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F350 cummins

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These transmissions will work with your older transfer case. These are a 5 speed that come behind the 6. If you can find a good used 5R and transfer case cheaper than a performance build for your existing tranny it may make more sense to use the 5R If you are having a trans built a 4R may be the best choice for you. Ford Manual Transmissions Ford 5 speed- we make adapter plates for these transmissions as long as they were behind a 7.

We make two styles of adapter plates for the 7. The Ford 6. If you would prefer to use the Cummins starter you may already have, we offer adapter plates that use those starters- although they require you to grind your transmission bellhousing.

This transmission was introduced in It is rated for ft. Ford 6 speed- Although this transmission did not come as original equipment in these years it can be used in these trucks as we make adapters for the 7.

We do not currently make an adapter to the V10 6 speed. We have transplanted the ZF-6 speed into Ford trucks, so using one of these transmissions is possible by modifying the transmission cross member and floor. If you have a fuel tank directly behind the transmission you also have to hammer one end of the tank to make room for the six speed transfer case if your truck is a four wheel drive. Your transfer case shifter can be replaced with a Super Duty version which works better by modifying the Super Duty bracket.

You can still use the existing hole in the floor. We recommend using the ZF-6 in a swap as no grinding to any part of the engine, transmission, or starter is required.

The is identified by an aluminum shift tower. The T and 19 both had cast iron shift towers. You will also need to get a bellhousing from a T19 case number from behind a or a Ford diesel 6. Keep in mind without an overdrive your top speed can be very limited, and although these transmissions have a reputation for being tough, they are not as tough as the newer ZF transmissions because of their smaller input shaft.

Parts information- Adapter plates: We sell three different styles of adapter plates for automatic and ZF-5 speed transmissions that were behind a 7. If you get a Ford 6. It really boils down to preference or budget. Currently all and 6 speed transmission adapters must use the Cummins starter only, and require grinding for starter clearance. Minor grinding of the oil pan rail on the engine block is also required for starter clearance.

More detailed and specific information on our adapter plates can be found on our product pages in the parts catalog or by following the links in the kit builder. All adapter plates for automatic transmissions original to these years use our torque converter adapter ring along with the Dodge flex plate Manual transmissions use the appropriate Dodge Cummins flywheel and pilot bushing.

Our adapter plates are built out of aircraft quality aluminum and they replace the existing adapter on the Cummins Engine, making a factory quality connection between the engine and the Ford transmission. Engine Mounts: Mounts are designed for mounting in two original mount plate holes on your cross member. This allows you to use the engine driven fan on the Cummins. Some of our customers choose to leave the transmission in the stock location and use electric fans; however, we do not usually recommend this.

You would need to do some work on the cross member for the different mounting placement, as there is no flat spot on the cross member for the engine mounts to sit when leaving the transmission in the stock location.

This arrangement makes your upper radiator hose connection quite a bit easier. This assembly also includes the required different sized thermostat and a mount that bolts to the water neck that enables you to use your existing upper Dodge alternator bracket.

Bushing Kits: Bushing kits include adapters to put your Ford gauge sending units into the Cummins engine along with a compression coupler for your power steering line. There is also a Tee line that works by bringing together your vacuum or hydro-boost system. In our experience these work better than an internal regulator that is available for these alternators. The kit also includes a wire pigtail connector and a condenser. Some trucks already have an external alternator regulator on the passenger side inner fender.

If your truck already has it you can use it again by re-wiring it to the Dodge Cummins alternator. Exhaust manifolds: We sell exhaust manifolds that work much better than the stock Dodge Cummins manifolds in the conversion for the 12 valve and For the 24 valve engines, other exhaust pieces are necessary when using our exhaust manifolds.

This also requires fixing the waste gate shut in most cases- which does not adversely affect the engine, although we recommend using a boost gauge to make sure you avoid boost pressures over 40 psi. We also offer a flexible oil drain tube for the turbo that makes the drain tube a snap, and gaskets for the new manifold for a reasonable extra cost. The manifolds do not come with turbo mounting studs, but you may use the studs in your original manifold. It will take some heat to get them out so if you would rather not fight them we can sell you new ones.

Tach kit The following parts are necessary to make your factory tachometer work: 1. Sensor - The Dodge Sensor, unfortunately, doesn't work. If you have one, it can be used if you drill and tap a hole in it to bolt the tach mount to it. You will need a tach base if you have any of the following engines: Dodge application usually did not have a tach , Mount- this is the part that holds the sensor 4. Tach ring the part that bolts to the front of your Cummins balancer. Transmission Controller: We offer two types of transmission controllers for these trucks- See our Automatic Transmission Controller article for more detailed information.

We offer the PCS controller that works very well but a laptop computer is required. We recommend this controller as it has many good features- including two switch-able calibrations and fully adjustable shift and torque converter lock up points. Both controllers are shipped pre-programmed with wiring instructions specific to the year of your truck, and we are available for technical assistance with installation and use of them.

If you do have a laptop the Compushift controller for the E40D is user friendly and does not require a laptop computer. Air filter kit: We sell a Brute Force air filter, pipe and hose to connect to your turbocharger. Meridian, MS.

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