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It has literally a good environment for work and has an amazing workforce and a strong management. The best experience will depend on your project, team, and managers. A typical day: Usually 9 hours and might extend. I start my day with a cup of black joe and then work on the day's tasks.

Management: Management is totally Good. Now the management will include cognizant finance, cognizant academy, GWFM, and other cognizant owned resources. Workplace culture: Now we come to the tricky part. Completely based on the project you end up.

Hardest Part: A few important crucial things you would need to do is take up the job which you like. Else everything doesn't matter. And another worst part is that it's difficult to chase your preferred job since you will need to prove yourself to be worthy of it.

So the learning zone for your aspiration will take a toll. Description of the Project: This project belonged to the Automobile Insurance domain. Pros SOA Automation. Cons Low pay. It was a wonderfull experience with cognizant as a fresher joined. From morning IST a day begins,depends on projects we should stretch our times.. Worked around projects which include 6months,3months 2months of duration.

Some projects can be an service request of weeks. I got to know more about technology from here as i got exposure to different technology and got a chance to improve my management skill. Ours was a team work,in which each and every individual will get different tasks which has to be completed in defined time interval.

Most memorable project was a migration project which was done by me and my co worker which was a 6months project in which i took owner ship for the complete project. In which i got a chance to work with US clients directly through weekly call scheduled. Got an good opportunity to improve my management skill. Cognizant Technology Solution is one of the leading IT company in india ,It was very amazing to work to work in this company and good work culture.

My experience in Cognizant Technology Solutions was amazing it was my first experience in IT company, I learned my skills related to my academic and non-academic. It helped me to improve my speaking skills and team management skills, the best part was to work with people all across India, I improved my personality skills, the experience helped in my personality development, Working culture was amazing. I have trained in Mainframe domain it is a tough and challenging Domain. The experience gained is amazing.

I am looking towards a great career in IT industry in future. Pros New place, good working culture. Cons long hours. I work as developer in Cognizant and enjoy doing my work,.

There is so much to learn and I have been provided the chance to work with a good team which is very helpful and supportive and drives me to learn new things. Management of the company is very helpful and thoughtful of the employee and consider whats in the best interest for the employee.

The best part is the fun filled environment and many such exciting events which are always there so that its not about only work all the time and the HR team makes sure you take break from your busy life and enjoy in your workplace. Joining as a programmer analyst at Coimbatore could be your worst mistake.

Poorly organized. Treats you with no value. No specific goals. No appreciation. Uses old legacy mainframe technology so hard to shift among companies. Sit with old unmotivated people. Take your efforts for granted. No value for doing weekend support. Team lead in Coimbatore has no life and expects the same from you. I swam through that toxic water for 1. The company has no money, poor incentives. Pros Nothing's free except for stress. Joined cognizant at feb My overall experience is 13 months.

The Beginning training was very fantastic and learnt lot of things. Projects are not good and management should have been better. They trained me in automation testing and gave insurance plans testing project. Which don't have scope in outside cognizant. If i ask release from project, manager said like we can't release you. Management should have been better. Pros Good pay, Good number of leaves.

Cons Management, Work life balance is very poor, Extending work hours daily. The application, developed on J2EE technology and MVCR architecture, provides a bird's-eye view of the institutes functioning to the users, by providing critical and relevant information. It addresses the information and data processing needs of all the parts of institute -viz. The proposed solution will seamlessly integrate to all the key processes of IIT Delhi thus enabling quick and creative analysis of data to facilitate timely and astute decision-making.

Java 2. The Project Management tool is designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. To organize projects up to with many activities requires unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans. Project manager reflect the risk factor, the starting and ending date and project costing by the graphical representation. Capturing the minute activities of the project process from functional points to the deploying the project all the active matrics provided during project process.

Project is used by various level like Administrator, Project manager, project leader, team members etc. Different level of project were displayed in tree from to access maintain the project control. JSP were used for viewing the client side with validation of every entity input ,Appet used for Graphics representation of the risk factors in the project.

