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Highmark blue shield temporary insurance

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The amount of random charges I have for things that never happened is disgusting, let alone the fact that they will tell you something is covered, but it actually isn't. I went to the hospital a few months ago for some serious issues with my stomach, needed some testing done. They take full advantage of you, and then send you a bunch of spam about how ''great'' they are.

Never again will I deal with Highmark. This is the best insurance plan my company offers. Until this plan year I had not had any issues that were not easily resolved. My problems started in July of when my chiropractor closed his office and joined a group practice. Highmark started sending flexible spending account checks to a chiropractor in my home town that I had never been to. I was given details about how to get the new office to send in the W Highmark sent checks directly to me for my copay amounts in that plan year until the W-9 issue could be resolved.

The office sent the W-9 in May of Fast forward to July of , new plan year. I was informed in May that checks could not legally go directly to me for HSA money. Checks were still being sent to the chiropractor that I had never seen and I can no longer get this checks at all from Highmark. Direct to patient checks is no longer an option with the new plan year.

Get buying tips about Health Insurance delivered to your inbox. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Highmark denied payment for a 1-day inpatient hospital stay via correspondence.

I followed the instructions in the letter to file an appeal via phone by calling the Member Services number. They just kept transferring me over and over. One rep I couldn't understand, as he had his microphone turned down. Offshore MSRs give customers fake names, as well. The final rep transferred me to a number in Erie, from which I was disconnected, as it does not accept calls. Two hours, and I was never able to start an appeal.

Highmark customer no more. My husband has had the same insurance for over 20 plus years never could get him to go to the doctor. Finally he has to see a urologist a few months ago and urologist said you need to get a primary care physician so after 25 years finally gets a doctor goes to see him and Highmark Blue Cross denied claim because of wrong codes being used.

I don't understand medical coding but how is it we are supposed to fix everyone not doing their jobs correct. So now after not using my insurance for 20 plus years my husband's first doctor appointment has been denied and we have to pay dollars for it.

I have been waiting on approval for an MRI for over a week last Friday. Now going into the holiday weekend it's Friday before Memorial Day now I still have nothing. The best anyone can tell me is it is pending a medical director's review. I am walking around on a possible fully torn ACL!!!

This is absolutely unacceptable! I have called every single day since Tuesday, sometimes even twice a day! So now I won't get the approval until the earliest Tuesday of next week and then I still have to get on the schedule to have the MRI!

For what I pay for this insurance, I shouldn't need to wait on someone else's opinion. They've cut a ton of medications from their dispensary, shifted a number of them to tiers 2 and 3 higher copays , removed the cap on total out-of-pocket expenses, fail to cover basic bloodwork panels claiming they are out of network I got them done locally at Quest Diagnostics , cut all out of network coverage even partial coverage and make it near impossible to reach their customer support.

When I did reach their customer support on my 3rd half-hour phone call they told me nothing could or would be done about my issue. Run from this health insurance company as quickly as you can.

The company has changed ID cards and accounts; nothing works. We are being told to pay out of pocket and submit forms and that they are having issues because of the changeover. Have contacted customer service numerous times. Holds are from 45 minutes to an hour or more. When you finally connect to a person, they transfer you to somebody else and the wait time starts all over again. Sent emails, no response.

We were not told the company was changing during open enrollment during November and December and that there would be coverage changes with the name change. We would have left the company. We want the service we are paying for. Most info I am able to easily find online. Some company web pages are messy and answers hard to find. Highmark has done an outstanding job making the interface easy for anyone. It is well laid out, non confusing and pleasing to look at. I didn't feel overwhelmed with the immense amount of information I was able to find online to fully answer all of my questions.

Skip to main content. Call a live support agent Sign in. Easily find an affordable health plan. Enter your info to compare plans. See plans and prices. Open Enrollment starts on November 1, and runs through January 15, If you enroll by December 15, your plan will take effect on January 1, If you enroll after December 15, your plan will take effect on February 1, On December 15, the hours of operation will be 8 am to 12 pm EST.

On January 15, , the hours of operation will 9 am to 8 pm EST. Talk to a licensed agent not for technical assistance. Stop by a Highmark Direct Store. To see all 10 locations in Pennsylvania, visit highmarkdirect. Member help.

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WebFor more information, call Special Care is a low-cost program that was initially developed by Highmark Blue Shield for Pennsylvania families and individuals who earn too much to qualify for Medical Assistance and who do not have access to group health insurance. To qualify, your family’s annual income cannot exceed % of the. WebImportant Legal Information: Health care benefit programs are issued or administered by Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Highmark Health Insurance Company or Highmark . WebHighmark operates within the Highmark Health enterprise, a diversified health and wellness system in Pittsburgh. Between Highmark and other affiliates beneath the Highmark Health enterprise, health insurance plans are available in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia. Highmark’s Blue Cross affiliates have been around since .