to Wi-Fi and Ethernet LANs.

Edge routers: Edge routers logically define subscriber services, apply policy, meter services, and otherwise manage subscriber sessions. Edge routers typically support multiple edge services, including business, residential, video, mobile, and data center edge functionality for potentially hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Core routers: Core routers forward packets across the Internet or private network backbones to interconnect communication networks. These routers must efficiently forward packets at high speed while preventing bottlenecks and packet loss.

How Do Routers Work? Routing protocols are classified into three main categories: Distance-vector and link-state protocols: One way of classifying routing protocols is based on whether it leverages distance-vector metrics or link-state information to determine the best route.

Distance-vector protocols use the number of intermediary routers between two given hosts as a metric to determine the best path to route a packet. Link-state protocols, in contrast, calculate the speed and cost of resources for each potential hop. Link-state protocols maintain three types of tables — a neighbor table, topology table, and routing table — and share updated information with adjacent routers to select the routing path.

Interior gateway and exterior gateway protocols: Interior Gateway Protocols IGPs are routing protocols that periodically exchange routing data within an autonomous system AS , which is a collection of one or more networks managed by one carrier or enterprise.

Exterior Gateway Protocols EGPs , on the other hand, are designed to communicate routing and reachability information with routers in different autonomous systems. These older protocols focus on identifying entire networks rather than individual IP addresses.

Over time, however, classful protocols have largely been replaced by classless routing protocols, which share subnet mask information during routing updates. The first version, RIPv1, is a classful protocol which broadcasts its IP table to all routers in the network. RIPv2, a classless protocol, updates its routing table through a multicast address and uses authentication to secure the routing information.

With a maximum hop count of 15, RIPv2 is suitable for smaller networks. This routing protocol has the characteristics of distance-vector and classful protocols. IGRP evaluates multiple metrics such as bandwidth, delay, load, and reliability to compare routes, and it is resistant to routing loops. When the topology changes, OSPF uses the Dijkstra algorithm to recalculate network paths and quickly converges on a new routing topology.

It exchanges routing data with other gateway hosts across different autonomous systems. EGP shares and updates network databases between the connected routers to ensure all routing tables — recognized routers, route costs, and network addresses tables — are updated. EGP was widely used by large organizations, but due to its lack of support for multipath networking environments, it has since been replaced by Border Gateway Protocol.

BGP determines the best path based on a long list of metrics — path length, origin type, router identification, neighbor IP addresses, and more. BGP allows administrators to customize routes to match their network needs and securely exchanges routing information with authenticated routers. The protocol broadcasts link-state information throughout its network. Each IS-IS router collects the flooded network information and constructs its database of the network's topology.

IS-IS uses a modified version of the Dijkstra algorithm. Router FAQs What is the use of a router in networking? Learn More. Network Routers. MX Series Routers. PTX Series Routers. ACX Series Routers. Session Smart Routers. Cloud Native Router. Cloud Metro. Enterprise WAN. IP Transport. Segment Routing. Data Center Networks. Technical Documentation. Juniper Technical Documentation Portal.

Juniper Support Portal. Product Datasheet. Session Smart Routing Datasheet. Juniper Cloud-Native Router Datasheet. Related Content. Read more. Back to top. Get updates from Juniper Sign Up. Follow Us. About Us. Corporate Responsibility. Investor Relations.

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Explore options and offers to connect with the networking solution you need. Apply cloud principles to metro networks and achieve sustainable business growth.

Unlock the full power and potential of your network with our open, ecosystem approach. The Juniper Mist Cloud delivers a modern microservices cloud architecture to meet your digital transformation goals for the AI-Driven Enterprise. Apply a Zero Trust framework to your data center network security architecture to protect data and applications. Discover how you can manage security on-premises, in the cloud, and from the cloud with Security Director Cloud.

Explore options to quickly connect you with the networking solution you need. A robust portfolio of SDN-enabled routers, the MX Series provides industry-leading system capacity, density, security, and performance with unparalleled longevity. Forming the foundation of core routing architectures, PTX Packet Transport Routers provide ultra-high power efficiency, scale, and performance for G and G architectures.

Designed for the unexpected and optimized for WAN core and data center use cases, the PTX Series routers offer forward-looking architectures built to last. They are energy-efficient, CE 3. These platforms designed for USA and Australian markets give time-division multiplexing TDM and serial and analog circuit-based applications reliable and efficient access to next-generation IP networks with cost, redundancy, and efficiency advantages.

The JRR Route Reflector Appliance provides an ideal solution for large service provider, data center, and enterprise networks that require large routing tables. Our software-defined router provides a flexible, application-aware network fabric that meets stringent enterprise performance, security, and availability requirements.

Session optimization, intelligent features, and granular service controls enable the highest-quality routing for diverse applications and services. Protect your network edge, data center, and cloud applications with Juniper next-generation physical, virtual, and containerized firewalls. Juniper's single-box packet optical convergence solutions help operators simplify operations, lower transport costs, and tap new revenue opportunities. The Juniper Cloud-Native Router takes full advantage of container economics and operational efficiencies and gives service providers the flexibility required to roll out 5G.

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