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Levels at accenture

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The typical years at a level for each role is years in the beginning but gradually increase as you climb up the ladder. Accenture tries to be a meritocracy, so promotions are much more performance-based than seniority-based. When I was at Accenture, it was always my goal to have respected career counselors who have pull in the laddering meetings because it makes a difference.

The time has stretched out as Accenture has grown, but the fastest time is usually years. Each career level would require years of experience:. And, although they have been traditionally strong in technology consulting, over the last 10 years they have successfully branched out into other areas of consulting. Accenture matches or surpasses the Big 4 consulting firms in terms of employee count and revenue. Accenture began its life as the consulting arm of the accounting firm Arthur Andersen.

Back then, it was called Andersen Consulting. In the s, there were tensions between Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting. There were two primary issues:. In the late s, Andersen Consulting sued Arthur Andersen for breach of contract and proposed to break all ties with Arthur Andersen.

There are five stages of the typical Accenture recruitment process :. At Accenture, Analyst is an entry-level role for candidates who have just graduated with an undergraduate degree. They are responsible for research, analysis, Excel modeling, and building slide decks.

They will usually work in a core team of Analysts, Consultants and Managers. At Accenture, Consultants a responsible for owning a stream of work within a project. They are expected to work independently and may also guide one or more Analysts. As such, this role becomes a mix of both doing and reviewing. At Accenture, Managers typically lead small engagements or major workstreams of large engagements. They are responsible for managing a team of Analysts and Consultants, reviewing their work, and ensuring the work meets the needs of the client.

They often manage a team that includes Managers, Consultants and Analysts. At this level, you will also be expected to take an active role in recruitment, internal training, and supporting Associate Directors and Managing Directors with business development efforts.

At Accenture, Associate Directors are involved with complex and high-profile engagements. But more than that, they spend a significant amount of time doing client management and business development.

Associate Director is the first level where you will have a business development target. Because of this, many Associate Directors begin to specialize and build networks in an industry or functional area. An Accenture Managing Director is equivalent to a Partner at other firms.

As a Managing Director, you will build deep relationships with clients and work across multiple engagements. Managing Directors also have significant business development targets and are expected to win work for the firm. Learn the simple, repeatable science behind building the perfect slide deck every time.

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Accenture Salary at Different Levels-Everything you need to know - Accenture Salary Hike - Promotion

Here’s the entire list of Accenture levels: L1: Senior Managing Director L2: Client Account Director L3: Senior Client Account Executive L4: Client Account Executive L5: . Mar 1,  · Roles and levels at Accenture Analyst. At Accenture, Analyst is an entry-level role for candidates who have just graduated with an undergraduate Consultant. At Accenture, . Depending upon your carrier Path Testing/Dev/PCS its varies in the Role name but the designation's are the same as below.: Level 13 - Application Support New Associate Level 12 .