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Cummins cleveland ohio

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High quality training is fundamental to Cummins continued success. Cummins aim is to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of Cummins products using the latest educational methods and tooling. Our aim is to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of Cummins engines using the latest educational methods and tooling.

Most of our courses are a combination of interactive online programmes that are studied before the student undertakes the course and an instructor lead course at Daventry. Over the years the training centre has extended the training facilities in order for you to receive the most up to date and reliable training available.

The Service Training Centre was originally based at the components plant in Darlington but was transferred to Daventry in Since then nearly 20, people have attended courses here. However we also have training centres located all over the world. Cummins offers a variety of instructor lead courses that aim to provide the most up to date and accurate training available to help you provide a better, more efficient service to your customers, operators, and end users of Cummins engines.

Training can be conducted on one of the Certified Training Schools in Europe, at one of the European Distributor sites or at the customer's location. Cummins Power Train course covers the fundamental aspects of diesel generator sets over 2 days at our Daventry Engine and Generator manufacturing plant in the UK.

The training will cover:. Interested in booking a place on the Cummins Power Train course? Register by completing the online registration form. For future training date and further information, please contact [email protected]. The objective of this training is to provide a comprehensive study on the technical aspects of selection and installation of Diesel and Gas generating sets and related sub-systems.

Divided into three different parts, this training aims to provide engineers, from varied backgrounds or responsibilities, with the necessary skills and tools to leverage sales and select and install effectively Cummins Power Generation products. Cummins consistently brings improved techniques and technology to optimize services for our clients. Cummins team is highly trained on advanced processes, practices, and products for every type of environment.

Cummins has invested in best-in-class technology and chemistry solutions that considerably reduce the risk of employees coming in contact with COVID and other illness causing germs. Our staff follows CDC guidelines and performs internal health checks to assure our service team members remain free from the virus.

We offer our employees the support and training from knowledgeable industry experts to allow you to become an asset to our team. We remained operational for our clients, offering steady employment, throughout the recent pandemic. Become a part of our growing team today!

Skip to content. Cummins, a dependable partner you can trust. We care about our employees, our clients, our community, and our planet. Value Cummins will deliver the optimal solutions to meet your operational, financial, and safety needs.

Transparency Cummins will let your entire team see the work, the results, and the quality delivery. Innovation Cummins consistently brings improved techniques and technology to optimize services for our clients. Safety Cummins team is highly trained on advanced processes, practices, and products for every type of environment. Cummins vs. We Specialize in the following Industries.

Office Areas. Dedicated Hard Worker? We Want You! They give me the training and knowledge to do my job. My favorite part about working here is meeting new people and making them happy.