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Highmark seminars

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These opportunities include networking events, special learning programs, and access to ongoing mentoring or coaching. A Highmark Health issued laptop will be issued to all program associates to use for completing work assignments and accessing company systems. A second laptop will be issued to all program associates for use in completing school assignments. Program associates will have access to all textbooks, required readings, supplementary articles, and content; the cost of these materials are included in the tuition paid by Highmark Health.

Program associates will be expected to work 40 hours per week throughout the program. Upon successful conclusion of the program requirements and achievement of an academic degree from Purdue Global, Highmark Health will work with each program associate to place them in a full-time role within the organization.

The Purdue Global model encourages continuous student enrollment over the entire year. Over the course of a year, student workload is divided into five, week terms. During each week term, students take two courses typically five quarter credit hours each. That translates into one hour of in-class instruction and plus hours of self-paced work and study time per week.

Program associates are expected to choose a degree path at initial enrollment. The first year of the curriculum is primarily focused on imparting students with critical mindsets and foundational thinking needed for a career in business.

This includes developing individual strengths and fostering leadership skills. Program associates may request to change their program of study between most programs by working with their Student Advisor. After the first year, it becomes more difficult to change programs. Purdue Global offers a productive and exciting way to learn—online.

Purdue Global focuses on adding a human touch to online college learning. Program associates are encouraged to take advantage of live instruction. There is a live seminar each week per class.

The seminar is recorded in the event of any work conflicts. It is recommended that program associates meet with their assigned mentor weekly. Each program associate will have a dedicated academic advisor that they can work with for academic assistance. This website uses cookies. It uses cookies to ensure that it gives you the best experience on our website. If you continue without agreeing to the cookie conditions, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website.

Read more. Covid Vaccination Information Effective November 1, , Highmark Health and its affiliates are requiring all new hires beginning employment to submit proof of full vaccination with one of the three authorized COVID vaccines. Straight to Business Program. Explore our jobs. What is Straight to Business? How do I apply? Which organizations offer sponsorships? Will I receive a real college degree? Will I have a choice of majors?

STB instead of the traditional path? Why should I? Play Ball! How do interested students apply to the program?

When does the program start? The program starts in August What are the advantages of participating in the Straight to Business program? How long is the program? For accommodations of persons with special needs at meetings call and TTY may call There is no obligation to enroll. Call your local Highmark Direct Retail Store or click the link above to schedule an appointment.

By meeting an Advisor you will: Learn the steps you need to take as you approach age 65 or get ready to retire. Understand the range of plans Highmark offers to meet your individual needs Receive answers to any questions you may have Join us for an hour - and leave with the answers you need to make a more informed decision. Already a Highmark Member? Upcoming Dates. Member Login Contact Us Privacy. Cancel Submit. The ZIP code you entered is outside the service areas of the states in which we operate.

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WebJan 5,  · Strategic Management in the Successful Company. Nov. Almaty, Kazakhstan. Successful Marketing Principles. Oct. Cheboksary, . WebHighmark Inc. or certain of its affiliated Blue companies also serve Blue Cross Blue Shield members in 29 counties in western Pennsylvania, 13 counties in northeastern . WebAttend a free seminar near you and hear all about our new Medicare plans for the coming year. Whether you're new to Medicare or you're looking to change your current plan, our .