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Dan and lynze cummins

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Lynze talks about that a lot. Lynze Cummins Yeah, I think so. And prior to the podcast, we would, you know, we bought this house in Lynze Cummins —okay, how does it feel in here? Well, the house that we bought, always felt great. We found out that there was a single dad that lived there, he had two kids, also his brother lived there, and the dad had a heart attack. But it always felt warm and loving. Then we start this show a couple years later. Am I hoping to see it for validity that I can bring to our show to tell a story?

We had a couple of other things at our old house, but nothing huge, couple of little things. This is literally Sunday night, I think. We moved in May. I think it was built about six, seven years ago. So—no, no excuse me, 16 or 17 years ago. And anyway, so I went to bed, my wife went to bed, we both went to bed, and then I got up about a half hour later.

My—my two daughters are here now, one from college break, the other one graduated recently and is starting some jobs and things.

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And it was very easy. I took the collection, I sent it in with the postage paid by them, in the package they provided. And again within several days, the physician reviewed results right on my device.

But again, I can share those results with my physician, let them know the current status. And one that, if you are concerned about your well-being, that you really, really should look into. And we have a great deal for you. We appreciate it. We hope that you will try Everlywell, and we thank them for their support of the Paranormal Podcast. Find it for free wherever you listen to this podcast. Now, we return to the Paranormal Podcast. And in the first segment, we talked a little bit about our personal philosophies of the supernatural and experiences and things, but I want to talk more about the show, guys.

What makes a great story for Scared to Death? Dan Cummins The goal of each episode is to scare you. Dan Cummins We will sometimes, though, if something is a really good, like validity story, if it just like, lots of witnesses, it just really feels like it opens up the door to the paranormal in general, sometimes we will include one of those just because we feel like it adds credence to the rest of the body of work.

I personally am a poltergeist fan. You know, you go through a lot of stories kind of quickly—. Dan Cummins And so sometimes you dig a little deeper on the web. There was a nurse from the Philippines. She was actually a music student, Teresita Basa. She ends up going into nursing, teaching music on the side, lives alone. And the police are clueless as to who may have done it. It was an interesting crime scene where she was found nude they, you know, there was the question of sexual assault.

She was also, you know, stabbed several times. It was a—somebody tried to burn her body. It was a confusing crime scene, a horrific crime scene. At the time, they were trying to figure out motive. Very confusing case. No suspects, no leads for the initial investigators and the case goes cold very quickly.

Maybe in that North kind of West Indiana area suburbs of Chicago. He seems to have some possible information about your case on Teresita Basa.

They have no leads, no suspects, so why not hear him out? He proceeds to tell them that his wife, who was a nurse at a different hospital, other than Teresita Basa—The two had met at an orientation years earlier, but had not kept in touch, kind of the background. You have to go check it out. Next week, another trance and then this time, same voice claiming to be Teresita Basa and then is angry with him. Stole these things from my place, gave them to his girlfriend.

You can call these five people who will verify that these things came from the Philippines. They were gifts my father. It was a nurse, another—male nurse at the same hospital, worked in different areas. The police hold him at the precinct. Now they go talk separately to the girlfriend. Dan Cummins And the jewelry looks exactly like the wife of the doctor explained—the doctor who then explained it, like exactly.

Every number matches up to the name described. Everybody comes in now, they bring in the—the friends of Teresita, the girlfriend, the boyfriend. They question everybody. He confesses now. And it lines up exactly with the story they got from the doctor. Dan Cummins And the police had no clue. Last crazy detail in the story.

There is a mistrial when he goes to trial. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he confesses to everything. And they just like, sentence him guilty.

And the—and the rumor was she had—her ghost had shown up again in his cell and terrified him into confessing to her murder. We know how this sounds. We cannot figure out how this case was solved other than her ghost came back. As far as—what could it be other than the paranormal? It might be a little far afield, but it kind of plays in. I used to do—I was the person who stupidly did a true crime podcast before Serial, but put it behind a paywall laughs.

I made it like a bonus for my plus club. So I did about probably episodes. Jim Harold So I did a lot of—I did a lot of true crime shows. Jim Harold But mental mental illness is real. But I also believe that there is an element of evil and maybe what happens is—just a theory—is that perhaps, maybe someone who is dealing with a very real mental illness, maybe something evil plays upon them to encourage them to do these horrible things.

These people had decades of law enforcement. Jim Harold Not just the blanket term. Lynze Cummins Yeah, we explore that as well on Scared to Seath sometimes because we also agree with you on that thought, you know. Yes, most murderers—people—Serial Killers, rapists, they are mentally ill on top of what is going on inside of them.

And so we contemplate, okay, if there is already something happening inside of you, are you more susceptible to something evil getting to you? What if I was in a dark place?

I mean, I want to say indefinitely true. I mean, I think the—the biggest one probably Amityville. That Richard DeFeo. Dan Cummins Um, that case has always bothered me, because you can look at it as a true crime case, where a guy who did have a history, not diagnosed before, but—but a history of, you know, brooding, dark, moody, you know, troublesome quarreled, hard with the father, had some problems in the family.

