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Call highmark bcbs carefirst blue cross blue shield corporate address

Call highmark bcbs

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Policy number is a unique number, which is provided to their insured person by respective insurances in order for identification purposes and also for billing the healthcare claims.

BCBS prefix is a three character prefixes followed by the id number except for the following products and programs. In some case provider or billing company may file the claim to an incorrect address without checking the correct BCBS address.

In order to get rid of this denial or sometimes delay in processing, Provider or Billing companies has to find out the correct address by BCBS prefix from the above list before filing the claim. Skip to content. February 24, March 4, Channagangaiah. Stand-alone dental products, vision and pharmacy when delivered through an intermediary model. By doing it may cause delay in processing or handling the claim.

Frequently asked Questions: Does policy number same as member ID number? A2A to A9Z. B2A to B9Z. C2A to C9Z. D2A to D9Z. E2A to E9Z. F2A to F9Z. G2A to G9Z. H2A to H9Z. For more information on CAQH, please visit their website. Providers who deliver care exclusively in an acute care hospital setting should complete the Request for Addition to Existing Assignment Account form and the Facility Based Provider Affirmation Statement.

Contact Us. Provider Directory. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield serves the 29 counties of western Pennsylvania and 13 counties of northeastern Pennsylvania. Highmark Blue Shield serves the 21 counties of central Pennsylvania and also provides services in conjunction with a separate health plan in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Quick Links: Manuals. Highmark Provider Manual. Medical Policy Medical Policy. Medical Policies. Medicare Advantage Medical Policies. Requiring Authorization.

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To reach Highmark Blue Shield Customer Service by telephone, call Hours of operation are a.m. to p.m. EST. Back to Top. How can I reach Customer Service by . Highmark Blue Shield Live Chat. WebFeb 24, аи PAN. Illinois. Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois. PAO. Maryland/District of Columbia/Northern Virginia. Carefirst Blue-Cross Blue-Shield. PAP. Illinois. Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Illinois.