Outdoor Aluminium Shutters

Outdoor Aluminium Shutters comes in 90mm wide, strong blades in an array of classic colours like Silver, Birch White, and Gloss Black. These Aluminium Shutters will perfectly suit the exterior of your home and can be used throughout the year in various styles and applications. The aluminium is a very tough and durable material that is weather resistant, making it ideal for outdoor use. The Aluminium Shutters comes with an optional top plate, to give you a secure and finished appearance. These beautiful shutters offer many advantages such as; keeping hot and cold air out, protecting your home against intrusion, reducing noise, energy efficiency and being easy to clean.

The Aluminium Shutter panels are constructed from high strength materials giving the highest quality and long lasting finish. They are designed with a precision cutting system and are often fitted with a sliding, bi-folding or hinged system for additional flexibility. The Aluminium Shutter panels are manufactured by a leading manufacturer who uses a minimum number of joints to ensure strength and longevity. All the best Aluminium shutters are fitted with a hinged system which allows the user to adjust the locking mechanisms, tilt the window in any direction, swivel or lift the louvers to a desired height.
These outdoor aluminium shutters come with a variety of options, each one offering a unique style. The bi-folding system offers a simple and efficient way of operating the shutters by folding the panels together, thus creating a secure and tight seal. These are often used in residential buildings and are available with a range of locking systems. Bi-folding aluminium shutters are fitted using sliding movements, providing a snug fit and a secure bi-folding action.
The Bi-folding Aluminium Shutter offers a simple and effective method of operating the outdoor aluminium shutters. They are often used in residential buildings and offer a range of benefits over louvered and swinging aluminium shutters. These aluminium shutters are available with a range of locking options, including bi-folding and sliding movements.
When it comes to the locking mechanism of the outdoor aluminium shutters, they are provided with a range of tilting, bi-folding and hinged systems. Some aluminium shutters even feature internal and external key locks for added security. The bi-folding system is most commonly used on sliding type outdoor aluminium shutters and also offers a number of other design features. These are a popular choice for commercial buildings and homes alike.
Overall, the outdoor aluminium shutters provide a durable, attractive means of adding beauty to any building or home. They feature a great combination of features, providing both strength and durability at the same time. They are an excellent choice for use in both commercial and domestic applications.