He had made threats to the family before and then, you know, he murders his whole family, his siblings and his parents in this house. Okay, well, then, you know, it kind of lines up in some sense. But if you look at the rifle, he used, this Marlin rifle. And this is not a—this is not a 22 caliber gun.

If he is shooting this gun in the house, which he did, which the forensics show that he killed them all with the same rifle. A: how did the neighbors never ever hear a single shot fired?

This house was not out by itself. And B: more importantly, how did people not wake up in the house after the very first shot and scramble—. Dan Cummins —for their lives, but their bodies were found lying in their beds, no defensive kind of wounds. Dan Cummins And no drugs. The toxicology report came back and nothing was found in their system. And that is just one of those things.

And he claimed, you know, and they tossed it out at the trial. But he claimed, you know, demonic possession was a defense strategy he tried to employ.

He is mentally ill. And also have some kind of demonic situation happen around you, or paranormal, whatever you want to call it—that pushed it over the edge into that kind of mass murder?

I mean, I think something—something happened there. I just want to be real clear on that. Jim Harold I just can that weird chemical reaction happen? Like, uh, you know, I think of putting different ingredients in a test tube and having it like, blow up? And you could have your—have mental illness. Clarke—advanced stuff, technology is indistinguishable from magic.

The whole idea that, you know, I think sometimes we get wrapped up in this idea. Jim Harold You know? And the thing is, is that, yeah, and we know about a thimbles full out of like an ocean of possibilities. I mean, not that I—I love science. Jim Harold No, I love science. Could we have that dream job? You know? Jim Harold —and talk to thousands and thousands of people across the world.

So some people might see this as a contradiction, but God bless science. But then why would you reject all of it? Well, then why would you reject all of it? Jim Harold Do your western medicine. So like, you know, things from other countries, other religions.

But on the note of religion, what has been so fascinating on the second half of the show, is that I read two fan-submitted stories, and those stories for not only me, but also for Dan and an often for the fans, are the ones that are giving people the most pause. And I saw something and maybe it was my grandfather. Dan Cummins Mhmm. Something outside of ourselves. Jim Harold Yeah, exactly.

I agree. Well, you guys have been very generous with your time. Could you leave us maybe with a—and it could be from either or both of you, another favorite story? Lynze Cummins A favorite fan story. The—there is a fan story way back in the beginning. Husband, wife, living kind of in the middle of like a nowhere, like New England-y kind of area. And the brother-in-law is like doing really weird things.

So now you have a brother and sister staying in the house. The thing about dopplegangers is before I did, you know, I was familiar with the concept. Jim Harold And one of my favorites was kind of humorous. It was just one of those weird things. And it was, I think it was a mom and a daughter. And the one day, the daughter walks in and starts cussing the mom out with a blue streak—and calling her this and that and the other thing, and then she storms down the hallway and slams her bedroom door shut.

And then about five minutes later, the school bus pulls up in front of the house. The daughter gets out, walks in. You just cursed me. But another one. And Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio told me a similar story of—the same concept, different facts, different characters, different sexes of people. But this—this story was on Campfire and I thought this was always fascinating.

Two instances. One was when I was about six, seven years old, I was walking through the hall up to the kitchen, and I saw this hooded figure who looked like he was making himself a peanut butter sandwich.

Jim Harold Okay, great, but wait for it. And I looked down and I saw what looked like the figure of a little boy walk—walk up, and then run back away. Another thing, another concept which I only recently, maybe in the last two years, have become familiar with, is retro causality. Are you familiar with retro causality? Jim Harold —podcaster, and I feel good that I get to do this for a living.

Maybe somehow that thought, or that positive energy reached back in time and helped me get here. Jim Harold Yeah. Look it up, retro causality and it still freaks me out—it still freaks me out. You guys have been great. Jim Harold The important question is where can people find the podcast?

Where can people find the YouTube channel? And then yeah, we got over episodes now, and so lots of horror if you—if you want to listen to it. I was thinking as you were asking too, last—last thing. Just crazy images, but yeah, if you like any of this stuff, we have stories about cryptids, shadow people, black eyed children, UFOs, abductions—those are the ones that get Lynze.

Jim Harold Excellent, excellent. Dan and Lynze, thank you for joining us today on the Paranormal Podcast. Jim Harold And thank you for tuning into the Paranormal Podcast. We do appreciate it. And if you enjoy what you heard on this show, certainly check out Dan and Lynze. We thank you so much. Happy New Year, everybody, and have a great week. Snippets are a new way to share audio! You can clip a small part of any file to share, add to playlist, and transcribe automatically.

Just click the to create your snippet! Create a Snippet. Found on these Playlists. Full Description. Later the guys talk about their own parents, and the pain of driving your kids around to play sports.

Gina then starts the news by showing a viral video of a guy who saved his wife from a Bobcat. They also talk about Snoop Dogg claiming he smoked weed with Obama, rules for white people at George Floyd Square, and Steven Seagal selling his bulletproof home. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about the upcoming Jam in the Van live podcast.