elemica case study
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Elemica case study amerigroup nj reviews

Elemica case study

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Reach out to an Elemica consultant and see how you can start transforming your supply chain today. Elemica has helped market leaders in dozens of industries make powerful connections across their respective supply chains.

Check out the results that these forward-thinking companies have realized through supply chain connectivity and the Elemica network. Our Company. About Elemica Connecting global business. Careers We build the best experiences. Leadership Meet the team. News The latest on Elemica. Partners See who's connected Working with Elemica How transformation happens. News Careers Contact Legal.

Case Studies. See how we helped automate manual order processes for some of the world's best known beer brands. Learn how Elemica streamlined and consolidated order fulfillment for a dominant cleaning products company. Finally, when a company engages in public cooperation with its buyers, the competitors copy ideas, which might diminish the competitive advantage.

Upon analyzing a general e-commerce database, several advantages of Elemica have been identified. Indeed, such horizontal e-marketplaces as Amazon Business provide a wide range of B2B selling and buying opportunities without concentrating on a single industry. In such a manner, it might be assumed that the quantity is prioritized over quality, which is not beneficial for the company in search of long-term reliable cooperation with business clients. Also, the number of business companies from different industries selling through the platform, as reported by the official website, reaches more than thousand Amazon, Such a large number of sellers might impose a significant competition for the middle-sized chemical firm, which might be harmful to the overall business operations.

On the contrary, the vertical e-marketplace provided by Elemica is more industry-oriented, includes only the companies from the industry, and might provide a more favorable competition level for a middle-sized company.

Thus, there are better opportunities for the company when it joins Elemica instead of a general e-marketplace like Amazon Business. However, it is relevant to consider some of the downsides of prioritizing industry-specific Elemica over general Amazon Business. By using the services of a more general e-marketplace like Amazon Business, a company might obtain a more significant scope of inter-industry connections and brand recognition on a bigger market.

In summation, the reviewed and analyzed e-commerce cloud-based marketplace has its benefits and potential disadvantages for the middle-sized chemical company. Also, e-marketplace might impose a high level of competition for a middle-sized firm and limitedness to one industry. However, the automation opportunities, business process automation, easy access to clients, and the ability to engage in effective networking and community integration serve as strong advantages.

Thus, based on the presented advantages and threats, one might recommend the company to shift to Elemica due to the greater number of benefits acquired. They include a continuously available large pool of potential buyers, more efficient procurement processes, resource-efficient automation of inventory, control, planning, storage, and logistics, as well as the opportunities of networking inside an industry-specific community. It is recommended that the company joins Elemica to facilitate its business growth in the field of e-commerce in the near future.

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Scientific Journal of Logistics, 15 4 , Laudon, K. E-Commerce Business, technology and society. Pala, M. Post-implementation analysis of a B2B e-marketplace. Journal of Information Technology in Construction, 24, Need a custom Case Study sample written from scratch by professional specifically for you? Elemica Marketplace's Analysis and Characteristics.

Introduction The rise of e-commerce and technological advancement in the economy and trade provides new opportunities for companies of the small, medium, and large sizes to use the benefits of electronic supply chains for more efficient operations. Learn More. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

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