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Accenture background check amerigroup eyeglasses

Accenture background check

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My Company. Polls Browse by: Companies Keywords. Company Reviews Salaries. Privacy and Terms. Home Job Groups Management Consulting. Sep 1, 8 Comments. Update: cleared to start by internal background team.

Thanks for the stress HireRight. Ugh lol. Sep 8, 4 0. I would proactively reach out to your recruiter to explain the situation but you have nothing to worry about.

I had some gaps in my resume at the same company that HireRight flagged, but I explained the situation and they were fine with that. Good luck! Sep 2, 4 0. Hireright is a pain in the ass. I had a similar issue but it got resolved took about 2 weeks. Give it time and work with your recruiter. Are you in the US? I found the local US recruiters to be more helpful than the global hotline.

Sep 6, 1 2. Yeah US. According to reports , Rajesh Nambiar, CEO of Cognizant India, acknowledged that there was a high rate of involuntary attrition as a result of inadequate background checks.

Over the past six months, there have been more layoffs as a result of background checks that were unsuccessful and side jobs. Background checks are rising as businesses allow employees to work from home again, which makes such events more frequent.

Accenture India recently announced significant layoffs after discovering that the employees had faked their documentation, before Cognizant's issue made headlines. The business allegedly also stated that it will continue to employ and honor current offers for qualified individuals in light of these layoffs at Accenture India. Whatever the situation, a lot of specialists agree that the COVID epidemic and its aftermath have seen an increase in the number of instances of people obtaining employment through the use of false documents.

Along with faked letters and documentation, other companies including Twitter, Meta, and others have also seen large-scale layoffs.

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