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Cognizant rating bucket highmark it salaries

Cognizant rating bucket

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I was worked in that company from to Ashwinkumar Suryavanshi ashwin24aug. Jan 15, AM , Views. Best organization to join. I joined Cognizant in Nov I was my dream organization. Work environment in Cognizant is very healthy and policies are very attractive. It offers good CTC to lateral employees. Interview process is very good. If you perform well there is always a job security. Cognizant provides many health benefits.

Overall if you are looking for switch go for Cognizant and be a part of it. Manish Keshari manish Dec 21, PM , Views.

Worst company, don't know what is management. Few month back, I got call from CTS regarding some opening and it was scheduled in next week. But they did not mentioned any thing about roles and responsibilty even. Even after many follow up, they did not mentioned in the mail. On scheduled day, interview happened and it was good. After that 2 more rounds of interview conducted and I was selected for that position.

No communication happens from CTS since long time and sudden they send mail to submit some of the document. After submitting the document, they took almost 1 month to release offer letter, by the time I switced to my present company. There is no proper communication from CTS. I was disappointed from their behavior. Ankit Bughani ankitbughani2.

Dec 20, PM , Views. Only name is big. I have been working in cognizant technology solution from april and I cant type alot of things about the company as I am still working there and my bread n butter comes from this company only. But there are some major issues regarding growth and appraisel. First I would like to tell you guys that they are giving good allowances like transport allowance and night shift allowance. But not good salary. My process was ramn down so I need the job but the took the advantage of my bad situation.

I talked to team mates who have completed their tenure they got appraisel of only per month. So my experience so far with this compant is not good. Rest is depend on you. Ashif Mohammad Shekh alamkhan Oct 14, PM , Views. So bad.

I had been part of this company due to the fact that EMS vertical and skilled pathetic paintings culture thru these kinds of years. I am gonna list out all cons that I experienced. Come on, wherein is the time to read the new technologies or to provide you with revolutionary ideas. I was puzzled lower back "How tons sales are you generating for the corporation? For employee what remember is the revenue hike, as bonus continues fluctuating primarily based on their profit someday no bonus.

Do now not ever anticipate any technical assist to clear up any problem. I for my part located every day habitual of 1 them. He used come at pm to remind the crew to replace the obligations within the portal. Smita Pawar sdpawar. Sep 28, AM , Views. Cognizant was great place to work but not now!! This is one of the companies in India which provides great platform for many youngsters from IT, eng, life sciences field and initial salary offered is also competitive.

Promotion cycles were excellent earlier but with increase in no of employees things got bit difficult. There are very frequent changes in management teams and too many higher level people are making things even worst.

For someone who is just starting career I feel this is still best place to start! You learn so many different things and there are no limits if you wish to explore new fields. Jul 31, PM , Views. Wonderful Company. Best work atmosphere and team Mates. And there is always some odd people in every Team no matter what company you are in, be prepared for that.

Good to start with but if expecting huge salary hike, then better switch after yrs. Promotion and Onsite offers depends on what project you are in and not on your performance. Everything is project specific. If lucky, Good project, good scope for onsite and promotion. Jagadeeswaran D jagkruthi Jun 27, PM , Views. Not so good nowadays!

Cognizant is a leading provider of IT, consulting, business process outsourcing etc. They usually hire maximum from campus placement. This company is very good for freshers as they can start learn many things from Training. Actually after hiring you would be mapped to any other area based on project requirements.

After training you will be putting into any domain irrespective of your interest. Salary benefits are very less. This is very bad even though if you work hard everything depends on Management decision as it is happening over major IT companies.

Sailaja Namburi sailajan. May 30, PM , Views. No job security and additional benefits. There was no career growth because they concentrate only some particular area and do projects in that field only no other technology used. The salary of the employees working in this company are very low with least benefits. As a fresher you can join but Yu should definitely choose the alternative company after a year because there no job security and they can remove your job anytime without any intimation also.

Your career and future Remain dull if you choose only one company in the it sector. The work environment is not supportive and cannot be adjusted by the fresher to the company. They follow always some strict rules and regulations where the employees find them disinterested. The company CEO rating is also not good. Jaffar Basha. S jaffarbashadrm. May 27, AM , Views. Platform Company. Cognizant Technology Solution gives boost to the carrer grow assumers for their future relating to salaries and also relating their benefits.

But Cognizant Technology Solution cant give a grantee to their job that it will not provide job security, I observed this from the two persons related to me worked in this solutions company. Environment in working with this cognizant is very good. This is the most exceedingly awful organization who dont stress over the representatives transporter development.

They simply need the work from worker. Rohan Sood rohansood May 23, PM , Views. I am writing this review just to tell the people how much bad this company is. I will give a detailed review. I joined Cognizant in september and after that my whole life was spoilt.

This training was for almost 4 months out of which we were given training for only 1 week. Rest of the days we were sitting idle in the classrooms. After this pathetic training we were forced to go to Kolkata inspite of our will to stay in Pune. They said we had no other choice. So after joining in Kolkata we were again sitting idle and were not given any project inspite of our so many request.

Finally when we got project there was no proper KT knowledge transfer. There was no one to help us and there was so much politics in this company. But the recent shock came to me recently when I was given a fourth rating forcefully and then threatened by hr to retain that rating. I just want to warn people that please dont join this company. It is the worst company to work for.

Prachi Garg prachi May 17, PM , Views. CTS- Bad Employer. I am having 2 years of work experience with cognizant, but the work environment it have is extremely bad. The training they provide is not at all useful while working in projects, both training and real time work is different. A lot of politics and culture difference goes on within the projects, seniors do not support juniors instead they suprimacy and which creates a bad working environment.

More over the buckets are not given on the basis of amount of work done, instead buckets are given on the amount of time spent in office and what repuation you have with your supervisors and team leads. Now a days they are asking employees to resign based on the buckets which is doing nothing but demotivating the employees and they are doing at the name sake of recession, there is no such thing, they just wanted a reason and they have got that.

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Feedback Form. Wrong Number? Resend OTP. Write a Review. Another employee got his first rating as MS Met Expectations. The HR has offered 4 months salary for moving out immediately OR stay for 2 months and resign. But he is determined not to resign. The rating itself is their creation, and now they want the employee to solve the problem created by them HR. Employees to be put in 4th bucket are selected in an arbitrary manner targeting most vulnerable people ó mothers who availed maternity leave, those with family responsibilities and in some cases even freshers working only for a year or two.

Lawyers are looking at possibility of raising labour dispute against MS rating given to affected employees. There is a list of more than people who are given MS rating.

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