kritsonis change theory in healthcare
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Kritsonis change theory in healthcare alcon air optix hydraglide

Kritsonis change theory in healthcare

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Kritsonis, A. Comparison of Change Theories. ABSTRACT: The consistent increase in student population in university campuses without a corresponding infrastructural development and consequently limited professional competences developed motivated the researcher to carry out this study. Related literature based on blended learning, distance education and professional development constituted the conceptual framework of the work. The Goal Theory and the Theory of Change were used to give meaning to the problem of study.

Qualitative approach was applied to carry out the study. The accessible population was made up of graduates of Yaounde Study Centre. Interviews were carried out with eight 8 cases that were selected using purposeful sampling technique. The data collectedwereanalysed thematically following the objective of the study. Overall results of the study revealed that the blended learning model influencedprofessional development of university students in Cameroon.

The results have shown that students are more comfortable with face-to-face learning mode as compared to online learning mode and self-learning mode. Consequently, recommendations are made to universities to adopt this model in their training programmes. Organizations should develop the best strategies whenever implementing new changes. The third stage is freezing. The implemented change eventually becomes a critical aspect of the organization.

The theory promotes positive practices such as mentorship and continuous planning. I recently encountered a major problem in my nursing institution. The majority of my workmates were unable to address their problems. This situation made it impossible for our team to offer the best healthcare to different patients Kritsonis, Every member of our team was unhappy with the situation.

Nurse Practitioners NPs can use the above theory to deal with different obstacles. Nurses and caregivers should identify the issues affecting their healthcare facilities.

This process will ensure every caregiver understands the challenges affecting his or her institution. The second stage is implementing the targeted change. This stage reduces the challenges affecting different working environments. The final stage is freezing. This stage will ensure the change becomes a critical part of the institution.

Managers can use the model to visualize and manage every stage of the proposed change. The theory also encourages employees and stakeholders to be part of the targeted change. Buonocore, D. Finkelman, A. Leadership and Management in Nursing. Kritsonis, A. Comparison of Change Theories.

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WebNov 23,  · Importantly, this theory focuses on the role of the change agent as opposed to focusing on the implementation of change as an institutional process. Also, Lippitt’s . WebMar 26,  · The model encourages every employee to be part of the change. The “theory focuses on the forces that can promote the targeted change” (Kritsonis, , . WebProchaska and DiClementes Change Theory Initially, the purpose of Prochaska and DiClemente model of change behavior was to show where a patient was in their journey to change certain health behaviors. Throughout the years, this model has been extended .