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Fuel injection pump. The injector nozzle and nozzle installed on the cylinder head are fixed by and embedded in the injector nozzle holder. As soon as a user with a screen-reader enters your site, they immediately receive a prompt to enter the Screen-Reader Profile so they can browse and operate your oil pump cummins effectively. Our oil pumps made of industry leading materials and processes. Stop Animations. We aim to make your shopping experience as easy as possible with features such as:. We firmly believe that the technology solutions locations should be available and accessible to anyone and are committed to providing a website that is accessible to the broadest possible audience, regardless of ability.

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The validator or combined reader includes the housing containing the plurality of readers wherein the readers are independent from each other and spaced at different locations within the housing and disposed therein to read cards presented to the card validator or combined reader at a single target area. The housing is configured to direct a user presentation for the provided card at the signal target area. Each of the individual readers is modular within the housing and is disposed within a modular reception location therein for facilitating performance certification of the modular readers therein separately from certification of the entire multi-card validator system.

Filed: February 10, Date of Patent: September 18, System and method for performing k-nearest neighbor search based on minimax distance measure and efficient outlier detection. Abstract: A system and method enable a set of dataset objects that are K-nearest neighbors K-NN , based on their Minimax distances to a test object, to be identified without computing the all-pair Minimax distances directly.

A pairwise distance between the test object and each dataset object is computed. Iteratively, one of the dataset objects is selected to add to a K-NN set until the K-NN set includes a predefined number of nearest neighbors. The selected dataset object at each iteration is the one for which there is no other unselected dataset object which has a smaller pairwise distance to any of a current subset of objects than the selected dataset object.

The current subset of objects includes the test object and the dataset objects currently in the K-NN set. After the K-NN set is identified it may be output or used to generate other information, such as a test object label.

Filed: July 6, Date of Patent: September 11, Inventor: Morteza Chehreghani. Method and system for detection-based segmentation-free license plate recognition. Abstract: A detection-based segmentation-free method and system for license plate recognition. An image of a vehicle is initially captured utilizing an image-capturing unit.

A license plate region is located in the image of the vehicle. A set of characters can then be detected in the license plate region and a geometry correction performed based on a location of the set of characters detected in the license plate region.

Filed: February 25, Date of Patent: September 4, Multi-layer fusion in a convolutional neural network for image classification. Abstract: A method and system for domain adaptation based on multi-layer fusion in a convolutional neural network architecture for feature extraction and a two-step training and fine-tuning scheme.

The architecture concatenates features extracted at different depths of the network to form a fully connected layer before the classification step. First, the network is trained with a large set of images from a source domain as a feature extractor. Second, for each new domain including the source domain , the classification step is fine-tuned with images collected from the corresponding site. The features from different depths are concatenated with and fine-tuned with weights adjusted for a specific task.

The architecture is used for classifying high occupancy vehicle images. Filed: June 10, Pay-by-phone parking system aided by a vision based monitoring device. Such methods and devices obtain an image of the parked vehicle, using a fixed camera, and send the image to the image processor. These methods and devices then confirm the identity of the vehicle parked in the vehicle parking space, and send a confirmation to the application. These methods and devices display the confirmation on the graphic user interface of the user portable computing device using the application.

These methods and devices automatically end the timed payment session for the vehicle parking space based on images of the scene obtained through the camera showing the identified vehicle not occupying the vehicle parking space, using the image processor. Filed: February 5, Date of Patent: August 28, Systems and methods for selectively routing calls to a call center. Abstract: Systems and methods of routing calls may include receiving a plurality of calls, and for each of the plurality of calls, determining a threshold time that may be a maximum service time for the call, estimating an expected service time for the call, comparing the threshold time with the expected service time for the call, and assigning the call into one of a plurality of queues based upon the comparing.

The method of routing may further include prioritizing the plurality of queues based upon the expected service time for each call in each of the plurality of queues, directing each call in a first queue of the plurality of queues to a first group of agents, and providing a callback prompt to each call in a second queue of the plurality of queues, wherein a priority of the first queue is higher than a priority of the second queue.

Filed: June 21, Method and system for determining effect of weather conditions on transportation networks. Abstract: The disclosed embodiments illustrate methods and systems for determining an effect of a weather condition on a transportation network. The method includes receiving one or more parameters of the weather condition in a geographical area for a predetermined time-period.

