behavior assessment adventist health
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Behavior assessment adventist health barriers and resistance to change on the healthcare staff

Behavior assessment adventist health

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The coronavirus crisis has triggered an uptick in concerns around mental health, particularly where healthcare workers are concerned. In April, Adventist said, the health system started working with Synchronous to provide services targeting burnout for its 37, associates.

In Synchronous, we found a unique approach that allows us to quickly expand the care and support needed for our front-line workers," said Bill Wing, Adventist Health president. According to its website, Synchronous matches individuals with a provider, and provides customized frequency and intensity of support for virtual visits.

It also uses its bot, "Karla," to push strategies and innovations developed with a behavioral health specialist, and then measures the effectiveness of each interaction. Adventist and Synchronous also codeveloped and launched a program last month aimed at improving the well-being of older adults. The program, says the health system, includes physical and mental health assessments, along with telehealth services and facilitated access to community resources.

Behavioral telehealth use was on the rise even before the COVID pandemic, with providers pointing to the accessibility of virtual care as a draw for patients. The coronavirus crisis pushed the need even higher, with social distancing measures making patients increasingly reluctant to pursue in-person care. With depression and anxiety rates high among adults, many providers turned to telehealth as a viable option. In May, psychiatrists reported being " pleasantly surprised " with the shift.

Although some cited issues with diagnosis and connectivity, many said the rapid transition to relying on virtual care went smoothly. Skip to main content. Global Edition. Adventist Health partners with Synchronous to provide AI-driven behavioral telehealth.

The system had already been using Synchronous Health's services to address burnout and trauma among its caregivers. By Kat Jercich August 20, More regional news. By Jessica Hagen. January 17, By Jeff Lagasse. By Bill Siwicki. Want to get more stories like this one? Mailing Address:. Anyone experiencing emotional disturbance or substance abuse issues. Translation Services Available.

Application Process:. Call for information, free assessment. Program Fees:. Insurance, sliding fee scale, Medical Assistance, and Medicare. Speaker's Bureau is free. Documents Required:. Call for information. Service Area:. Defined coverage area :. Skip Navigation Links. Person at the resource who last verified this information:. Last Verified On:.

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