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George klaus epicor software training

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In conjunction with our transaction, Apax also announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Activant Solutions, Inc. Apax has expressed their intent to merge Activant into Epicor to create one of the largest global providers of enterprise applications focused on the manufacturing, distribution, services and retail sectors.

Due to the stringent rules that apply to the acquisition of any public company and because the acquisition is subject to antitrust review and other regulatory approvals, we are very limited in terms of what we can say regarding specific strategies for the combined company.

Through closing, both Epicor and Activant must continue to operate independently, doing business as usual. That said, the combination of Epicor and Activant is very compelling. Activant has built a tremendous reputation through its industry-specific focus and vertical expertise in wholesale distribution and hard goods retailing.

Like Epicor, Activant puts its customers first and has an excellent reputation for deep industry functionality and expertise, and high levels of service and support. There is little overlap of the markets we serve given Activant's focus on verticals such as the automotive aftermarket, hardware, plumbing, lumber and building materials. Apax shares our vision for growth and for the strategic importance of technology in business today.

They have a long-term investment view and understand that success will be based on growing the business and delivering superior customer value. The transaction not only offers a solid return to our current shareholders; it is a clear endorsement of our vision and strategy and going forward, can position Epicor's customers, products and employees as the foundation of a new, great company.

Over the next several weeks, we will be continuing to take the required steps towards finalizing the acquisition. As we move through this process, it is our top priority and my personal commitment that we will continue to provide you with the high levels of service and support that you are accustomed to receiving from Epicor.

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L. Klaus Overview. L. George Klaus has been associated with four companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a twenty-one year period with the most . Found colleagues at Epicor Software Corpora.. There are 10 other people named George Klaus on AllPeople. Contact info: () , [email protected] Find more info on . L. Klaus Overview. L. George Klaus has been associated with four companies, according to public records. The companies were formed over a twenty-one year period with the most .