Select doctors, select nursing and maternity home. Facility to for doctor to keep patient history in patient management. Patient Online education for precautions and care Data Base is designed using the relational data Base with ER Diagram and run the sql script in Oracle server to generate database.

Project Management Resume. Hire Now. Ensure resources match workloads to lead project task balancing and more productivity. Build and maintain effective long-term relationships with key members of the client team. Track Project at every main stage of project life cycle and conduct risk analysis.

Confidential Duration: Jan - June Technology:. Role Project Manager with responsibilities - Client Coordination. Coordination Production CMRs. Daily and Weekly status Reporting. Change controlling and risk management Resource Management. Migration will meet the following business benefits - Ease the integration of data in Clinical Summaries Allow systematic use of historic data Increase stakeholder satisfaction Scope of this assignment is limited to 10 Pilot Trial.

Project Abstract VIKING generic framework architecture is based on a multi-model, multi-tier, multi-layered approach that leverages the patterns based architecture through services realization model at its core. Role Asst Project Manager with following document and deliverables: Proposal. Scope Change Control Document. Status Control Document. Role As Project Lead Understanding customer requirements and technical specifications of assigned projects. Handled complete Online Process from Offshore.

Evaluating alternative design options and coming up with optimized database and system design. Writing code in adherence to coding standards and optimizing the same. Ensuring quality of implementation and scheduled deliverables.

Writing test plans, executing unit testing and participating in the integration of the entire systems. Carrying out the required technical user documentation. Maintaining quality records and generating report for senior levels.

Initiating process improvement and ensuring compliance to quality standards. Effectively contributing in code walk-through and review sessions. Providing guidance on technical issues to software engineers.

Coding Preparation of unit test plans Quality control reviews Interacting with the onsite coordinator to discuss the status of the project and clarify any queries regarding the functionality Knowledge Transfer to new Team members Distribution of work among the team members and Responsible for Deliveries.

Configuration management and Version Management. Wrote session beans to create the instance of profile id and report id so that it invokes report generating entity beans. Wrote JSP for final report page for different groups and profiles. Wrote sub control servlet which invoke depend upon the user enter in the Report Management System. Configure Weblogic server for running servlets, JSP, session beans and connection pooling to interact with Oracle database.

Role Programmer take part in Coding and Testing. Report an issue. Resume Categories. Are you Hiring? Talk to a Recruitment Specialist Call:

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Carefirst bluecross blueshield maryland phone number N nmqual from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Change Password Type your new password here mandatory! They can provide a response to a voice paperport by nuance text message or gwfm cognizant connected to your receptionist or a call centre. Take your efforts for granted. I kept wondering why no opportunity will be offered to me and how did he knew it beforehand. Most memorable project was a migration project which was done by me and my co worker which was a 6months project in which i took cognizamt ship for the vwfm project.
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Skunk baxter muppet Project is used by various level like Administrator, Project manager, project leader, team members etc. Providing guidance on technical issues to software engineers. Since HR has arranged this meeting to discuss opportunity and my fitment, shall we talk about it? Why it is end of road for me. Adjust your settings to read article scripts for this site and reload the site. Almighty Software Pvt Ltd.
Gwfm cognizant I had to quit the organization because my manager was monitoring my mails and communicator chats. Migration will meet the following business benefits. Now the management will include cognizant finance, cognizant academy, GWFM, and other cognizant owned resources. MangingTeam Training andtheir aspirations. A typical day: Usually 9 hours and might extend. Handled complete Online Process from Offshore.
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GWFM team will not listen to you first. Present situation in cognizant is worst of all time. So try to adjust and work wherever you are for next 6 months atleast. While asking transfer, give a . Sign in to your account - Cognizant. Leenata Pathak is a Junior Executive GWFM at Cognizant based in Teaneck, New Jersey. Previously, Leenata was a Human Resources Internship at Broad com and also held positions at American Express, Alitalia. Read More. Contact. Leenata Pathak's Phone Number and Email. Last Update. 11/22/ AM. Email.