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Publishing — class 4 of 4 CC. Sat, October 29 UTC. Crafting Vivid Sentences that hook our readers — class 2 of 4. It shows how she began with very little information then followed one path after another in a desperate attempt to find something … anything … to make her description interesting.

It shows how you too can apply the same strategies to your own research and writing, whatever the subject. Crafting Vivid Sentences that hook our readers — class 2 of 4 CC. Crafting vivid scenes from a few dry facts — class 3 of 4. Crafting vivid scenes from a few dry facts — class 3 of 4 CC. Structuring a Family History — class 1 of 4. To write a family history, we must convert our ancestral information into paragraphs of prose.

But how do we group the resulting paragraphs to produce a coherent structure? We start by asking ourselves what we wish to achieve. Are we writing a history that focuses on a surname line? Or one that covers all of our ancestors, or all of our descendants, or all of the ancestors and descendants of a particular person?

And how do we craft an individual biography? Do we produce a family history that is a group of stand-alone biographies or one that has a narrative-style flow? These and other subjects are discussed in this simple guide to structuring a family history. Classes will be part of our October conference on Saturday, October Structuring a Family History — class 1 of 4 CC. Thu, October 27 UTC. Down Under Series Miscellaneous. This seminar will help you keep you sane when you encounter the complexities of these mad Scottish-origin surnames.

Wed, July 6 UTC. Places and Ethnicities Down Under Series. A Cargo of Criminals: Transportation to Australia. Over the 80 years of convict transportation, hundreds of ships transported convicts to the penal settlements of Australia. This seminar focuses on the ships, the voyages, and the records relating to transported convicts. Wed, October 6 UTC. Places and Ethnicities Webtember. British and Irish Given Names — Part 2. Have you noticed that the given names of our eighteenth and nineteenth century English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestors were drawn from a surprisingly small pool?

But how small a pool? How common were our ancestors' given names? More importantly, how rare were the less common names? Lists of the most common 10, 20, 50 or names are surprisingly unhelpful unless they include frequency statistics.

For example, Jeremiah, was ranked 26th in England in the s but the most useful information is its frequency; it was carried by only one man in Most villages had fewer than males at that time. This webinar focuses on given name popularities, changes in popularity, and the reasons for such changes.

It also covers spelling variants, abbreviations, and diminutives. For example, if you don't know that Polly was a diminutive of Mary or that Nellie was a diminutive of Ellen and Eleanor and Helen, you might struggle to find entries for your ancestors. Our ancestors' given names and surnames are the gateways into our family history research. Learning more about their names may prove useful in determining their ancestry or finding other family connections.

Fri, September 10 UTC. British and Irish Given Names — Part 1. Surname Slip-Ups: Baffling Beginnings. It is a truth universally acknowledgement that if we can't find our ancestor's surname, our chances of tracing that ancestral line are pretty much zip, zero, zilch.

But a known surname can also prove elusive because it is recorded in such a way that we cannot locate it. This too…. Fri, April 9 UTC. Down Under Series Writing and Publishing. In this seminar, Carol shows you how to tell a gripping story within a family history, and by extension, how to write a gripping a family history. Tue, December 1 UTC. Turning dry facts into exciting narrative.

Turning dry facts into exciting narrative CC. Wed, July 8 UTC. Down Under Series Places and Ethnicities. This seminar begins by discussing the big picture question of the British criminal justice system, including the contemporary attitudes to criminals and the policy of transporting them abroad. It then covers the types of records that deal with the crimes and punishments of British criminals. Tue, March 31 UTC. An inside community for those who want to get the latest updates and to have open discussion about Family History Down Under events.

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Stay tuned, we'll have more information for you within a few days! Carol More about. Stop thief! British and Irish given names.

Popularity, spelling variants, abbreviations and diminutives. Carol Baxter. Purchase Recordings. Book for specific tracks individually. Get immediate access to over 70 recordings.

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Surnames Help! Convict Transportation Records. Australian sales. Carol Baxter - The History Detective. Greetings The history detective, Carol Baxter, hunts ordinary individuals who had an extraordinary impact on their world then she turns their stories into gripping books and cruise ship talks.

And now she is turning her writing skills into a new business. In September , by popular demand, Carol launched her online business teaching genealogists how to write fabulous family histories and biographies and other forms of historical prose.

Her new website is: www. It contains a free writing webinar , which is the first lesson in the Words on the Page course. The Annual Membership is available at a "never to be cheaper" discount until 31 October For further information, click here. All History Detective newsletter subscribers can subscribe to the new newsletter here.

Click here for webinar page. Available until 31 May British Crime and Punishment. March : Keynote speaker at th anniversary of the Sirius shipwreck conference at Norfolk Island. The audience loved my seven talks so much that the ship's entertainment officer told me that people were wanting to know what other cruises I was speaking on so they could book those cruises. February : Just back from an extraordinary three week cruise on the Crystal Serenity Los Angeles to Auckland in which I told Mrs Miller's tale as a three-part mini-series.

Everyone loved it! October The Madness of 'Mac' Surnames is now available. Click here. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity, and she holds British nationality. Although she had to complete the three-year course in two years, she won first prize each year.

Mairi tackles that age-old question as to what to do with your bulbs after they have finished flowering. Carole is pottering in her 6 x 8 greenhouse and Kirsty is being mindful of space. Thursday at 8pm on the BBC Scotland channel. Carole Baxter does not have her profile on the Wikipedia page.

Jim started as a presenter of the show in and departed in She met Jim when she joined the program in She started as an assistant to George Barron, the head gardener of the Beechgrove Garden. Carole got the job after the head gardener retired in In , she made her debut on screen. Brighten up your morning with Beechgrove.

Then, Carole Baxter became the first woman to co-present a gardening program in the UK. Carole believes she is a professional gardener and an amateur television presenter. But she has been on the show for more than 30 years. She encourages more gardeners to open their gardens for charity.

For Carole, gardening is her hobby and as well as her career. Besides working at the Beechgrove Garden, she does lots of gardening at home.

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Feb 28,  · Carole Baxter’s age is 63 years old. She was born in Her hometown is Kent, UK. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity, and she holds British nationality. She . May 2,  · Carole Baxter, a gardener, was born in and grew up in the Kent town of Maidstone. Carole Baxter began her career as an assistant gardener at Beechgrove . Oct 16,  · Carol Baxter From Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth Published on 16 October Last updated on 1 March Roles Assistant .