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Conduent tigard oregon

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Call Center Representative. Senior Service Associate. Inbound Call Center Representative. Salary Satisfaction. Health Care. Dental Insurance. Vision Insurance. Life Insurance. Paid Time Off. Stock Options. Hermosillo, Son. Monterrey, N. It's a call center. If you choose to work at Conduent you will be providing technical support to a client that makes phones,mp3 players, tablets and computers both laptop and desktop. When you first start out you'll be learning to troubleshoot software issues with the phones, mp3 players and tablets.

If you do well you will be given the opportunity to move on to working with the computers. It's a pleasant walk and can be made shorter by figuring out shortcuts. There is a ton of room for advancement. I was only there 7 months, but was "promoted" multiple times. And by that I mean I was given the role of mentor for the new hires on the floor, trained to assist the new employees with their first calls and moved on to work on the computers.

From there you can be promoted to a tier 2 employee and fill more of a supervisor role if a call if too difficult or the customer just isn't getting what they need from you, they are who you escalate to. And with each new skill, from phones to computers to tier 2 you will get pay raises. Everyone on the management team is supportive and willing to help in both a professional and personal manner.

I was experiencing some trouble at home and brought the issue to my direct supervisor and the floor manager, just so they were aware of any issues this might have with my employment.

Conduent is a company that attempts to be efficient with their time and money. They're a company that works under contract, to assist larger end companies with their work, and as a result, needs change based on what is asked. The issue is their attempts cause a lot of unnecessary stress and confusion. A typical day at work involves taking calls from customers that need technical support with their computer and mobile devices. This usually involved going through articles That are for the most part, publicly available for the customers online , walking them thru step by step, and attempting to not only resolve the issue with their device, but also "fix the customer" as well.

Occasionally we'd need to talk to a carrier, or transfer to other departments, depending on what the resolution needed was. Management is extremely disorganized, and rules do not seem consistent between supervisors. Some people are pushed to keep certain stats down, while other people, who have issues keeping those stats down in the first place, are ignored.

For the last year of my work there, they were constantly in meetings, or flat out unavailable, contributing to the constantly inflating stats many have made efforts to keep down. When we have issues on calls, we're encouraged to check our in-house chat, look at a private online forum, and even use Google, should all Pros Hour lunches, voluntary time off when the season slows down.

Other employees are very easy to talk to. Cons Supervisors don't know what they're doing, tools break often. Extremely tight security. Compliance rules are not clear. They said this job is a good stepping stone, I'm here to tell you no. If you are wondering why this company has a such poor rate 2 starts , this review will resolve your concern. There are 4 lines of the business for the production job, and people are promoted to the next line of the business quick.

Do not get this message wrong, this is not a growing company with new opportunities coming up. The job is stressful, and the management team is not making it any easier.

Micro-managing is what they do all the time but they have no idea on how to micro-manage at all. They promote ignorance employees to the support roles easily, so do not get excited if you are being promoted - As they just want you to fill the position that is worthless per the previous employee.

There is barely a raise when people got promoted, usually about a quarter more per hour. If you are promoted to a support staff, like a lower management role, you can forget about your pay raise. They expect you to be grateful enough to be put away from the phone. If you want to work here, forget about being complimented for doing a good job. There's no motivation working here as there is no performance-based bonus. Pros Easy-in, Easy-out. If you enjoy being overworked and underpaid, this is the job for you.

Employee satisfaction always seems to be low at the Tigard location. They struggle to keep their employees and have 25 cent raises for management-level advisors.

They have high, conflicting expectations from the client that do not line up with the expectations of Conduent. Workplace culture is non-existant. Team meetings are cancelled when call volume is high. The site does not get paid unless employees are on a call, so this is closely monitored and you are only allowed one minute of after-call work for each call. Since you are always on a call, you don't have much contact with others aside from your customers which can be very emotionally exhausting, making it a very hard job to show up to.

The hour long lunches are nice, but they do have mandatory overtime for most of the year, forcing employees to take minute lunches. You can't have pencils, pens, paper or devices on the call floor. They do offer resources and programs to learn new skills and earn certifications, but none of those resources are available on the call floor, so it has to be on your own time.

Resources in general are limited, making troubleshooting more difficult than it has to be. There is no chat function to ask questions and most websites are blocked.

Sometimes you have to get creative to get the answers you need. Cons Fast-paced and stressful customer service, very high call volume. Skip the stress and find somewhere else to work, you are not compensated fairly, you are a third party call center and do not get paid even close to the other companies doing the exact same job.

This company is taking advantage of young inexperienced young adults and underpaying them with strenuous working conditions. Panic attacks on the floor are a common occurrence. Coming in sick is encourage and vomiting at your desk is what is expected of you.

Even though your cubicle is right next to someone else, calling out sick is impossible without criticism that you should be working sick instead of being lazy. Mass emails are sent out by management encouraging employees to work sick. Working breaks are also encouraged. This job is stressful, the management seems good in the beginning but the management is a joke. Every second of everything you do is monitored, lunches, breaks, call times, typing, meetings.

Feels more like a prison than a job, good luck getting any time off or PTO approved. Terrible place to work with a culture created to lay blame for anything and everything on you! There is no situation that they cannot spin to make it look like you could have done better "if only you had done" This is how they get out of paying you bonuses for anything, it's programmed to be nearly impossible and they always make it seem like if you just tried harder you could do it Hybrid Customer Experience Associate position.

Performs business support or technical work, using data organizing and coordination skills. Paid Training, Insurance options, Vacation and K available. The following shifts are available. Explains company policies to customers. Conduent is hiring immediately for Customer Service Representatives. In this role, you will provide top notch customer service by handling telephone, e-mail,….

Performs business support or technical work, using…. In this role, you will not only be there to help customers with their account issues, via…. From the start, our paid training program will teach you all the skills needed to allow you to become successful in….

Call Center Customer Service Representative. Full-time employment with benefits. Use Facebook or Google to sign in or register with SimplyHired. Continue with Facebook Continue with Google.

Job Title, Skills or Company. List View. Date Added Anytime 24 hours 7 days 14 days 30 days. Sort by Relevance Date. Apply Filters. Conduent - London, KY.

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Amerigroup dentist ny Sometimes you have to get creative to get the answers you need. Pros None, run for the hills. There are 4 lines of the business for the production job, and people conduent tigard oregon promoted to the next line of the business quick. You put your questions in a que and wait for an answer. Do not get this message wrong, this is not a growing with new opportunities coming up. Paid Time Off. The site does not get paid unless employees are on a call, so this is closely monitored and you are only allowed one minute of after-call work for each call.
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Conduent tigard oregon This place is depressing and click. Paid Training, Insurance options, Vacation and K available. I was only there tigars months, but was "promoted" multiple times. If you enjoy being overworked and underpaid, this is the job for you. In this role, you will provide top notch customer service by handling telephone, e-mail,….

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