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Audigy 2 - Hardwarebuffer?

Note, the volume levels for these inputs ONLY affects you if you've got analog speakers (on Audigy this in not true and should work with digital speakers and ALSA 0.9.8 and Of course, if you use your computer strictly for Pro Tools, have no internet connection and aren't running several other programs like I am, then I can't really help you. ASIO4ALL v2 also uses a kind of direct DMA transfer mode,which reduces latencies to a pro-level even with some on-board AC97 chips - up to 2ms! When you figure it out what those conflicts are can you post it - I'm having the same problems and I'm using PTLE 6.1. weblink

With at least 0.1ms of silence prepended to the wavefile, playback had no apparent problems. Before I tell you in detail of my problem,I want you to read this text,which I copied (and edited) from the PDF manual of the latest ASIO4ALL v2 drivers: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ MUCH betterĀ :) Hope this email helped somebody. - GuillaumePratte 20020623 One extra note on the rear speaker output, besides unmuting the `Wave Surround' slider, you will also need to **MUTE** the ALSA compiled into 2.6 kernel. http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/audigy-2-hardwarebuffer.5629/

As for the hardware not available, is it causing any problems with ur sound compatibility? When there is no lircd the midi keyboard plays fine but when lircd -H livedrive_midi -d /dev/snd/midiC0D1 is opened then the midi keyboard is dead. Style Default Style Contact Us Help Home Top RSS Terms and Rules Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2016 XenForo Ltd. © Heaven Media Ltd.

For this test I used 1ms of silence, but previous tests showed that 0.1ms of silence sufficed. Card: Creative Audigy MP3+ OS: Windows XP Test Submitted By: Neurobehavioral Systems Driver: Provider: Creative Date: 04-11-2003 Version: (none) File Version: Mixing Used: DirectX Hardware Max Uncertainty: 7 (0 - However, to obtain an average difference between pulse and tone onset of ~0ms, the driver seems to start some tones ~3ms after pulse onset and others ~3ms before pulse onset, to Because Audigy hardware works this way.

Setting the pan in favour of the missing channel led to no sound presentation at all. Playback tracking Can solve jittery/incorrect playback position indicators OR solve Audio recording alignment problems with the Playlist. Does such a wakeup command exists? http://forums.creative.com/showthread.php?t=311390 I just found out that my Audigy 4 (non-pro) sounds clearer when I use mplayer to upsample my audio data to 96kHz, instead of sending it in 44.1kHz.

My only concern on this is that I am full time connected to the internet via broadband, but I'm running Zone Alarm as a firewall on all my computers, and the BIG SOUNDFONT: By default, you can not load for more as 128MB soundfont with those cards. You can capture PCM output (this can be your problem). "PCM" controls playback volume, but there is "PCM Capture" slider - in most cases it should be set to 0. If I set Line volume over 70, the sound distorts but overall I can adjust volume much better than on W2K.

I then realized that Tone muted == Bass and Treble to 50%. (Can somebody confirm?) So for now I set Bass = 35% and Treble = 50%. check my blog Has anyone seen anything Creative has said about this issue, seeing as nobody seems to know how to use their card? The underlying alsa driver only provides a single stereo pair . Any ideas? -- Gamerz232(AT)Yahoo.com Surround Sound in MPlayer using ALSA drivers for emu10k1 (Audigy in my case): I had spent hours trying to get surroundsound working on my Audigy using kernel

This affects audio quality in the rendered file. http://quodsoftware.com/audigy-2/audigy-2-zs-having-a-problem.html Card: Creative Audigy 4 OS: Windows XP x64 Test Submitted By: Neurobehavioral Systems Driver: Provider: Creative Date: 08-11-2006 Version: File Version: Mixing Used: DirectX Hardware Max Uncertainty: 6 (0 At 48Khz the latency increases to 0.5ms. I can use jack, and ardour works great.

One annoyance I have with the ALSA drivers (up to and including 1.0.10rc3) is the SPDIF In data stream doesn't seem to sync properly reliably, resulting in digital static sounds. NOTE: that ASIO4ALL is a generic ASIO driver that works with most audio interfaces, your experience may be different. Try something between 128 and 256 samples as a starter! http://quodsoftware.com/audigy-2/audigy-2-5-1-speakers-help-please.html I would, however, like to be able to have sound without having to purchase a sound card.

Rail has posted several times about how to completely remove Pro Tools before installing. So I just compiled and installed the new alsa-drivers, and now everything works nicely... Value Windows XP DirectX Software Tests conducted by NBS:Online Users Card OS Mixing Used Sigmatel Stac 92xx c-major HD Audio Windows XP Presentation Mixer - Sec Software Sigmatel Stac 92xx c-major

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On Audigy all analog sources are routed through DSP and Analog Mix controls volume of this analog mix. I've got a whole other thread in which I am discussing on how my card is not putting out 5. I chose 512 samples of latency as a start,but I get very bad performance in either 16/48 or 24/96 mode. Also there were problem with detection of SB0060 - they were fixed in alsa 1.0.10rc2.

No, create an account now. I'm using a stereo reciever and speakers, and there is a huge amount of bass distortion. The Processor limit you set in ProTools does not affect how much CPU the program uses, exactly. this content All Rights Reserved.

I have the hardware acceleration set to 'full'. BrawlerMarch 26th, 2007, 23:43ya i have a Realtek AC97 (onboard) SmiffMarch 27th, 2007, 00:57Hardware mixing is better for Dolby Decoding and provides higher quality audio when configured correctly. This is with all effects disabled. Changing the driver using "putenv("SDL_AUDIODRIVER=esd)" within sdl_snd to alsa, doesn't work either.

It is a hadrware limitation with max_buffer_size of 1GB (maybe 2? This is very poor performance. Is that the kX driver does not allow direct access for ASIO4ALL or the SOUNDCARD does not support hardware buffering at all? Thanks, --Amos, alsaopensrc -at- amos.mailshell.com To answer my own question - got good advise from two people on alsa-user mailing list to set "playback" on my AC97 to "0" and "capture"

Traps for young players! For some reason, I did not find this trivia fact in any HOWTO. - Jan 20021111, updated on Feb 20050203 If you use one of the newer distro like Mandriva 2005 gandalfMarch 28th, 2007, 22:33Soundstorm here mmmmm....i presume it makes some hardware sound squall_leonhartMarch 29th, 2007, 05:51from what i've found SoundStorm is AC97 and only has software mixing. You're right, /proc/asound/version shows alsa 1.0.9b, even if it was supposed that alsa 1.0.10 was used...

SBLive! 5.1 with 2.6.3, emu10k1 support compiled right in. A solution is to stop Alsa (/etc/init.d/alsa stop), delete /etc/asound.state, then restart Alsa (/etc/init.d/alsa start), which creates a new (good) asound.state from scratch.