The method further includes determining a delay from a scheduled time of arrival of one or more vehicles, associated with the transportation network, at a location from one or more locations, in the transportation network, in the geographical area for the predetermined time-period. Thereafter, a sensitivity of the one or more locations to the weather condition of the geographical area is determined by correlating the delay with the one or more parameters of the weather condition.

Further, the sensitivity of the one or more locations is displayed, through a user interface, as a first layer overlaid on a map of the geographical area.

Filed: April 15, Abstract: One embodiment provides a system that facilitates optimization of passenger pick-up. During operation, the system generates, by a first mobile computing device associated with a passenger at a first location, a request for a target location at which to meet with a vehicle. The system receives the target location and a planned passenger route for the passenger to the target location, which are calculated based on a location, facing direction, and direction of movement, if any, of the vehicle, and wherein the target location is different from the first location, thereby facilitating optimization of a time duration and route the passenger takes to meet the vehicle.

Filed: February 21, Publication date: August 23, Inventors: Victoria M. Bellotti, Christian W. Fritz, Shane P. Computer-implemented system and method for providing available parking spaces.

Abstract: A computer-implemented system and method for providing available parking spaces is provided. Parking spaces are each associated with a hold time during which that parking space is held for a reserved vehicle. Shorter hold times are assigned to parking spaces associated with desirable parking variables and longer hold times are assigned to parking spaces with less desirable parking variables.

A request for parking is received from a user. The hold time for each available parking space is applied to an arrival time of the user. One of the available parking spaces with the hold time greater than the user arrival time is identified. Prior to departure of the user from the available parking space, a time delay is introduced during which the available parking space occupied by the user is made available to drivers that physically approach the space upon departure of the user, and is not available for reservation.

Filed: June 19, Date of Patent: August 21, Inventors: Robert T. Abstract: One embodiment provides a system for facilitating integration of recommended exercise with transportation directions. During operation, the system generates, by a mobile computing device associated with a user, a request for a route from a start location to a destination location.

The system determines one or more of the user's transportation-related preferences, which include the user's activity level goal. The system monitors the user's activity requirement. The system receives the route, which includes one or more segments, wherein a segment indicates a transportation type and a corresponding activity value, wherein the route is calculated based on the transportation-related preferences and the monitored activity requirement, thereby facilitating integration of recommended exercise with transportation directions.

Filed: February 13, Publication date: August 16, Bellotti, Christian Fritz. Method and system for recommending services to requestors. Abstract: A method and a system for recommending services to a requestor over a communication network. A request comprising one or more keywords and one or more service level agreements SLAs , is received from a requestor computing device over the communication network, to process one or more tasks.

Marketing is expected to begin in the first quarter and []. Insight November 5 Angeles Equity Partners said Tuesday, Nov. Insight November 4 Thoma Bravo and Thomas H.

Lee Partners were making a run for the unit, two people said. One GP mentioned Broadridge as possibly involved. Reverence-backed Advisor Group in talks to buy Ladenburg Thalmann. Insight November 1 Private equity is apparently picking up another wealth manager. Ladenburg Thalmann, a network of five independent broker-dealers, is in talks to be sold to Advisor Group, Bloomberg reported Nov.

Jefferies is advising on the process, sources said. Bids for Ladenburg were due last week, according to a GP who passed on the deal. Ladenburg []. Conduent to seek buyer for BenefitWallet. Insight October 25 Conduent, the business process services company that spun off from Xerox, is putting BenefitWallet up for sale, four sources said.

The sale comes after Conduent in August said it was undertaking a strategic and operational review of the company and each of our business lines. BenefitWallet is one of the largest HSA administrators with more []. Show me the money! Insight October 23 Buyers would show up to processes and conduct their own due diligence, said Joe Hartman, co-head of the private equity [].

Insight October 22 GIACT hired Raymond James in to handle interest in the company, but no party is actively conducting due diligence, one of the people said.

Snow Phipps-backed Velocity Financial files to go public, again. Insight October 21 Velocity, a mortgage lender to residential rental and small commercial properties, has filed to go public again. The Westlake []. Bids for Swift Prepaid due later this month.

Insight October 17 Swift Prepaid, which rebranded itself over the summer as daVinci Payments, has moved forward with its sales process. Books for Swift Prepaid are out, sources said.

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