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Cummins million mile club

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For owners of Cummins-powered heavy-duty trucks with 1 million miles or more. Members receive a certificate and Cummins-branded gift package. Members may also be recognized in print as well as at special events. Learn more about the Cummins Million Mile Club. Cummins has a rich social media presence, including a variety of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. Follow us for corporate news, product updates, career information and more.

Looking to add some Cummins gear to your wardrobe, vehicle or home? Need the perfect gift for your favorite Cummins fan? Our merchandise shop has just what you need, from shirts and hats to mugs and decals. Visit Cummins Powerstore. The information you are looking for is on cummins.

The engine and turbocharger are original, he says, but the Saab has worn out 88 tires, three cylinder head gaskets, and one transmission. Although the car is mechanically sound, the body has succumbed to many years of rural Wisconsin winter driving on salty roads, which is why he donated it to the museum. Gilbert credits regular maintenance and synthetic oil for the car's longevity—practices he'll continue on the Saab he bought to replace his first SPG.

When they wear out, he exchanges them for new ones. He's had the V-8 engine and transmission rebuilt and follows a regular maintenance schedule. Belisle drives the car cross-country and enjoys being on the road. He reports that the Lincoln has never broken down. Swisher is technically an exception—his million miles didn't happen on a single vehicle.

But the Bowling Green, Va. In he had a stroke and a knee replacement, but it didn't keep him from riding 48, miles that year. He has no secrets to his or his bikes' longevity, other than keeping both maintained. His first million miles took him 26 years, and the next half-million required an additional 15 years, mostly on long rides in North and South America and in Europe.

In , the Mobil Oil company bought the six-cylinder model of the i as a test car for its synthetic oil, and since then it's been on the road for about 40, miles. However, it has been droning on a treadmill-like dynamometer for the equivalent of a million miles. They weren't easy miles either—the car was set to run at an equivalent of 85 mph for four years.

The engine was stopped for regular maintenance and oil changes according to the BMW schedule, and at the end of the million-mile test, the engine was disassembled and measured for wear.

The results were tolerance levels that reportedly were the same as a new engine's. An executive with a phone company in Georgia in , Paul Harman bought a used Mercedes D with 40, miles on it.

By , he'd driven it past the million-mile mark. Now it has a badge on the grille from Mercedes acknowledging its distance of travel. Harman credits mile oil changes as the longevity secret for the car's four-cylinder diesel engine, which was overhauled at , miles. Timing chains have been replaced, as has the transmission.

When the car reached , miles in , Harman had the driver's seat restored, replaced all of the rubber seals in the body, and repainted the car. Pop Mech Pro.

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Million Mile Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins RV Transporter and Still Going

Cummins have been operating in the international market for so many number of years therefore it has managed to capture a fair market share; there are many companies that manufacture . Aug 20,  · Cummins Turbo Diesel engines set the bar for long life and dependability. If your Cummins-powered RAM, TITAN XD pickup, Cummins Repower, or other Cummins . Posts - See Instagram photos and videos taken at ‘Summit Club, Hillbrow’.